The top 55 words of affirmation men love to hear

Loving words are a great way to show your guy exactly how much you care.

And if his love language is words of affirmation, then you’re going to want to brush up on the very best things to say.

What affirmations do men like to hear?

This article offers the most powerful words of affirmation for men and explains exactly why they’ll work on him.

What are words of affirmation for men?

Words of affirmation are positive statements that tell your man that in your eyes he’s amazing and you think he’s pretty wonderful.

The aim is to convey in words how you feel about him, what he means to you, and how grateful you are for everything he brings into your life.

You can use these words to compliment him or simply let him know how special he is to you.

The following list of affirmations for him are broken down into different categories:

  • Words of affirmation to show gratitude and appreciation
  • Words of affirmation to compliment his looks
  • Words of affirmation that compliment who he is
  • Words of affirmation that offer positive feedback
  • Words of affirmation to let him know how you feel about him
  • Words of affirmation to show him your support
  • Words of affirmation to show you respect him
  • Words of affirmation to show encouragement

You’ll also find advice on how to make your words of affirmation more impactful.

And towards the end of the article, I’ll also briefly discuss how to tap into your man’s other love languages.

The top 55 words of affirmation men love to hear

Words of affirmation to show gratitude and appreciation

Gratitude and appreciation let him know that all those things he does for you are not going unnoticed.

The truth is that resentment is far more likely to build in a relationship when we feel like our efforts are taken for granted and not recognized by our partner.

1) Thank you for…

…loving me, always standing by my side, putting the trash out, unloading the dishwasher!

Say thank you often. For the big things and the small.

Just like your mama taught you, those two little words are important.

Words of affirmation don’t always need to be so grand. Often it’s the most humble that has the biggest effect.

2) I really appreciate you

I appreciate you can be even more moving than saying you love someone. Because it tells them that you not only care, you also value who they are.

3) I feel so lucky to have you

Telling your man that you feel lucky to have him not only flatters his ego, it inflates his sense of status. He’s a catch and you know it.

4) I’m so grateful that you’re in my life

Research shows that gratitude makes us happier. So recognizing how grateful you are for your partner will not only make him feel good, it helps boost your own mood too.

You could even write a list of 5 reasons why you feel grateful for him, and read out these positive words of affirmation to your man.

5) You do so much for me, I feel so blessed

Another way of letting your partner/boyfriend/husband know that you see and appreciate all he does in your life.

6) Thanks for putting up with me, even when I’m grumpy

A light-hearted and playful way of letting him know that you are grateful for not only the good times but also for him sticking with you through the bad times too.

Words of affirmation to compliment his looks

Feeling attractive to our partner understandably boosts self-esteem and helps us feel more confident and safe in the relationship.

Just like women, men want to feel desired.

So pay attention to how he presents himself with some words of affirmation to compliment his looks, style, and image.

7) You look so handsome in that shirt

Pay attention to what he wears. If you can tell he has made an effort, is wearing something new, or you think he looks good— be sure to let him know.

8) You’re looking particularly sexy today

Try words of affirmation that reinforce your sexual desire towards your man to make him feel wanted.

9) You smell so good

Your compliments don’t need to be exclusively about how he looks, don’t forget your other senses too. Lean in towards him as you tell him that he smells so good.

10) I can’t stop thinking about your…

…Smile, eyes…or any other physical feature.

This is a great one to text him when you aren’t together. It lets him know he is on your mind.

11) My favorite feature of yours is your…

Let your man know what you find most attractive about him and why.

The best compliments are always personal and unique to him.

12) Sometimes I find it hard to keep my hands off you

In most relationships, men are often the ones who initiate sex the most and dish out the most physical compliments.

But one study found an overwhelming majority of men (95%) say it’s “very important” for them to feel desired by their partner to feel sexually satisfied.

Let him know that you don’t just love him, you want him too.

13) You have such a sexy voice

You don’t just need to compliment the way he looks and smells. You can also compliment the way he sounds.

14) That color looks so good on you

Another compliment that notices the everyday details of your man. It shows him that he grabs your attention.

Words of affirmation that compliment who he is

We all want to be seen. And it matters all the more than we feel seen by our partners.

Show him that you recognize and like who he is as a man, and all the things that make him special and unique.

15) You’re so good at…

Point out his skills and talents. By reinforcing them you will give him a boost and let him know that you see and admire what he does best.

16) I’m impressed at how you can…

Your partner and you bring different things to your relationship. You have different abilities and skills that hopefully complement one another.

Highlight when he does things that are super impressive to you.

17) X seems to come so easy to you

Another way of acknowledging his skills is by remarking on how easy he makes something look.

This sentence works because it implies your admiration for him.

18) You’re a total natural at X

A quick and easy way to tell him that you see his talents and you like what you see!

19) My favorite quality of yours is…

These personalized words of affirmation go deep into the heart of who he is.

By reflecting on the qualities you love most about him, he gets an insight into how you see him.

