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    6 signs of emotional maturity (and 7 ways to get there yourself)

    Society often makes the mistake of judging a person’s maturity based on their chronological age. If you’ve ever met a precocious teenager or a goofy middle-aged man, you know that age has nothing to do with the way someone shows up in the world. In other words, age is not a guarantee of maturity. Despite […] More

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    Micro-cheating: 9 signs and what you can do about it

    Micro-cheating may be a term you are just learning about, but it is certainly a set of behaviors you have seen many times before. Micro-cheating is a slick way that people who are not ready to commit to a relationship stay in the game without compromising their existing partner or status. It’s something that many […] More

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    Relationship anxiety: 9 common signs and how you can overcome it

    Love is a very complicated thing. Why? Because it can be our reason for living and our cause for hopelessness. It’s a pure, universal emotion that can turn us from lovers to bitter, jaded people. And for many, the double-edged sword of love causes something else: Relationship anxiety. What exactly is it? It’s a form […] More

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    Kindred spirit: What it is and 15 signs you’ve found yours

    More than anything else, it’s our relationships that give meaning to our lives. We are social creatures who live and die by the connections we build with those around us. They give us meaning, purpose, and a reason to wake up when nothing else makes sense. They are our sources of happiness and joy, and […] More

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    Breaking up with a narcissist: 12 things you need to know

    It’s exhausting dating a narcissist. On the surface, they’re charming, captivating and make you feel like a million dollars. On the other hand, they’re manipulative, self-centered and don’t care about your feelings. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while with a narcissist, it can be difficult to leave them because they’ve made themselves […] More

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    Covert narcissist: 5 things they do and how to handle them

    The image of a narcissist is well-illustrated in pop culture. You might think of a handsome, grandiose, beautiful man or woman, with a handheld mirror (or camera phone) in their hand, so they can appreciate their beauty whenever they wish. But this idea of narcissism only covers half of the narcissists out there; for the […] More

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    Why people cheat: 16 real reasons for infidelity

    It’s easy to throw a cheater under the bus and declare them a bad person. While it’s true that some people do set out to hurt the ones they are supposed to love, effectively making them seem like a bad person to society, that’s not always the case. More often than not, there are many […] More

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