17 signs your twin flame will eventually come back (and you’re not in denial)

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Have you already met your twin flame but after some time, lost them because of intense reasons?

As the relationship didn’t work out, you’re now experiencing the separation phase of your twin flame journey.

You’re probably wondering if there are chances of having your twin flame come back. Fortunately, some signs reveal you’re nearing the twin flame reunion.

Let’s look at what you need to pay attention to and what you can do to bring your twin soul back.

Will my twin flame come back? 17 powerful signs they will

Even if twin flames break away from each other, the connection that they share is inevitable.

Here are signs to help you know that twin flame reunion is on the cards.

1) You feel drawn towards certain places

You feel this intense pull to visit a certain place for no apparent reason. It’s a sign that your twin flame is likely to come back.

Follow your feelings as instincts become razor-sharp when twin flame reunion gets near.

There’s a reason why you need to go there.

It could mean bumping into your other half or learning a karmic lesson that will bring you closer to your twin soul reunion.

The divine force is trying to bring you and your twin soul to the same place to connect your souls.

2) You get excited unexpectedly

You can’t explain why you feel like dancing, and your heart is jumping with joy.

There are these unexplainable feelings of joy, excitement, and lightness but anchored with inner calmness. It seems weird and strange.

Even if you’re not aware of it yet, your soul is sensing a twin flame reunion just around the corner.

Your soul is in bliss and rejoicing to meet its other half.

Embrace these emotions as your soul knows that everything will soon fall into place.

3) You can’t stop thinking of your twin flame

You notice that your twin flame is constantly occupying your mind.

And when you think of your twin soul, you feel good without those old, heavy feelings you used to feel.

You even try to put them out of your mind, but you can’t. Most likely it’s because your twin flame is thinking about you too.

You’re sharing a deep connection with your twin flame – and you’re picking up each other’s energy.

When twin flames are constantly on each other’s minds, it’s a sign the union is around the corner.

4) You experience a sense of completeness

When you feel complete, take it as a sign that your twin flame will come back.

It’s like you become certain about your place in the Universe.  Even if life isn’t problem-free, all your old doubts, worries, and negativities are gone.

There’s a sense of happiness and fulfillment that surrounds you. And it’s because you’ve learned how to love yourself without needing the validation of others.

You’re whole and complete the way you are.

And this is because the time has come for you to reunite with your twin soul.

5) You sense your twin flame’s presence

There’s this feeling like someone is around you or sitting next to you.

If you can sense your twin soul even if they’re miles away, don’t worry (you’re not getting crazy).

Even if you had twin flame relationship problems, this is still an excellent sign.

This is happening as you’re sharing deep energy and soul bond with your mirror twin. And you may even feel each other’s emotions.

When you feel that energy wherever you are, it’s a sign that you’re getting closer to a reunion.

This energy will transform into a real, physical presence.

And these sensations will intensify when the reunion draws nearer.

6) You often dream about them

The Universe is communicating about your twin soul through dreams.

If you keep dreaming about your twin flame, the relationship you have is alive and still a big part of your life.

And these recurring dreams are signs that they’re coming back at any moment. Your soul is getting ready for this reunion, and these dreams keep your bond at a spiritual level.

There’s also a chance that your twin soul is dreaming about you as well.

If you want to learn more about twin flame dreams and what they mean, check out our video on interpreting twin flame dreams:

7) You encounter a spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening needs to occur before a twin flame union can occur.

Frontiers in Psychology describes Spiritual Awakening as, “a subjective experience in which an individual’s ego transcends their ordinary, finite sense of self to encompass a wider, infinite sense of truth or reality.”

Even if the physical world keeps twin flames apart, they’ll get to reunite in the non-physical realm.

Since they have a close psychic bond and share a soul, twin flames connect on a spiritual plane.

This karmic awakening happens during meditation, and it usually starts with vivid dreams – which become more frequent.

And when twin souls start connecting during waking moments, that’s the time when the union is about to happen.

8) You notice signs of new beginnings

Signs and symbols start to surround you when your soul is sending that a twin flame reunion is close.

