10 signs you have a strong sense of self-worth

Having healthy self-esteem brings out our best.

It helps to make you more successful, healthier, and generally happier in life too. Not only that but it strengthens our relationships with others as well.

Here are some clear signs you have a strong sense of self-worth that you can be proud of!

1) You show kindness and compassion to others

Maybe you’ve heard the expression:

‘Hurt people hurt people’.

Well, it’s true.

That’s why our capacity to love and extend kindness, warmth, compassion, and understanding to our fellow man is a huge reflection of what’s inside.

Caring takes real strength. It’s a superpower.

Usually, it’s the most insecure people that end up being the most destructive and unkind.

Their own fragile ego gets in the way.

But when you are bolstered by the inner strength of self-esteem, this is reflected in the way you treat others.

2) You can let down your guard and show up with vulnerability and authenticity

Much like kindness, vulnerability is another quality that has been all too often mislabeled as a weakness by society.

When in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It takes a solid sense of self to let down your walls.

We build these metaphorical barriers around ourselves to try to feel protected.

But the more empowered we become, the less we worry about how we will be perceived or interpreted by others.

And all of that is down to a strong sense of self-worth.

When we like ourselves, we’re not as scared to show the real version to the outside world.

3) You have clear boundaries and you don’t allow people to overstep them

Of course, having a strong sense of self isn’t always just about the fluffy softer side of life.

It’s just as much about knowing when to put your foot down.

You are less likely to be easily manipulated because you are more conscious of your own well-being.

That’s why firm boundaries are a good indication of someone’s level of self-worth.

At the end of the day, there is a clear difference between kindness and weakness.

Letting people walk all over you is very much the latter and not the former.

When you have a sense of self-worth you take your duty of care toward yourself seriously.

That can mean laying down the law, and creating clear consequences when people overstep.

4) You know that you’re not perfect, but you love yourself regardless

Accepting your own weaknesses is a kindness that you can show yourself.

But yet we naturally have a tendency to beat ourselves up for all our perceived flaws.

We’re quick to harshly judge and criticize ourselves in a way that we don’t with others.

In short: We’re our own worst enemies sometimes.

That’s why it is a measure of your self-worth when you can handle the fact that you’re not perfect.

You don’t use it as a weapon against yoruself. 

Instead, you acknowledge when you are doing your best, but that you’re only human.

Despite your quirks, imperfections, and errs you still feel enough.

5) You are prepared to try and fail

The people who are putting themselves out there in life are often the ones with the greatest confidence.

They can face knocks, failures, and setbacks without it destroying them. That’s because they rely on their firm inner foundations of self-esteem.

They use this to handle criticism and feedback as they learn something new or try to improve at anything.

They fall back on it when things don’t go to plan. Rather than crumble, they can then dust themselves off and try again.

It’s their sense of self-worth that allows them to become stronger and more resilient in life over time.

6) You don’t need certain relationships in your life, you have them become you value them

Toxic connections thrive on co-dependency or clingy tendencies.

A truly healthy relationship is one built on respect, support, trust, and cooperation. It exists because you make each other’s lives better.

You grow together.

The more your relationships follow this blueprint, the stronger your sense of self-worth is likely to be.

Because your connections are about enrichment, rather than lack.

You don’t need each other. You are there because you want to be there.

7) You don’t put yourself down

The language we use about ourselves is a very good indicator of our self-worth.

Our inner critics can run rampant. And in the process that chattering voice in the back of your head can play non-stop putdowns:

  • “Why on earth did you say that, you’re so stupid”.
  • “You can’t wear that, it doesn’t suit you and you’ll look ridiculous”.
  • “Nobody care’s what you have to say, keep quiet”.

Quite frankly, simply managing to keep a lid on your inner critic is a pretty good sign of self-worth.

But it’s even stronger if you take it a step furth by actively praising yourself and consciously offering yourself compliments.

8) You know how to ask for what you need and want

Your desires are just as worthy as the next person’s.

Being able to ask for what you want from someone is a reflection of your belief that this statement is really true.

When we put everyone else’s needs and wants before our own, it’s another one of those acts that at first glance can just feel like kindness.

We think we’re being selfless. But yet again, it’s more a reflection of weakness.

Because the truth is that when we have high self-worth we’re not afraid or ashamed to express our needs, thoughts, or opinions.

9) You trust yourself to navigate life and make good decisions

We all know that every good relationship is built on trust. Well, that goes for the one we create with ourselves too.

Rather than second-guess and tie yourself up in knots, you take decisive action.

You trust that whatever the outcome, you’ll handle it.

You believe that your own life experiences, gut feelings, and self-knowledge are your best guide in life.

10) You don’t let other people’s opinions of you hold you back

You know what they say:

‘You can’t please all the people all of the time’.

Not only is it doomed to fail, but in the process, we get so wrapped in worrying about how we are perceived.

We let our own opinion of ourselves slip down in the hierarchy of importance. And instead, we focus on other people’s beliefs about us.

Those with a strong sense of self do still care what people think, but only those who really matter in their lives.

Either way, they still prefer to seek the biggest chunk of their validation from within, rather than looking outside of themselves for it.

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