Women with alpha personalities have these 15 special traits

There are many stereotypes that have been cultivated about women over the years, and many of them continue to live on to this day.

It is these stereotypes about women — they are weak, they are sensitive, they are emotional, they need a man — that makes the alpha female stand out from the crowd.

When people meet alpha women for the first time, they are often sidelined by their personalities and their demeanor.

After all, much of society still thinks women need to get married and become baby making machines while they grow old putting dinner on the table for their breadwinning husbands. Yikes.

As women continue to realize the strength and power within them, we are more likely to see alpha personalities coming forth.

Women who have already discovered this alpha personality about themselves have these 15 special traits that make them rock stars in the world.

1) She Doesn’t Give Up Easily

Being an alpha means you take charge of your own life and sometimes that means not backing down for what you want or believe…no matter what.

That’s pretty intimidating to stand up against, and so alpha women tend to get what they want.

It is for this reason that powerful women are also seen as bitchy or mean, rather than powerful and ambition.

2) She’s Happy to Make the First Move

When an alpha woman sees something she wants, she is not about to sit around and wait for it to come to her.

Whether that’s a partner, a job, a house, a car, or promotion: she is going to stand tall and seek that goal out no matter what.

People will see this confidence as aggressive, and it won’t be received well by all, but she doesn’t care. She’s too busy out living her life and making her dreams come true.

3) She is Fiercely Loyal

Because alpha women don’t have to depend on other people for their livelihood or happiness, they don’t draw their energy from these things.

That means that any relationship she is in is a bonus in her eyes and she treats it with the kind of respect and nurturing that she would expect in return.

While she doesn’t always get it, she still gives it, because she knows that is the right thing to do.

4) Her Life is Guided by Purpose

Alpha women are driven by their ambitions and goals. They know what they want, and they always have their eyes on the prize.

Sure, alpha women know how to relax, but life is more fun when you are kicking ass and taking names, and she knows what guides her decisions in life so there’s never any doubt she is doing exactly what she should be doing in her life.

5) She is Not Afraid to Be Alone

Alpha women know how to take care of themselves, and that means that while society tells her she needs a man, she knows that she can be perfectly happy on her own.

Even if she is in a relationship, alpha women like to break away from time to time to regroup and reconnect with themselves.

There’s no need to be attached at the hip to another person, and she doesn’t want that in her life anyway. Whether it’s taking in a movie on a Friday night, or buying a house, she is not afraid to do it alone.

6) She Loves Intensely

Because alpha women do everything with vigor and intensity, it is no surprise that she also loves intensely.

This can be too much for some people, especially men who are not used to strong women who don’t “need them,” but she’ll give you all her love in return for yours.

She knows that because not everyone can handle her intensity, that being alone is better than being with someone who is uncomfortable around her. Someone will come along who can appreciate all of her – including her alpha personality.

7) She Has Ambition

If there is one thing you can say about a woman with an alpha personality, it’s that she has ambition.

In all areas of her life, she is setting goals and achieving them, and she’s not making any apology about it.

There’s only so much time to do great things on this planet, she women who are alphas are making sure they soak up every last minute of their time on earth. And that’s what makes their lives so great.

The only guys she likes are those that can get on board with her ambition.

8) She Brings People Together

Whether it’s her friends, her colleagues at work or her own family, she’s always the one organizing events and bringing people together.

She loves planning, organizing and making sure that everyone gets a chance to connect with each other.

At a party, she’s the one introducing people and making sure that everyone has a great time.

If you really want to find a true alpha female at a party, just look at who everyone is directing their attention to for cues on what to do next.

9) She Stands Up For What She Believes In

An alpha female is always prepared to stand up for she believes is right. You won’t be able to intimidate her or coerce in her to being silent.

She knows what’s right or wrong and if you overstep the mark, you better watch out.

An alpha female has a strong sense of justice and responsibility. While some people consider her “annoying”, she doesn’t really care.

She’s not a sheep who abides by the rules. She critically thinks for herself and will seek justice on anything she feels is important.

An alpha female does it for the greater good and she doesn’t care what the “nay sayers” have to say.

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10) She Is Resilient

We’ve all been through struggles and an alpha female is no different. But through sheer mental strength, she manages to claw her way back out of whatever situation she finds herself in.

She’s dealt with manipulative boyfriends, poverty, abuse, but she’s still managed to lift herself up. How? Because she maintains a sense of purpose about her.

She knows that there is more to life than herself and she wants to achieve everything she possibly can.

In other words, she won’t give up.

11) She’s extremely loyal to her inner tribe

If you’re lucky to be in her inner circle, then she’ll look after you like you wouldn’t believe.

She doesn’t just let anyone get close to her. Only the ones she can truly trust.

It’s true that an alpha female has many acquaintances but only a select few are allowed into her crew. However, she treats everyone with respect and kindness, but is weary to not let everyone get close to her as she’s been burnt in the past.

But when someone gets to be in her inner circle, they’re pretty much like family and she’ll do anything to protect them.

13) She Respects Herself and Lives With Integrity

Living responsibly and with integrity is cornerstone to how an alpha female wants to live life.

She’s always thinking about other people, making sure that everyone gets treated fairly.

She hates being disrespected, so she makes sure to never do that to someone else.

Let’s just say it’s an alpha female’s golden rule.

14) She Never Puts Other Women Down

Because she’s an “alpha” you may think that she competes with other females to be the top cat. But this isn’t the case.

A true alpha female doesn’t care about competing with others. She knows who she is, what she’s good at and what she stands for, so why would she even bother putting other people down?

She treats everyone with kindness and respect. Why? Because that’s the way that she wants to be treated.

15) She Doesn’t Gossip or Play Games

Some woman have a reputation for gossiping and talking behind people’s backs. But an alpha female doesn’t bother engaging in such banality.

If you try to gossip with her, she won’t pay attention and will try to switch the conversation to something more deep and meaningful. She just hasn’t got time for toxic energy.

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