What it means when you dream of a stranger in love with you: 10 interpretations


Some think of them as just manifestations of our subconscious thoughts, while others think of them as something more – signs, warnings, predictions from the universe of something coming our way.

And one common type of dream that people get is the dream of strangers falling in love with them.

So what does this kind of dream mean? What do strangers represent in dreams, and what does their love mean?

There are many ways to interpret strangers and love in dreams, and the interpretation that best fits you depends on where you are in your life.

Here are 10 possible interpretations of a dream in which a stranger is in love with you:

1) You Feel That Something Is Missing In Your Life

It’s not an easy thing to admit.

When you’re unhappy or unsatisfied in your life, but you can’t actually pinpoint why that might be, it’s better off pretending that everything’s fine while you continue living your life.

But even if you can’t look reality in the eyes, your dreams can do it for you, and dreaming about a stranger loving you can be interpreted as a deep longing in your heart.

But what is it? Do you need a romantic partner? And if you currently have one, do you need to find someone new?

Not necessarily.

It could be any kind of longing in your heart – a longing for a new home, a new purpose, a new journey.

Whatever it is, there’s something in your heart telling you that you’re not happy and something needs to change.

2) You Are Finally Ready To Move On

For those of you who are single after a long and tough break-up, or are perhaps stuck in the dying embers of a relationship better described as “it’s complicated”, this might be the interpretation of your loving stranger dream:

You’re finally ready to move on and find something new.

Getting to the point of being ready to move on can be extremely difficult, especially if your love with your ex or current relationship was extremely strong.

Your partner was once your home, your closest confidante, your soulmate; there was a time when you thought you would be with that person for the rest of your life.

And losing all that – and accepting it, even – can be one of the hardest things ever.

So dreaming of a complete stranger, someone whose face is absolutely unknown to you, with love and happiness and kindness surrounding them, means that your heart has finally mended, and you’re ready to say goodbye to this chapter of your life.

3) You Are About to Meet Someone Who Will Positively Impact You

The easiest way to interpret a dream of a stranger loving you is, of course, that perhaps it’s a sign that someday soon, a stranger will enter your life and bring you tons of love.

But “love” doesn’t necessarily mean romantic love; it doesn’t mean you might end your current relationship and start a new one with a new person.

It could also mean any kind of positivity – a new friend, a new teacher or mentor, a new guide in your life in some way.

This person will bring the positive impact your life has needed for a while, acting as just another step towards you reaching your fullest potential.

4) It’s Time To Try Another Path

It’s been years and years of doing your routine and trying to build your life in your chosen field (if you have one).

But recently you may have been thinking, “Is this really right for me?”

This uncertainty and doubt is common when you’re still starting out in your career, but after a few years of failure or perhaps mediocrity, you start to wonder if you really made the right choice; if this is really where you should be in the world.

The dream of a stranger being in love with you could be the push you need to finally leave this path and try something else.

One popular interpretation of this dream is that it’s a sign of your purpose being elsewhere, and continuing down your status quo may only leave you with wasted years and choices you regret.

So if you have the itch to jump off and try to start something completely new, this might be the prime time to do it.

5) You May Experience Some Betrayal Soon

We all have a personal “inner circle”; the friends and family we consider closest to us in our lives, who we believe would do anything for us if we needed them, and vice versa.

But how certain are you that your inner circle all have your best interests in mine?

When was the last time you truly evaluated all the close relationships in your life, judging whether or not they’re still as loyal as you think they are?

A complete stranger loving you in a dream could be a sign that you’re about to experience some disloyalty or betrayal from someone you thought would never turn their back on you.

Love coming from an unknown place signifies that love may have left a familiar place, and it’s time for you to watch your back before it’s too late.

6) You Need To Find Control In Your Life

Dreaming about a stranger being in love with you can be… confusing.

Love is one thing that is universally wanted by everyone, but when it comes from a stranger, what’s that supposed to mean?

One possible interpretation is that this is a sign that you don’t have any control over your life, and it’s time to take control.

Love coming from a stranger could mean that while you are destined to find the love and warmth you yearn for in life, you’re not in control of your life enough to actually possess it.

It’s there and it’s meant for you, but unless you take control of your life and steer your own path in the universe, you won’t be able to grasp that love – your goals, your dreams.

7) It’s Time To Begin A Journey Of Personal Self-Discovery

When they appear in our dreams, strangers often represent the unknown.

By themselves, strangers aren’t necessarily good or bad; they’re simply strangers, and we don’t know what to expect from them.

But when a stranger is clearly in love with you in your dream, then it might be a sign that you need to venture off into the unknown.

You have a part of your life that you haven’t explored enough yet, and this dream is telling you – it’s time to go out and explore it.

There’s a warmth in your destiny that you’ve yet to discover.

8) You Have Some Untreated Emotional Insecurity About Love

Love is one of the most rewarding, addicting feelings in the world, but coming from a stranger, it can feel like an uncertainty.

Why is this stranger in love with you to begin with?

What are their intentions, and who are they?

What have you done to earn their love, and is their love something you want in the first place?

When you dream of a stranger loving you, you may have untreated emotional insecurities that revolve around love, and your ability to love and be loved in return.

You need to figure out what those issues are and deal with them head-on.

9) You Want to Find Someone New

One of the simplest explanations of dreams is that a stranger falls in love with you – simply put, you want to find someone new.

Whether you’re in a relationship, you’re in something complicated, or you’re single and ready to mingle, dreaming of a stranger being in love with you can mean that that’s what you want.

You want someone new, someone, you’ve never met before, to come into your life and introduce new dimensions of love into your day-to-day reality.

With a stranger, you never know what to expect.

But with love, you always know it’s going to be some kind of adventure.

That’s what you know you’re missing in your life.

10) You Have a Passion In Your Life That You’re Neglecting

Strangers don’t always necessarily represent the unknown; they can also represent the neglected.

When you have something in your life that you haven’t given time or attention to in a while – months or even years – that “something”, whether it’s some kind of hobby or goal, can start feeling like a stranger to you, simply because it’s become unfamiliar to you.

But this old goal, hobby, dream, or whatever it is, still exists in the back of your mind, and it can manifest in your dreams as an actual person, in the form of a stranger.

But this stranger has a deep love for you, reaching out to you in a way even though you don’t seem to even know who it is.

So ask yourself – what have you left behind? What dreams have you given up on, and what passions have you ultimately neglected? It may be time to bring them back to the forefront of your life.

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