20) You’re the most thoughtful partner

A sweet way to acknowledge both the little things he does for you as well as the bigger things he does for you and your relationship.

Words of affirmation that offer positive feedback

All too often we like to point out when someone is getting it wrong. And perhaps we don’t often enough point out when they’re getting it right.

Positive feedback in relationships helps to keep us motivated. It makes us feel good that our partner recognizes what we do for them.

Tell him the impact that he has on you.

It’s far easier to end up habitually criticizing what your partner does or doesn’t do. Instead, focus on praising him and his efforts.

21) I love it when you…

What does your partner do that pleases you? Let him know.

Be specific and tell him exactly why it has this effect on you.

For example:

“I love it when you tiptoe around the house in the morning so you don’t wake me. It reminds me what a considerate and thoughtful guy you are.”

22) It’s super sexy when you…

What does he do that gets your temperature rising?

A man wants to know when they turn their woman on and what they’re doing right.

23) I love that I can tell you anything and I know you don’t judge me

By telling him this you are highlighting the close and trusting bond that you two share. And, importantly, how him being him strengthens it.

24) I love that you always listen to me

He shows you how attentive he can be by listening to you. In return, you show him that his efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

25) You give the best advice

When he gives you sound advice, take note and thank him.

26) When you compliment me it makes me feel so special

We often receive lots of little reassurances from our partners that go unrecognized or even shrugged off.

These words of affirmation reassure him that all those compliments he offers you are having the desired effect.

27) Your support makes me feel like a stronger person

The very best relationships lift one another up. Knowing that he is your rock will make him feel ten feet tall.

Words of affirmation to let him know how you feel about him

These words of affirmation are about emotional confirmation.

Letting your man know that he makes you feel a certain way. They are the everyday words that tell him you love him and care about him.

28) You make me feel really…

…Happy, safe, loved, good about myself, positive about the future etc.

This is your chance to show and tell your man the positive impact on your emotions that being around him has.

29) You know, I really do love you

Particularly when you’ve been together for a while, “I love you” can lose its impact.

You may say it before hanging up the phone or rushing out the door in the morning. But perhaps it is sometimes said in a rushed way or without letting the words really land.

Turn to your man in a more unexpected setting (maybe whilst you’re making dinner together, watching TV, or even doing the grocery shop), look him in the eyes, and tell him just how much you love him.

30) Your smile lights up my day

When you’re feeling down or stressed, a simple smile from your man can lift your spirits.

Let him know that you appreciate him being there for you.

31) You’re my hero

Just like we were brought up reading all those Fairytales, guys too want to feel like your hero.

Letting him feel like the macho man can be a big ego boost.

Want to know even more phrases to make him feel like a hero? Click here.

32) You’re the best

These words of affirmation can be a way of saying thank you when your man goes out of his way for you.

Or they can simply be a way of making him feel like he is the king of your castle.

33) You’re my number one

He might be your bae (“before anyone else”) but why not spell it out for him.

This tells him that his status in your life is about as high as it comes, and shows he is your priority.

34) You make my life so much better

Maybe one of the sweetest things we can say to someone is that they make our lives better. Let him know that he is an important part of your life.

35) I can’t wait to come home to you

If you’re away on a trip, stuck at a work conference, or even out having fun with your friends, let him know that he is still in your thoughts.

No matter what else is going on, you’re still looking forward to seeing him afterward.

Words of affirmation to show him your support

Let’s face it, life can be challenging.

One of the fundamental features of partnership is supporting each other through not only the good but also the bad.

There will be times when your man just needs to know that you’re there for him.

36) I’m listening

It may seem really simple, but these two little words of affirmation can be so powerful.

Telling him you are listening shows that he has your attention. And so as a consequence he will feel like he has your respect and consideration.

37) You can tell me anything

This confirms that you are on his side and that you are always on hand to provide a non-judgemental ear whenever he needs it.

38) I’ve got your back

Whether it’s a work event he’s been dreading, a family dinner he is feeling less than enthusiastic about or even some disagreement he’s got caught up in with friends.

Reassuring words of affirmation tell him that he isn’t in something alone, and that you’ll be right by his side.

39) You can always rely on me

These words of affirmation offer your man security and safety.

They say that you aren’t going anywhere and your loyalty is unwavering.

40) We’re a team

This reminds your partner that you are journeying through life together and that you think of yourself as a unit.

41) I’m here for you

When your man is having a bad day, or going through a rough patch it can be difficult to think of the “right” things to say.

But letting him know that you’re there for him is often enough.

Words of affirmation to show you respect him

Most couples will tell you just how fundamental respect is to any healthy relationship.

That high regard for our partner is so essential in cultivating their trust and affection.

The key to showing respect, even through words of affirmation, is demonstrating it.

42) I really admire…

…how important family is to you, that you have a lot of ambition, that you are your own man, etc.

Don’t just tell him that you respect him, illustrate the ways in which you admire him.

43) I look up to you in so many ways

If your guy does things or has qualities that you value and admire, then tell him.

44) I respect your decision to…

…go back to school, look for another job, take a step back from your business.

