Women who are interesting and full of substance usually display these 10 behaviors

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With all the pressure to fit into societal norms, being an interesting woman who is full of substance is a feat by itself.

Despite the odds, they’ve succeeded in bringing out their authentic selves to share to the world and make it that much more fascinating.

So how do you find them? 

Believe it or not, if you know what to look for, they’re not quite so elusive.

If they display most of these 10 behaviors, then you’ve found a woman who is interesting and full of substance.

1) They ask thoughtful questions

Interesting people are always interested.

They’re highly observant and perceptive, and when something catches their interest, oh boy! They’d ask questions so thoughtful even you can’t resist answering them.

And they’re not content with simple answers, either. They want to dig deeper and deeper.

Whether you’re talking about world wars or skincare routines, they’re always asking “why” and “how”. 

And you can see they’re genuinely interested because their eyes twinkle while listening to people explain things.

This genuine curiosity could be the reason why they’re also smarter (and more interesting) than most people.

They have a deep appreciation of complexity, so when they ask questions, you find yourself answering beyond the templates you’ve had ready. 

And suddenly you’ve deep diving into topics as you’ve never had before with other people.

2) They say what’s on their mind

“I think this expensive dress looks tacky.”

“I disagree with what you’re saying.”

“We’re wasting our time here.”

When she has something to say, she’ll say it—respectfully, of course.

But she won’t just shut up to keep the peace or so she remains likable. 

For a woman of substance, people should not be afraid to express what’s on their mind—no matter how “stupid” or “controversial” or “trivial”—because for her, that’s the way we grow.

When we filter ourselves too much, when we just keep quiet when we really have something to say, that’s when we shrink.

They’re not afraid to show who they are and in the process of being themselves, people around them feel more courageous to be their authentic selves, too.

3) They’re always learning and creating new things

Sure, they love their nonsense Instagram and Tiktok videos (who doesn’t?), but they also read a lot and attend a lot of seminars and workshops.

And they listen to podcasts, read the latest research, and watch documentaries and tutorials on their interests.

Even if you meet them every day, they always have something new to share with you—like the roots of jazz music and how to make ceramic art.

But not only that—they love creating things, too!

They have a lot of projects from websites to artworks to even apps. And they can’t stop talking about them because they’re just so passionate about a lot of things.

Yes, call them annoying if you find them too chatty, but you can never call them boring because that would be a lie!

If you can be honest to yourself, what makes them annoying is that they’re swirling in so many interesting things and you feel so blah and pathetic beside them. 

4) They’re always trying new experiences

They usually don’t spend money on a Louis Vuitton Bag or Jimmy Choo shoes. That’s because they’d rather use their money on experiences.

This month, they’re going to a workshop on how to brew your own beer.

Next month, they’ll be going on a solo trip to Peru to immerse in a community and learn their traditional art.

Women who are interesting and full of substance gravitate towards life experiences rather than material possessions

They actually go out to explore  the world, understand  how different kinds of people live, and gain perspective on their own self. 

While other people go to other places and bring home souvenirs, women gather stories and life experiences to last them a lifetime.

And this is the reason why they’re wiser than the average person. 

5) They question their beliefs

Women who are interesting and full of substance do a lot of introspection and self-reflection.

They question why they’re this way and not that.

Like why they think men should be the main breadwinner, for example.

They’ll ask themselves “Is it really ideal?”, “Why do I think this way? Is it because of my upbringing?”, and “What’s so wrong if it’s not the case?”

And they’ll dig deep and research on their questions until they can find an answer they’re truly convinced with.

And what’s interesting about these women is that they’re very open to dialogue. If you question their beliefs, they won’t get offended

On the contrary, they’ll be fascinated to listen if your points are strong, grounded in reason, and well-researched.

They’ll order another round of drinks or coffee to continue the discussion with you and it’ll feel like you’re just both kids wondering why the sky is blue. 

6) They don’t try to “act like a lady” just to impress a man

The most interesting women I know don’t try to impress others—especially not men!

Instead, they’ll act in a way that’s most aligned with their authentic self.

They won’t cover their mouths when they laugh just to appear classy. They’ll let out their genuine laugh even if it includes a snort or a high pitched screech.

And they certainly won’t pretend to have a small appetite when they are ravenous. They enjoy food and will eat with relish, ordering seconds if they feel like it.

And because of this, they’re not limiting themselves…and are therefore more interesting than the woman who tries hard to be more ladylike (but ends up being so fake).

7) They’re not interested in gossip

Women who lack substance tend to loooove gossip. 

They’d be all ears the moment they hear about people breaking up or fighting or getting into trouble.

But those things are a complete waste of time for a woman with substance.

She knows that knowing about those things won’t improve her life even by one percent.

She strongly believes in the saying “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” 

When the convo becomes gossipy, she’ll either shift the conversation or politely excuse herself because she simply finds gossip distasteful.

8) They’re dreamers

They’re mighty ambitious—even up to a point of being delusional. And this is the reason they actually achieve big things.

They dream to change the world, to leave a legacy, and they look up to people who made an impact on the world by being their authentic selves: Patti Smith, Mary Cassatt, or even David Bowie.

“How can I be more of who I really am?,” and “How can I support my genius?,” they ask.

If it means selling all their belongings and backpacking for a year ala Cheryl Strayed, they’ll do it.

Yes, they’re perfectly aware that they might not achieve all their dreams…but they try anyway.

Passion and drive makes a woman interesting—something that’s not so common once we start worrying about bills and arthritis.

But for the woman who manages to keep her child-like dreamer while balancing it with being a responsible realist, the sky’s the limit!

9) They have a mind of their own

They don’t just echo whatever stuff they read on Reddit or watch on Youtube.

They don’t just say what’s safe so they won’t rock the boat.

Most of all, they don’t change their minds depending on the people they want to please.

They come up with their own opinions based on their research, experiences, grounded observations, and introspection.

They think deep, and they’re not scared to share their thoughts even if everyone disagrees with them.

They can never be mindless followers, even if they try. 

They always see situations from a multitude of perspectives most people don’t even think to look at.

And because their mind is not a copycat of anyone else’s, their ideas are far more interesting—always fresh and original.

10) They always try to find meaning in everything

Interesting women always try to connect the dots.

They’re also always trying to find meaning in everything—even their suffering.

They ask themselves “What’s the purpose of this? How can I learn from this?”

And although they might not always have a solid answer, by simply asking themselves those questions, they’re able to have far more interesting insights.

While some people search for meaning in desperation their entire lives, these women can find meaning even in the most mundane things—even a piece of crumpled paper.

How do they do it? 

Perhaps a part of it is that they’re born that way, but for most of these women, they are always able to find meaning because they’ve cultivated the art of paying attention.

Final thoughts

Being an interesting woman who is full of substance doesn’t happen by accident. 

It’s a deliberate choice to defy conventions and societal expectations to embrace oneself fully. 

It isn’t about treating fashion magazines as a bible. And it certainly isn’t about following what’s hip and copying the cultural elites.

It’s about dancing to the beat of your own drum, listening to your inner voice, and always following where it leads. 

If you can do that, you’ll effortlessly be a woman who is both interesting and full of substance.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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