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  • jasmine green tea
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    12 amazing benefits of jasmine green tea – the elixir of health

    There’s more to jasmine flowers than what meets the eye (and smell). Apart from its beauty and fragrance, it can be used in making artisan ice creams and teas. When it’s mixed with green tea, it becomes a magical potion – full of health benefits that can help prevent a variety of severe illnesses. Its potency […] More

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    17 warning signs your man has Peter Pan syndrome

    We are all familiar with the story of Peter Pan, or at least the gist of it. He’s a boy in green clothes who can fly and lives in Neverland, where he never grows old. It’s really a nice story especially with other characters like Tinkerbell and Wendy. But, here’s the deal. Peter Pan is […] More

  • red thread of fate

    5 ‘red thread of fate’ stories and 7 steps to prepare for yours

    Hear me out; this is very interesting. If you’ve watched the anime “Your Name,” you will know what I’m talking about. See the trailer below: You see, there is a thing called red thread of fate – a beautiful Japanese legend. It explains life’s mysteries in a way that is both believable and incredibly romantic. […] More

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    How to find inner peace: 20 things you can start doing right now

    This article will share with you 20 no-nonsense tips on how to (finally) find your inner peace. Because we’ve all been there. At one point in our lives, we’ve battled internal and external chaos. Stress, hectic schedules, negative emotions and overthinking are just some of the things that make us frantic and preoccupied. Don’t try […] More

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    48 Shel Silverstein quotes that will make you smile and think

    Shel Silverstein’s life, especially in younger years, is far from perfect. He was born during the Great Depression into an immigrant Jewish family in Chicago and was raised under difficult conditions. To keep his mind away from trouble, he started drawing but apart from that, he wasn’t particularly good at his studies. He struggled to adjust […] More

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    25 beautiful short poems that will tug at your heart strings

    They say a few words can sum up the wisdom of a thousand and a short poem can do just that. But writing a short poem is easier said than done. There is no time for long-winded explanations, the words must be concise. A short poem needs meticulous thinking and careful word selection. A short […] More

  • how to stop overthinking

    13 tips to stop overthinking everything and start living now

    Here’s the truth – thinking is good until you overdo it. Because just like anything else, everything in excess is alarming. You might say that overthinking doesn’t sound so bad on the surface. But wait until the endless cycle of rumination exhausts your mental energy. What is overthinking? It is what it exactly means – […] More

  • how to read people
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    How to read people like a pro: 17 tricks from psychology

    Now, don’t get freaked out. This article is not about reading minds like Edward Cullen of Twilight. Only vampires can do that (if they exist). It’s about knowing, beyond words, what other people want to say. It’s about sensing what they truly mean, even when they say otherwise. The ability to read people properly will […] More

  • selfish people
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    Selfish people: 14 things they do and how to deal with them

    This may sound ironic but it’s true. Selfish people don’t know they’re being selfish. They just assume they’re nice people who care about their own happiness more than anything else. But on their journey towards finding their happiness, they carelessly and intentionally walk over people. In every relationship, be it platonic or romantic, partners give and take […] More

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    38 words of encouragement to help you face hard times

    Encouragement is powerful. Encouragement means boosting a person’s will so he can overcome a specific concern. It gives a person the strength to focus on how to positively fix the situation, rather than dwelling with the issue. We all need words of encouragement. Whether it’s a short poem, a quote or a mantra, these words give […] More

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