Women with these 10 traits have a strong and commanding presence

There are some women who simply command respect, and it’s not because they’re particularly rich or famous.

In fact they might even seem quite ordinary. But when they’re around, people simply can’t ignore them.

Want to know if you (or someone you know) is this kind of woman? 

Here are some traits to look out for.

1) They are experts at hellos and goodbyes

They’re not the kind of person who’s just going to sit around and wait for people to notice them or play coy.

If they want to talk to someone, then they’ll happily take charge and be the first to say “hi”.

And not only that, they know how to make a good first impression. They speak with confidence, maintain good eye contact, and make sure to be firm with their handshakes.

They treat their goodbyes with similar care. They’re not just going to quietly walk away or mumble “gotta go”—they’ll instead say something like “it was a pleasure, but I have to go now.”

Because of the fact that they handle their hellos and goodbyes with care, people can’t help but respect them.

And this respect is one of the reasons why they capture the hearts of minds of the people around them.

2) They treat themselves right

It goes without saying that women who don’t love and respect themselves will never win the respect of others.

So that’s why they don’t settle for less than they deserve or accept abuse for any reason whatsoever.

If they have deadlines to beat, they’ll do their best to beat those deadlines… but not at the expense of their well-being.

And if they see someone trying to rip them off or guilt them into working for free, they know how to put their foot down and say no.

This self-love gives them a certain air that makes it clear to everyone around them that they’re not to be trifled with.

3) They treat others right

Having a commanding presence doesn’t necessarily mean actually bossing people around.

And just because they treat themselves right doesn’t mean that strong women are insensitive towards everyone else.

If anything, women who are genuinely strong and commanding can strike a perfect balance between loving themselves and caring for others.

So not only do they treat themselves right, they also make sure others are being treated well— especially by them!

They’re good people at heart, and good people believe that everyone deserves respect. This goes double for those who others mock and dehumanize for reasons like being weird or poor.

This earns them the respect of the people around them

They know this, of course, but that doesn’t mean they treat others well simply to be liked. It comes straight from the heart all the time.

4) They’re loaded with courage

We all feel fear. Even the strongest and most charismatic among us do, though it might not seem like it most of the time.

Their secret is that they have conquered their fears. Or to be more precise, they know how to keep their fear from getting in their way.

If they know that they need to get something done, they’ll get it done no matter how daunting or dangerous the task may be.

And yet they’re not foolhardy either. They know how to weigh the risks, to understand why the risk even exists, and will take their time figuring out how to minimize it.

Strong women command respect from the people around them through their courage—it’s hard not to feel inspired by their power to conquer their fears.

5) They are not intimidated by men

We live in a man’s world—a world where men, often raised to see anger as the only acceptable emotion, generally have the upper hand.

Strong women, however, refuse to be cowed by this. They might be cautious, especially with men they don’t personally know, but don’t mistake that caution for fear.

They have no issues with relying on a man when that man clearly knows more about the subject than they do.

And at the same time, they’re not afraid to confront men who try to minimize them.

They see men as different, but equal. And more importantly, they’re not insecure—and through this confidence they inspire awe in the people around them.

6) Their confidence is clear in their body language

It doesn’t matter whether they’re talking to a subordinate, a colleague, or a superior. They keep their heads held high, stand straight, and maintain eye contact.

They are self-assured and they know their worth. This is why they’re simply not intimidated by anyone—not by their bosses, by men, by billionaires, or celebrities. 

As far as they’re concerned, every human being is equal regardless of who they are and what the circumstances of their birth may be.

Why should they dumb themselves down, act submissive, or act shy just because they’re in front of someone more successful than they are?

We’re all human after all, and that’s all that matters. Even the world’s richest man has to visit the toilet, same as everyone else.

7) They say what’s on their mind

They will do it even when doing so is difficult, or when voicing their thoughts will earn them a few enemies.

And they’re not going to shut up just because some people feel uncomfortable hearing their opinions either.

It’s not like they’re trying to pick fights, or that they want to put other people down.

It’s just that there are just times when they know it’s necessary for them to speak up, even when they know things could get a little messy.

And if bad things do happen because they chose to speak up—like having friends cut them off—they’ll own it.

8) They are good at what they do

Confidence follows excellence. 

And so if they’re good at what they do—say, they’re an expert in their field or they have a ton of experience at something, then naturally, they will have a strong and commanding presence.

They won’t even act confident, they simply are. 

In fact, even if they’re the shyest person, if they’re talking about something they know by heart, they’ll become a chatterbox, beaming with passion and pride.

9) They’re always striving for excellence

A woman who’s mighty ambitious is usually impossible to ignore.

Her strong drive alone can make others feel that she’s a force to be reckoned with. 

Why, even strong women like Katniss Everdeen and Wonderwoman aren’t equipped with skills and all the tools they need. What they have is a strong desire to do something life-altering.

This fire from within can be strongly felt by everyone, so even if she’s not yet an expert at anything, even if all she has is her drive, we can’t help but bow down and listen to what she has to say.

10) They know how to lead

They might not always want to take on the burden of being a leader—it’s not exactly a pleasant burden to carry—but when they must, they will do so.

And when they do they’re not going to sit around all wishy-washy and unsure about what they need to do.

They will take charge and make sure everyone is on the same page. 

They know how to talk to their colleagues to make them feel valued and motivated to play their part.

And if they’re in an emergency situation, they’ll do their best to remain calm while they try to solve the problem, step by step.

Because of this, people feel safe around them—like, everything will be alright as long as they’re around.

Last words

People aren’t simply born strong or commanding—rather, people grow to be so with blood, sweat, and tears.

The secret to projecting such a presence is in having plenty of self-confidence and courage to spare.

And anyone can learn to be self-confident, or to be courageous. It simply needs time, discipline, and constant reminders to always think highly of oneself.

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