Are you in a twin flame relationship? Here are 25 clear signs

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Have you ever met someone and instantly felt a connection to them?

You find yourself thinking about them, agreeing with them, wondering what they are doing, and enjoying every second that you are together – it’s an intense kind of relationship and one that many people don’t have the chance to experience.

It’s called a twin flame relationship, and unlike the more traditional idea of a soul mate, twin flame relationships are built on the give and take, hot and cold, black and white or a relationship rather than the similarities between two people that are often more common in relationships.

Twin Flame relationships are characterized by many things, so here are just 18 signs that you might be in one of these relationships – but trust us, there are many more.

1) You are drawn to one another.

Regardless of where you are on the planet, you feel the pull of one another bringing you back home. You know that you are together, even if you are apart.

2) You think differently when you are with them.

Your relationship challenges the status quo and you are aware of possibility because of it. You look for new ways to do things, approach life, and love one another.

3) You come and go in each other’s lives.

Your differences bring you together but also pull you apart. You might be in and out of one another’s lives, but deep down you know that are you meant to be with this person.

4) You feel like everything is right with the world when you are together.

Regardless of what is going on, you know the relationship is worth the investment and energy to foster and nurture. Together, you are better than when you are apart.

5) You are balanced.

The ultimate in Yin and Yang – you couldn’t be more different, yet complementary of one another. You find happiness in the light and the dark.

6) You change your life because of them.

Without realizing it you become a different person. The energy you create when you are together changes you both.

7) You experience extremes of rationality.

Because your relationship is built on extremes, you can expect moments of ups and downs. But more than most couples.

Your love is fierce and it can drastically alter your mood, emotions, and capacity for rationality.

Love is blind, crazy, and hard – you’ll experience all of these things in a twin flame relationship.

8) You connect with each other immediately.

Even if you’ve just met, you feel like you’ve known each other for years. All of your stories are similar and you’ve probably even been at the same place together before and not even realized it. It really feels like fate is on your side.

9) You feel like something keeps bringing you together.

No matter how angry you get, or how broken the relationship might feel at times, something brings you back together.

The Divine Universe has a plan – or at least, it sure feels that way.

10) You are more than just friends, lovers, and companions.

You’re connected on a deeper level and when people comment about how the two of you are soul mates, you know it even goes beyond that.

People don’t understand your relationship the way you do. In other words, you’re best friends.

11) You find yourself near them.

Without realizing it, you’ll make your way to a coffee shop where your twin flame will be sitting.

You’ll arrive at the same party, find out you have friends in common, and you even went to the same college. They are always nearby.

12) You feel connected to them.

You know they get you and you get them. That’s important in any relationship, but so often people feel misunderstood. Twin flame relationships provide that understanding.

13) You are passionate about them and their desires.

You often talk about your own desires but are truly tuned into what they want in life as well. You know that two heads are better than one and together, you can achieve anything.

14) You have rocky times in your relationship.

No matter how bad it gets, you are there for one another. You’ll consider the relationship instead of the individuals in the relationship.

When you are together, everything is good – even the bad.

15) You experience spiritual happiness.

You feel whole when you are with your twin flame.

16) It feels like they are already your family.

Even if you just met, you know your family is going to get them and see what you see. You know they’ll fit in with your quirky crew of family members and your twin flame won’t judge you for it.

17) You share everything.

The good, the bad, and the ugly: all things considered, you’d rather fight with them than be happy with someone else.

18) You don’t care about the commonalities – the differences drive you to one another.

It’s what should draw you apart than brings you together. You love the bridging the gap in your relationship and know it’s a worthwhile effort when you have found the person who mirrors your flame for life.

19) You love traveling together and exploring new places.

You relish traveling together. New experiences gets your juices flowing and doing it together makes it that much better.

New experiences help you expand your mind and learn more about each other which deepens your incredible bond.

20) Their friends are your friends and your friends are their friends.

Both of you love people that are honest, genuine and positive, and haven’t got time for people that are toxic. That’s why you get along with the same sort of people.

You also make time for your lover’s friends because you know how important they are to them.

21) You understand each other’s issues and you’re willing to support each other at every turn. 

We all experience challenges and suffering in life. That’s why you support each other whenever you’re experiencing something challenging. You’re a team and you’ll get through it together.

22) You could lay in bed all day cuddling together.

When you’re cuddling together, it just feels so warm and fuzzy that you could stay there all day. It’s the type of feeling you just don’t want to go away.

23) You also understand when one of you needs alone time

You understand each other so well that if one of you needs alone time, there’s no issue in giving it to them.

After all, we’re all human and we all need time to reflect and rejoice in the beauty of life.

24) You finish each other’s sentences.

You spend so much time together and understand each other’s personalities so well that you know exactly what they’re going to say in social situations.

People might think you’re a little weird when you finish each other’s sentences, but they simply don’t understand how deep your connection is.

25) Neither of you get jealous.

Your connections runs so deep that you both don’t feel threatened when one of you talk to the opposite sex, even if they’re hitting you.

It’s all cool, because nothing is going to break the incredible bond you share together.










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