Respecting his actions and his decisions without questioning him shows that you respect him and don’t want to change him.

45) I see how you X, and it makes me feel Y

Demonstrate your respect for him by giving examples.

For example, “I see how hard you work and it makes me feel proud.”

46) I trust you

Trust and respect go hand in hand.

By telling him that you’re not worried because you trust him — whether that’s with your heart or simply to carry out a task you’ve asked him to do— shows that you respect him.

You’re not trying to encroach on him being his own man or trying to micromanage his life.

47) You really inspire me when…

…you get up early to work out, talk about building a business from scratch, you volunteer your time to help others.

Perhaps one of the most flattering things to hear from a partner is that you inspire them to be a better person or version of themselves.

Words of affirmation to show encouragement

The best partners are often the biggest cheerleaders.

They see us through rose-tinted glasses. And their enthusiasm and belief in us fuels us on.

Be his biggest fan by spreading some words of encouragement.

48) I know you can do it

When he is having moments of doubt, be the reassurance he needs.

49) I believe in you

Whatever his goals are, and whatever he wants to achieve, you are the positive angel sitting on his shoulder and reminding him that you believe in him.

50) I’m so proud of you for…

…keeping your cool with your boss, signing up to that online course, finally finishing that project.

Letting him know that you’re proud of him for not only what he does, but also the effort he makes, says that you think highly of him.

It’s also a simple way to show that you are happy for him and his achievements.

51) You’re going to do great

 These supportive words of affirmation can be useful to share when your man is feeling nervous or apprehensive.

52) You got this

When he is having doubts and questioning himself, you step up and show your belief in him by reminding him that he’s more than capable.

53) You’ll ace it

You’re not even sweating it. These encouraging words let him know he has your full confidence.

54) I know you can do it

These encouraging words of affirmation motivate him and let him know not to give up.

55) I’ll be thinking of you and sending you good vibes every minute today

If something important is happening, or perhaps something a bit nerve-wracking, let him know he’s going to be in your thoughts.

3 top tips for using words of affirmation for men:

I hope the words of affirmation in this article so far have given you plenty of inspiration and ideas of your own.

Just remember that the best words of affirmation for men are always:

1) Specific (unique to your man)

The more specific you make your words of affirmation the more unique they are to your man.

The aim of words of affirmation is to show him appreciation, admiration, and affection.

It will make him feel a lot more special if the affirming words you use aren’t just general affirmations, but instead, show him that you notice everything that makes him unique.

It’s always a good idea to give examples.

So, rather than just say “You’re so kind”, elaborate more and tell him why you think that:

“You’re so kind because you always think of others before you think of yourself. That’s such a special quality, I hope you know that.”

2) Sincere (genuine and honest reflections)

It’s really important to choose words of affirmation that fit with both your and your boyfriend’s style of communication.

That means the words need to be spoken in your own voice. Put simply, it has to sound like something you would say.

Authenticity is key. And if it sounds weird and awkward coming out of your mouth, it’s going to miss the mark.

If you are not the type of person to romantically gush then you can still use words of affirmation in your own way, for example, tinged with humor or playfulness. 

Words of affirmation are incredibly powerful, but you don’t need to go overboard.

You don’t want to create a string of over-the-top compliments that start to sound cheesy, or worse, condescending.

Sincerity will make sure that this doesn’t happen accidentally.

So be sure to adapt what you say to your own style, and just speak from the heart.

3) Spontaneous (unprompted, and even unexpected)

The more spontaneous, rather than rehearsed, your words of affirmation are, the more genuine they will sound.

Things tend to sound more like they are coming from the heart when they arise naturally.

Understanding love languages

Words of affirmation are said to be one of our love languages.

The concept of Love Languages was first explored by Gary Chapman in his 1992 book, ‘The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate’.

In it, he defined five ways that romantic partners tend to express and experience love.

They include:

  • Words Of Affirmation

As covered in this article, these are the things we say to each other to let them know how much we care about them.

  • Acts of Service

These are all the little and large things you do for someone in a relationship. From making him his favorite meal to making them a cup of coffee in the morning. 

  • Receiving Gifts

Rather than being materialistic, gifts have a deeper meaning when used as a love language.

As they say “it’s the thought that counts”, and for some people the fact that their partner thought of them enough to get them a gift is what matters.

  • Quality Time

This is spending time together doing activities that you enjoy. It could mean watching movies, playing games, or hanging out at home.

  • Physical Touch

Most of us need physical touch in a relationship as a form of reinforcement, but some people are more tactile than others.

Speaking different love languages

It can be more challenging for couples when they don’t express love in the same way.

And that’s why love languages can be useful in providing a framework in which we try to understand how our partner expresses love and affection and also likes to receive it.

It’s not a problem if you and your partner have different love languages, it’s more important that you discover each other’s preferred language, and show love to your other half in that way.

Discovering whether your man finds touch, spending quality time together or hearing nice things most meaningful helps you to better understand him and communicate with him.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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