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Here's what your Gemini man wants from you...

Gemini is one of the most important air signs and it’s full of life! Gemini guys are always on the go and working hard, and they crave a woman who appreciates it.

It’s no mistake that the symbol for Gemini is twins, these men need two of themselves just to get everything done in the day.

They are always thinking of new ideas and have the kind of wit and charm that can melt any woman’s heart, but they can also seem a bit distant at times and hard to “pin down.”

The last thing any gal wants is to get ghosted by a good-looking Gemini, but in order to keep his interest piqued you need to spoil him a bit.

Nothing over the top, but some stroking of his ego is in order.

One thing you can do right now is to trigger his hero instinct.

This groundbreaking concept from relationship psychologist James Bauer explains how a little-known biological driver in men makes them fall in love when they feel like a hero.

To learn more about the hero instinct, watch this short video below.

I know it sounds kind of silly. In this day and age, women don’t need someone to rescue them. They don’t need a ‘hero’ in their lives.

And I couldn’t agree more.

But here’s the ironic truth. Gemini men still need to be a hero. Because it’s built into their DNA to seek out relationships that make them feel essential.

Some ideas really are life-changing. And for a deep and passionate relationship with a Gemini man, this is one of them.

Watch the short video below before it’s taken down.