Women who become more confident and self-driven as they get older tend to practice these 6 habits

Ever noticed how some women just seem to radiate confidence and drive? It’s like they’ve got a secret superpower that gives them unshakable self-assurance and never-ending ambition. 

I’ve always admired women like this so I’ve been paying close attention to the most confident and ambitious women out there and I’ve noticed they’ve all got something in common. 

Turns out: there’s no big secret. These qualities come down to some pretty straightforward habits that these women practice daily. These are the kind of habits we could all easily develop if we put our minds to it. 

Whether you’re just starting your journey or looking to amp up your confidence game, these habits can be game-changers. So, let’s dive in and explore what these exceptional women do differently. 

Let’s see how many of these habits you’re already practicing.  

1) She’s not afraid to say no

Let’s say someone’s asking you to take on yet another task you really don’t have time for, what do you say?

The confident and driven woman isn’t shy about dropping a well-placed “Sorry but I can’t help out this time.” It’s not about being difficult; it’s about knowing what you can handle.

One of the habits that self-assured and driven women develop as they age is boundary setting. They know what they will and won’t accept and they make that clear to others. It’s not just about being stubborn; it’s about valuing your own time and energy.

Folks who are good at setting these kinds of boundaries tend to have more mental health stability, self-esteem, and confidence according to Psychology Today. It’s all about making sure you’re not spreading yourself too thin.

When it comes to confidence and drive: knowing when to say no is a big deal. If you’re keen on boosting your own confidence, practice saying no more. Set some boundaries and stick to them. 

2) She takes calculated risks

Another habit confident women keep is embracing risk-taking. They know that playing it safe all the time doesn’t lead to growth or achievement. It’s about stepping out of the comfort zone and facing the unknown with courage.

Most people are too afraid to fail so they never risk anything. But we’re not talking about most women here, we’re talking about a select few who are in the habit of simply giving it a go. This mindset isn’t about recklessness; it’s about calculated risks that lead to great rewards.  

Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, is a prime example. She took a huge leap by investing her life savings into a crazy new idea. Her willingness to take that risk, however, turned her into a billionaire and an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

Becoming more confident with age is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and taking calculated risks. You not only challenge yourself but you also collect mini-wins along the way that instill confidence in you and encourage you to be even more driven and ambitious.

3) She sets goals

Do you ever set goals for yourself? 

As someone big into goal setting, I’ve seen firsthand how laying out what you want to achieve keeps you motivated and driven. Every time I check a goal off my list, my confidence goes up just a little, and it pushes me to tackle even bigger challenges.

The thing is: jotting down goals isn’t just something that works for me, it’s a proven strategy for success. Research has found that when you write your goals down, you’re 42% more likely to achieve them. It’s like writing them down makes you more accountable to follow through. 

Many women who exude confidence and drive share this habit. They know that setting clear goals is the first step toward making big things happen.

If you’re looking to boost your confidence and drive, why not start with setting a goal or two? It’s a simple step, but you might be surprised at how much it can propel you forward.

4) She never stops connecting with people

This one’s easy to overlook but it’s a big one. It’s no secret that a big part of success is about who you know, right? 

Women who have become more confident and self-driven with age, recognize that having good people around you is the key to everything in life so they’re always looking for new people to connect with, it’s a subconscious habit at this point. 

Here’s the thing: for these women, it’s not just about random LinkedIn connections; it’s about forming genuine relationships. They value a network that offers support, advice, and teamwork. It boosts their confidence, knowing they have a solid community backing them.

Think of Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post. She has built empires not just on her ideas, but through cultivating vast networks of allies, mentors, and collaborators. In an interview with Fast Company she noted the secret to truly connecting with people: 

“The most important quality is attention–like are you really present, fully present?” Building relationships is a great way to boost your confidence and drive. It means you don’t have to have all the answers because you’ve got great people around you to help you out. 

But it doesn’t happen by accident. Start small, maybe reach out to someone you admire, or go to an industry event. Remember, every woman who has a big network of talented people started with a single, meaningful connection.

5) She adopts a growth mindset

Ever thought about how you deal with tough times or setbacks? Do they make you feel stuck, or do you see them as a chance to get better?

Having a growth mindset means you’re in the camp of seeing challenges as an opportunity to get better. It’s believing you can grow your skills and abilities through effort, learning from what happens to you, and staying positive.

The truth is: this mindset comes from small habits that you practice daily. Confident and driven women often adopt this mindset by staying upbeat, seeing hurdles as chances to learn, being open to feedback, and not giving up when things get tough. 

Studies show this really works. For instance, research suggests that having a growth mindset makes people ‘more likely to accept challenges because they believe that solving difficulties can improve their abilities’. Taking on challenges like this drives confidence and ambition. 

So, really, having a growth mindset is a key habit for building confidence. And don’t worry if you’re not there yet. It’s something anyone can pick up by making a daily effort to stay positive, keep going when things are hard, and always be ready to learn something new.

6) She looks after herself

We all know that exercise and healthy eating are good for us, right? But did you ever think about how staying active with a good diet helps you to build confidence? 

I can personally vouch for the impact of a healthy lifestyle on confidence. During a slump, when my motivation and confidence were at their lowest, I started running again and eating better, habits I had been neglecting. 

The change didn’t happen overnight, but as I persisted and saw progress in my runs, I felt a boost not just physically, but in all areas of my life. Each run brought a sense of achievement that went beyond just running, benefiting my work, relationships, and overall perspective.

This isn’t just my experience. Women who keep up their energy and confidence as they get older make their wellness a priority. They aim for a well-rounded lifestyle with nutritious food, proper sleep, and regular exercise. These habits are non-negotiable for them.

Various research links a healthy lifestyle with better well-being overall. A mix of exercise, good sleep, and balanced eating are key for confidence and drive.

Next time you notice a woman who oozes confidence and ambition, you can bet she’s not just working hard in her career or personal projects. She’s also putting in the time to look after her physical and mental well-being. 

The bottom line

So what’s the secret to becoming a confident and self-driven woman as you age? It’s all in their daily habits.

Take a closer look at the remarkable women you admire and you’ll see they’re pretty savvy at things like taking care of themselves, setting boundaries, daring to take risks, and the rest of the habits we’ve talked about today.  

If you’re looking to walk in their footsteps, start embedding these habits into your routine. It’s the small, consistent acts that pave the way to lasting confidence and drive.

Cat Harper

Cat is an experienced Sales and Enablement professional turned writer whose passions span from psychology and relationships to continuous self-improvement, lifelong learning and pushing back on societal expectations to forge a life she loves. An avid traveler and adventure sports enthusiast, in her downtime you'll find Cat snowboarding, motorcycling or working on her latest self-development project.

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