Hidden Secrets of Buddhism: How To Live With Maximum Impact and Minimum Ego


Learn How to Use Ancient Buddhist Wisdom to Transform Your Struggles Into Strength


If you want to learn Buddhism’s timeless teachings to turn life’s difficulties into profound growth and inner peace (without the dogma or extreme practices), then this modern, no-nonsense guide is for you.

Hi, I’m Lachlan Brown. For most of my life, I felt lost, anxious, and unhappy. Negativity consumed me, my mind was constantly racing, and I daydreamed about a life free from anxiety. 

It felt like I was sinking in emotional “mud” with no way out. The only thing that pulled me out of that was studying Buddhism and adapting it to modern life.

In Hidden Secrets of Buddhism: How To Live With Maximum Impact and Minimum Ego, I take you on a journey from my days as a lost 20-something hefting TVs in Melbourne to embracing Buddhism and creating the life of my dreams in Vietnam with my lovely wife and a successful global business.


The Ancient Philosophy of Buddhism To Live A Happier, Healthier and Stronger Life In the Modern World

Dissolve your fears and break free from the trap

The core Buddhist teachings revealed that my struggles, that thick “mud” I was mired in, could actually become the fuel for profound personal growth and unleashing inner strength.

Buddhism showed me how to dissolve the fears and insecurities that had entrapped me. It taught me the Eightfold Path, a logical framework for ending unnecessary suffering in order to live with true confidence and purpose.

Here’s the best part – I’ve taken all my learnings and put them into one easy-to-digest, no-nonsense ebook, so that you could learn the principles too.

What you’ll discover

  • The Real Secret Behind Buddhism’s Teachings: Uncover the truth at the core of Buddhism that will dissolve your fears and insecurities, allowing you to unleash your inner strength.
  • The Simple Yet Powerful Eightfold Path: Learn this logical, step-by-step framework for ending unnecessary suffering and living with unshakable confidence, purpose and effectiveness.
  • Mastering the Art of “Right Thoughts”: Discover how to cultivate a mindset of flow, where uplifting thoughts arise naturally instead of forcing fabricated positivity.
  • Two Questions for Instant Clarity: The two deceptively simple questions I ask myself whenever confusion arises – just by contemplating these gems, you’ll find your calm center.
  • The “Mud” is Your Greatest Fuel: Understand why the negativity and struggles you face are actually the foundation for profound personal growth and unleashing your highest potential.
  • The Zen Quote That Reveals Life’s Meaning: A simple yet powerful Zen teaching that instantly relaxes and inspires by illuminating the deeper significance of our existence.
  • Lachlan’s Personal Turning Point: The pivotal moment when I finally started breaking free from anxiety to naturally attract my ideal relationships, experiences and success.

About the Author

I’m Lachlan, the founder of Hack Spirit.

I created this site because I was passionate about how useful mindfulness and eastern philosophy can be in people’s lives, yet most of the information out there failed to provide it in a practical and simple way. It frustrated me that such valuable knowledge was often delivered in confusing ways.

So I set out to change this. I believe that mindfulness can be very practical and accessible.

I have a graduate degree in Psychology and I’ve spent the last 10 years reading and studying all I can about human psychology and practical ways to hack our mindsets.

Hack Spirit is a blog where I share what I’ve read and learned. It’s now one of the largest media sites on self-improvement with over 6 million monthly readers.

To keep in touch, follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

Amazon Reviews

Change your life forever
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One of the most impactful, insightful and meaningful books that I will keep in my daily reading list. My new life.
Unexpectedly good!
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Only wish it were longer. I really enjoyed the no nonsense, relatable way in which it is written. I'd suggest this to a friend.
Matthew G Gartner
Matthew G Gartner
Great way to start and end your days.
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Simple, meaningful reading for everyone. I wish it was longer. I think I’ll reread it again because it’s a great way to unwind at night and jump start into a new day.
Great easy read!
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Loved the practicality and energy of this brilliant read!
Recommend to all that are ready to live a life of maximum impact and minimum ego.
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