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Here's what your Leo man wants from you...

Associated with fire and the majestic lion, the Leo man is fiercely loyal.

He’s affectionate when in love and has no problem showing you off to the rest of the world. Not to mention – he loves having a good time. 

Leo men tend to get on best with women who are confident, attentive, and caring. He values trust and honesty, and will happily commit when he thinks a woman is right for him. 

But that doesn’t mean that a relationship with a Leo man is always smooth sailing.

They are known to be possessive and egoistic. Not to mention, they love a good flirt and the attention of other women, which we all know can be a recipe for disaster!

So with that in mind, what can you do to bring out the best of your Leo man?

At the root of it, Leo men love feeling appreciated and admired. They’ll be extremely attentive to you, but they want to feel valued in return. They want their efforts to be recognized, pandering to their need to be the center of attention. 

So what’s the easiest way to do this?

Treat him like he’s irreplaceable using the hero instinct.

Why Leo men want to be a hero

The hero instinct is a term coined by relationship psychologist James Bauer and has its basis in evolution and biology. 

Basically, men need to feel valued and appreciated. They want to step up for the woman in their lives.

And this couldn’t be truer for the Leo man.

When he knows you cherish and respect him, he’ll give his best to the relationship. 

You see, once this innate drive is triggered, any doubts or reservations he has about the relationship will be forgotten while he focuses on making you a priority in his life. 

Watch this short video which explains how to trigger the hero instinct in your man:

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Will you let him be one?

The hero instinct isn’t about playing the role of the damsel in distress. 

It’s not about sacrificing your power or independence in any way. 

Quite simply, it’s about appealing to parts of your man’s DNA. The parts that make him thrive and commit to a relationship. Basically, it’ll make you seem irresistible to him!

And best of all, the techniques are subtle and easy to implement into your relationship. 

From the get-go, you’ll notice a change in your Leo man. His dominance and impatience will take a back seat while he focuses on all the great parts of your relationship. 

That’s because the hero instinct will help you break through the layers and connect with him deeply, mentally, and emotionally. 

And that’s what a Leo man wants from you.

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