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Here's what your Gemini man wants from you...

Lighthearted and playful, the Gemini man is great fun. In relationships, they are romantic and love surprising their partners with exciting and spontaneous dates.

But beneath this carefree exterior, Gemini’s are much more complex than most people realize. They feel intense, strong emotions, which can be both good and bad. 

Put it this way:

When a Gemini man falls in love, it’s a roller coaster of emotions. And unfortunately, Gemini’s aren’t the best at dealing with their feelings. 

Rather than address them head-on, most Gemini men will throw themselves into their work or other distractions, masking their fears and insecurities.

This often makes them act distant or cold, with frequent mood swings killing romance in its tracks. 

But a relationship with a Gemini doesn’t have to be hard, all they need is a woman who’s understanding and willing to give them their space (and plenty of reassurance when needed).

And someone who’ll keep things exciting and unpredictable (Gemini’s are known to detest the mundane routines most of us fall into). 

So can you get through to the heart of your Gemini?

The hero instinct will help.

Why Gemini men want to be a hero

The hero instinct is a term coined by relationship psychologist James Bauer and has its basis in evolution and biology. 

Basically, men need to feel valued and appreciated. They want to step up to the plate for the woman in their lives. 

And this couldn’t be truer for the Gemini man.

He needs a partner who’ll stand by his side yet give him the freedom to explore and stay true to his nature. Only then will he commit fully to the relationship. 

Once this innate drive is triggered, any doubts or reservations he has about the relationship will be forgotten while he focuses on making you a priority in his life. 

Watch this short video which reveals how to trigger the hero instinct in your man:

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Will you make him feel like one?

The hero instinct isn’t about playing the role of the damsel in distress. 

It’s not about sacrificing your power or independence in any way. 

Quite simply, it’s about appealing to parts of your man’s DNA. The parts that make him thrive and commit to a relationship.  Basically, it’ll make you seem irresistible to him!

And best of all, the techniques are subtle and easy to implement into your relationship. 

From the get-go, you’ll notice a change in your Gemini man.

Will he still have the occasional mood swing? Probably, but he’ll have a lot more faith and loyalty in the relationship which will increase his commitment to you.

That’s because the hero instinct will help you break through the layers and connect with him deeply, not just on a superficial level. 

And that’s what a Gemini man wants from you.

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