These usually pop into your mind when you least expect them – like in your dreams, in billboards, while doing meditation, or in person.

Pay attention to these instances as they could mean that your souls will connect again:

  • Seeing a pair of white swans while meditating
  • Sighting pairs of animals like wolves, lions, or dolphins
  • Seeing butterflies, daffodils, or other things that symbolizes new beginnings

These indicate that your twin flame is coming back and waiting for you.

9) You want to try new things

Just like feeling drawn to certain places, there’s this urge to do things you’ve never done before.

It can be going to a coffee place you don’t frequent, ordering a different dish, joining a hiking group, or listening to random music.

Thinking of trying these things makes you excited and fills you with much anticipation.

Follow these urges, no matter how weird it seems to be, as you’re likely to learn a lot from them.

With these new experiences, you’ll be more prepared for your upcoming twin soul reunion.

10) Angel numbers are everywhere

Do you keep seeing love-related numbers like 000 or 1111 everywhere you go?

You’re wondering why you keep seeing it on receipts, clocks, license plates, and anywhere you look.

These are angel numbers 11:11 telling you that something is about to happen soon.

This number is known as the awakening code or twin flame code.

The occurrence of this angel number isn’t a coincidence. It’s a sign that you’ll reunite with your twin flame soon.

11) You keep seeing things that remind you of them

These can be songs, movies, places, images, or any other things associated with your twin flame.

For instance, while you’re doing grocery shopping, you spot someone looking too familiar wearing the same shirt your twin flame wears. Then you seem to smell their favorite perfume and see their birthdate in several places.

It could also be feelings and discussions that pop around from time to time.

These incidences are meaningful coincidences known as synchronicity. It’s because your twin flame will continue to occupy your mind.

Never deny these synchronicities as they speak volumes that your twin flame is coming back.

These are constant reminders of twin flame connection and confirmations of their love for you.

Often, these are reassurance from the Universe and guiding lights calling you and your twin soul home.

12) You’ve learned to let go

Being separated from your twin soul is an opportunity to make yourself a better person.

And that’s the purpose of your twin soul. You reach your full potential and you become your best self.

You stopped seeking validation from others, and you started loving yourself more. When someone loses feelings for you, you’ve learned how to deal with it.

It’s about caring for yourself, valuing your worth, and embracing your priorities.

When you become the person you want – and not what others want you to be – then, that’s the best time your twin flame will re-enter your life.

When this separation stage is over, you’ll learn how to let go of all those negativity and pressures from the world.

13) You’ve put your trust in the Universe

You stopped doubting how the Universe works. With your unwavering faith, you’ve removed those uncertainties and doubts in your life.

Even if you’re still unsure what the future holds for you, you look at it with more optimism than before.

And you no longer despair of those challenges and difficulties on your way.

Instead, you see those experiences as something that plays a role in your purpose in life.

You have faith that you’re on the right path – and you’re soon in reunion with your twin soul.

Just pay attention to the signs the Universe is sending your way.

14) You experience enhanced telepathic connection

Telepathy takes flight and follows twin flames in all stages of their journey.

Sometimes, you’ll feel like your twin flame doesn’t want to communicate – but there’s something you can do about it.

Even if twin flames are together or apart, they are always divinely connected. This intense connection remains regardless of physical space.

This allows twin flames to communicate with each other through psychic energy.

It makes one feel the other twin flame’s emotions. And if you’re in a relaxed state, you can sometimes sense that you’re running in your twin flame’s thoughts.

And this telepathic connection reminds twin flames that they are never truly apart.

If you’re not sure what it is, you can go over these twin flame telepathy signs to know that what you’re experiencing is telepathy or not.

15) You feel that you’ve already reunited

You can sense the strong presence and energy of your twin flame most of the time.

This makes you feel happy and at peace knowing that you’ve already achieved what you want. It’s like everything has fallen into place.

Instead of waiting for the reunion or being physically together, you continue to feel positive and confident.

You also put more trust in the divine timing as you acknowledged that the reunion will happen at the right time.

