You’re on a journey to improve your relationships. And we’re right there with you. 

How you feel about yourself and your relationships with others colors your perspective on life. 

It’s so important to create positive relationships to live a fulfilling life.

No matter your journey, Hack Spirit is here to support, guide and inspire you. 

We cut through the fluff and give you actionable and straightforward advice to improve your relationships with others and yourself.

We want to help you own your relationships in your life. 

Hack Spirit covers all facets of your social and emotional relationships because every relationship you have is important. 

And because we’re on a mission to help everyone create better relationships with others we put empathy first across our company. 

In everything from how you feel about yourself to your relationships with your co-workers or lovers, we’ll be right there with you sharing actionable advice you can actually use to better your relationships. 

We hope you tap into all of Hack Spirit’s resources – from our articles on the Hack Spirit blog to our videos, eBooks and emails we share to the Hack Spirit email list. 

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The wonderful Hack Spirit community has made us a fast-growing relationships information site. Over one million people rely on Hack Spirit every month.

Whether you’re here to learn about your relationships with others, searching for dating advice, or wanting to develop a deeper relationship with yourself, you’re in the right place. You’ll find content that’s informative, well-researched, easy to digest, and engaging. You’ll also find a knowledgeable team of writers who genuinely care about helping you to have positive relationships and a fulfilling life.

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About Us

Hack Spirit Editorial

We know there is a lot of unreliable information when it comes to providing advice on developing positive relationships and having a fulfilling life. This is why we have developed such a robust editorial process for everything we publish on Hack Spirit.

Every piece of content on Hack Spirit goes through a comprehensive review process by our editorial team to ensure accuracy of the content. We have strict guidelines for sourcing our information from authoritative sources, ensuring we link to these sources within our articles. Our editors continually monitor the relationships and personal development space and update our content when better information is available.

Our Editors

Lachlan Brown, BSc(Psych) 

Chief Editor and Founder

Lachlan Brown is Hack Spirit’s Chief Editor and Founder. He has a psychology degree from Deakin University in Australia and for 15 years has deeply studied human psychology and practical ways to better our relationships. He is an expert in behavioral psychology and relationships.

After studying psychology and relationships in such depth, Lachlan became frustrated with the quality of relationships content available to the public. He set about changing this by creating Hack Spirit and putting together a team of professional writers who share their expertise and everyday experience to provide the most practical, useful and up-to-date relationship and self-improvement advice.

Hack Spirit is now one of the world’s largest content sites on relationships and self-improvement. Lachlan credits Hack Spirit’s high quality and integrity to its editorial process and the expertise and experience of its writers. He is also humbled by the incredible support he has received along the way from the Hack Spirit community.

You can get in touch with Lachlan on Facebook, Twitter, or by using the Hack Spirit contact page

Justin Brown, MSc, MA (Hons)

Senior Editor

Justin Brown is a senior editor with Hack Spirit. He is also the founder and chief publisher of Ideapod, a large media website focusing on self-development. Justin is a former lecturer in international politics and psychoanalytic philosophy. He has a Master of Science from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Master of Arts (First Class Honours) from the Australian National University. Justin’s research interests span the intersection of politics, behavioral psychology, and political economy.



A lot of people have reached out asking about how Hack Spirit is financed and generates revenue. 

Hack Spirit receives revenue from running personalized advertisements on our blog. We also have created a number of eBooks which you can purchase on the site.

We also promote affiliate products (only products we believe are high quality and helpful), but every time we have an affiliate partnership we’ll let you know at the top of the article. The affiliate partners so far are Masterclass, Ideapod, Mindvalley, His Secret Obsession, The Hero Instinct, The Tao of Badass, and The Devotion System.

Our Editorial 

Hack Spirit is focused on making relationship advice practical and accessible so that our readers can make the best decisions for their own relationships. Our content is informed by our everyday experience and tireless research.

We have a thorough review process for each piece of content. We make sure that each article has either authentic experience or is incredibly well-informed. 

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