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Here's what your Cancer man wants from you...

Of all the star signs, Cancer is known for being the most sensitive. And this applies to men, too. 

Highly emotionally, caring, and affectionate, a Cancer man will put you at the center of his world and do whatever it takes to keep you safe and happy. 

He’ll enjoy taking care of you, but he also wants to know that you’re independent and capable of handling yourself financially. 

But what does he want most from his partner?


This is the first and foremost quality a Cancer man looks for. He wants to know his partner cares for him and his well-being, treating him fairly and with consideration. 

But regardless of how wonderful the Cancer man is in a relationship, he has his drawbacks. 

Ruled by the moon, the very emotions that will make you feel like the only woman in the world can also wreak havoc in your relationship. 

This can make him appear distant or resentful. That’s why it’s essential to appeal to a Cancer man’s inner drive to protect, trust, and feel respected by his partner. 

And to this, you’ll need the hero instinct.

Why Cancer men want to be a hero

The hero instinct is a term coined by relationship psychologist James Bauer and has its basis in evolution and biology.

Basically, men need to feel valued and appreciated. They want to step up to the plate for the woman in their lives.

And this couldn’t be truer for the Cancer man. They’re the most content when they feel needed and respected by their partner. 

Once this innate drive is triggered, any doubts or reservations he has about the relationship will be forgotten while he focuses on making you a priority in his life. 

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Will you let him be one?

The hero instinct isn’t about playing the role of the damsel in distress. 

It’s not about sacrificing your power or independence in any way. 

Quite simply, it’s about appealing to parts of your man’s DNA. The parts that make him thrive and commit to a relationship. Basically, it’ll make you seem irresistible to him!

And best of all, the techniques are subtle and easy to implement into your relationship. 

From the get-go, you’ll notice a change in your Cancer man. Yes, he’ll still be sensitive, but he’ll have much more motivation to manage his emotions and give his best to the relationship.

That’s because the hero instinct will help you break through the layers and connect with him deeply, mentally, and emotionally. 

And that’s what a Cancer man wants from you.

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