People with true integrity have these 13 awesome traits

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Integrity is one of the most character-defining attributes a person can have.

It defines who you are and what you stand up for, and whether or not you can brave through conflict and hardship while sticking to your guns.

People with integrity all share a certain set of traits. These 13 shared traits include:

1) Humility

Individuals with integrity never truly understand the worth within them.

They are humble, never thinking they live up to the standards society sets for them.

They do not brag and do not show off what they have, because they are always striving to become better.

2) Goodness

Goodness is a common trait amongst those with integrity. They find joy in enriching the lives of those around them, even if it means sacrificing the happiness in their own lives for a while.

3) Authenticity

There is no better identifier for integrity than authenticity. Authentic people show you their true selves; they do not live under a set of lies or any masks. They stick to what they believe in, no matter what.

4) Honesty

You can’t have integrity without honesty. People with integrity do not believe they need to lie, because they take pride in the truths that surround them.

They know the life they want to lead, and that life includes one filled with honesty and truthfulness, not deception.

5) Trustworthy

A common sign of integrity is trustworthiness. You can always rely on these people to have a word as strong as stone.

Integrity prevents people from letting others down, from betraying and from lying, because they respect those around them and themselves.

6) They Give Credit

When you meet someone with true integrity, you can be certain that they will never try to steal your credit or take what you made and call it their own.

They understand the value of hard work and dedication, and know the importance of giving credit where credit is due.

7) They Value Your Time

So many people see no problem with being late, whether it comes to meetings or projects. But being late is a form of disrespect, and only those with true integrity can see that.

Instead, they stick to deadlines, schedules, and arranged set-ups, because they would never dare to waste anyone’s time.

8) You Don’t Argue Rudely

Rudeness is becoming an unfortunate part of society, especially in the online world. We shout at each other and call each other name’s, and allow irrational emotional reactions to define the way we interact with the world.

But people with true integrity avoid these situations. They know how to disagree in a civil manner; they even know when it’s better to just walk away.

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9) You Give Second Chances

Oftentimes, we see someone make a mistake and our first impulse is to blame them, get mad at them, and call them out.

But individuals with high levels of integrity resist this impulse. Instead, they know how valuable it is to give others the benefit of the doubt.

Don’t assume the worst from everyone; if you suspect someone of lying or cheating but they claim otherwise, then find it in your heart to give them that second chance.

10) Emotionally Intuitive

Most people live as if they are the only important person in the world, not caring for the well-being of others, physical or emotional.

But when you have true integrity, you are more attuned with the world and those around you. You do not live in your own little bubble, but allow yourself to be a part of everyone else’s.

When you notice that someone is experiencing something troubling, you do your best to actively assist them with their situation. This is true integrity.

11) Apologetic

You may not admit it, but you probably suffer from the inability to apologize.

For some of us, it’s a matter of foolish pride taking precedence over rationality: even though we know it would be better to apologize, we never let ourselves say those two simple words—“I’m sorry”—simply because we don’t want to “lose”.

But true integrity can see past the vanity of losing and winning, and prefers instead to create peace instead of tension. If this requires being the bigger man and apologizing first, then so be it.

12) Accountability

To a person with true integrity, nothing is more crucial than their word and their bond.

Those with true integrity use accountability as the defining element in whether they can trust another person, or even trust themselves.

13) Genuine

Nothing about an individual with integrity is dishonest, untruthful, or a white lie. They believe that being genuine is the best way to interact with others and the world around them. They would bleed for their values and the truths that define them.

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