This means that your energy is in alignment with what’s happening.

If you’re already feeling this, take it as a positive sign that the reunion is close or it could be that it’s already happening.

16) Your intuition gets stronger

This is one of the strongest signs that a twin flame reunion is already around the corner.

There are no words to explain exactly why we know that a karmic event is going to happen in our lives.

It’s like sensing that something great is going to happen. You keep hoping even if there are times where you doubt yourself. But then these feelings become more rampant in your life.

For when it comes to twin flames, our intuitions are heightened. And you’ve developed your intuition as you’ve followed your spiritual awakening.

What you can do is to continue to trust your gut as it guides you on what to do or where to go. Follow your intuitive feelings; for most of the time, it’s right.

You have this intuition knowing that the twin flame reunion is close to happening – and it’s only a matter of time before this happens.

17) You embrace your real purpose

Knowing and understanding your purpose plays a crucial role in bringing you closer to your twin flame.

For when you know your purpose, and you’ve taken self-love to a whole new level, a new path will open up for you.

And understanding your purpose could mean one or most of these things:

  • You achieve harmonious union with yourself
  • You become more kind and compassionate
  • You’re more at peace with yourself
  • You can feel a sense of balance with the world
  • You feel happier and contented with your individuality
  • You make efforts to make the lives of others better
  • You think and decide for the greater good

After all, reuniting with your twin soul is about uniting parts of your twin soul that speaks more to you.

So if you’ve come across this sign, then you’re likely a step away from your ultimate twin flame reunion.

Find the silver lining in twin flame separation

With your twin flame, you have a soul relationship that cuts deep. It’s a rewarding and challenging journey.

Twin flames may leave when it becomes unfulfilling or toxic – and when there are intense emotions that put a strain on the relationship.

When you’re in the twin flame separation phase, one best thing you can do is to learn how to cope.

Remember that the purpose of a twin flame relationship is to help us grow.

Twin flames can leave once they have served their purpose in our lives. And this is something we have to accept.

What can you do to help your twin flame return?

1) Give your twin flame space

This will give you both an opportunity to focus on yourselves. And will make it easier for your twin soul to reunite with you.

2) Be patient

You can’t force your relationship as this will only push your twin flame away. Just let go, trust the divine timing, and let things unfold naturally.

3) Focus on yourself

Take this separation to work on yourself. By doing this, you’ll become the best version of yourself and attract the relationship you deserve.

And this is the best way to make your twin flame return into your life when the time is right.

4) Manifest your twin flame’s return

The Law of Attraction is very powerful in attracting your twin flame back into your life. Stay positive and believe that manifesting your twin flame into your reality will happen in divine timing.

Whatever happens, stay optimistic and understand that the Universe knows what’s best for both of you.

5) Use hero instinct to draw them back

Ladies, if your twin flame is a guy, here’s what you can do to help him return back to you.

You see, for guys, it’s all about triggering their inner hero.

I learned about this from the hero instinct. Coined by relationship expert James Bauer, this revolutionary concept is about three main drivers all men have, deeply ingrained in their DNA.

This is something most women don’t know about.

But once triggered, these drivers make men into the heroes of their own lives. They feel better, love harder, and commit stronger when they find someone who knows how to trigger this.

Now, you may be wondering why it’s called “the hero instinct”? Do guys really need to feel like superheroes to commit to a woman?

Not at all. Forget about Marvel. You won’t need to play the damsel locked in the tower to make him see you as the one.

The truth is, it comes at no cost or sacrifice to you. With only a few small changes in how you approach him, you’ll tap into a part of him no woman has tapped into before.

The easiest way to do this is by checking out James Bauer’s excellent free video here. He shares some easy tips to get you started, such as sending him a 12 word text that will trigger his hero instinct right away.

Because that’s the beauty of the hero instinct.

It’s only a matter of knowing the right things to say to make him realize that he wants you and only you. 

All of that and more is included in this informative free video, so make sure to check it out if you want to make him yours for good.

Here’s a link to the free video again.

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