4 signs you could be an “empath”

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Ever heard of an empath? Wondering if you’re one yourself? Well, look no further. Today, we’re going to explore what an empath is and 4 important traits that characterize an empath.

Let’s go…

What is an empath?

According to Judith Orloff M.D. in Psychology Today, the “trademark of an empath is feeling and absorbing other people’s emotions and, or, physical symptoms because of their high sensitivities”. An empath has a strong intuition and struggles to “intellectualize their feelings”.

Here are 4 signs that you could be an empath:

1) You’re a good listener

Because of their high sensitivity, empaths are tuned into what they are feeling and what those around them are feeling as well.

This can make them great listeners as they can empathize with the other person they’re having a conversation with. This can make others feel at ease and understood. 

This is why there are many jobs for empaths where empaths can excel compared to the average person.

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2) You Experience Ups and Downs

Because empathic people are very tuned into their feelings, this means that they experience emotion on a much higher level than most people do.

When other people are having a bad day, they usually feel down or sad for a while, but when empaths are having a bad day, it consumes their world.

They feel intensely, both good and bad.

But when they are having a good day, they let the light shine out of them like it was meant to, and that is something many people wish they could do more often and in an easier way.

3) You Can Read People’s Bullshit

One advantage of having an empathic personality is that you have a better chance to tell when people are lying.

Whether they are embellishing about their lunch or their income, you can sense the nuances that most people have when they are cooking up a story, and you don’t tolerate it.

This is a great ability to have because whether we like to admit it or not, a lot of people are full of it, and it can help when you can read a person to determine how trustworthy they may be.

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4) Your Creativity Shines

Empathic people might be much more creative than the average person. You probably rely on your emotions to help you express yourself, but you might also express yourself through art or song.

What’s more, your creativity goes beyond a paintbrush and canvas: you are good at problem-solving, seeing the positive in negative situations and can tolerate being uncomfortable for a while to earn the payoff in the end.

Empaths are truly unique and they have some excellent skills that help them in different job and career choices.

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