Will my ex eventually contact me? 11 signs to look for

Like you, I wished for my ex to contact me after our breakup. He didn’t, and it crushed me. Looking back, I shouldn’t have kept my hopes up because he didn’t exhibit any of these signs that he’ll contact me.

The good news is your story may be completely different from mine. Your ex may try to communicate with you once again, so make sure to be on the lookout for any of these 11 signs.

1) Your number/social media remains unblocked

If you’ve just broken up, your ex may need some time before they decide to contact you once again. It may take them a week, a few months, or even a year.

That being said, there’s a huge possibility they’ll contact you once again if they haven’t blocked your number or social media.

In case you’re not a techie like me, here’s how to know if your ex (or anyone, for that matter) had blocked you:

If you are using an iPhone

Send your ex a text message. If you’re not blocked, the notification should come across as “Delivered.”

If you don’t see this, “That could mean that person has blocked you,” explains Communications Officer Justin Lavelle to Reader’s Digest.

Another option? Call your ex.

“If you call a specific number and it immediately goes to voicemail, or you get a strange message such as ‘temporarily out of service’ or ‘the person is not taking calls,’ this may mean your number has been blocked,” he adds.

If you are using an Android phone

Compared to an iPhone, an Android phone won’t notify you if the message has been delivered or not.

For this, Lavelle recommends calling the person directly. If your call is always diverted to voicemail, or if your ex doesn’t respond to your numerous calls and texts, then “you should consider that you’ve been blocked.”

2) They’re liking your posts once again

Frankly, this is the sign I’ve experienced myself. After months of radio silence, my ex began liking my Instagram posts again.

Although he didn’t contact me right away, I learned from a friend that he meant to do it months before.

But I was in the US back then, and he thought that I looked very happy.

I wasn’t. I was reeling from the breakup, which is why I flew halfway around the world in the first place!

Now I’m not saying that your ex liking your posts isn’t a solid sign. For sure, my circumstances back then are different from yours.

What I’m trying to say here is that this is more or less a ‘light at the end of the tunnel.’ If your ex is interacting with your posts once again, there’s a huge possibility that he’ll interact with you (aka contact you) sometime soon.

3) They’re still checking your social media accounts

Your ex may not be liking your posts like mine, but they may still be checking your social media accounts every now and then.

This could mean that they’re still interested in contacting you, and they just want to make sure that the coast is still clear.

You may be dating someone new, after all!

Although you can’t know outright who’s viewing your posts on Facebook and Instagram – unless they like or comment on them – you could see if your ex is watching your stories on both platforms.

The same goes for Snapchat.

Your ex may also be looking at your LinkedIn, which you can verify by clicking the “Who viewed your profile” option.

4) They’re answering your calls and texts now

If your ex hasn’t blocked your number, then it’s a pretty good sign. But if they’re answering your calls and texts once again, I dare say that it’s a great sign!

This means that your ex is open to communicating with you once again.

See, the no-contact period after a breakup – which can go a month (or more) – is hard to do. But it “gives both of you a chance to reflect on things and get back on track with your own lives,” explains HackSpirit founder Lachlan Brown.

“It also helps you avoid getting hurt again by giving yourself space to think about what happened and what you want now,” he adds.

Simply put, if they’re responding to your calls and texts again, then they’re probably done with their period of reflection. They may contact you soon, just when you least expect it.

But then again, it’s also possible that it’s just out of good faith.

Well, all you can do is just wait and see if they’ll hit up your phone soon.

5) They haven’t returned your things yet

You know you’ve had a bad breakup if your ex has returned all your things – even though they’re constantly using them.

It’s like, they’d rather buy a new coffeemaker than keep on using yours!

So if your ex hasn’t dropped off your stuff yet, there’s a good chance that they’re still thinking of contacting you.

You see, they may try to use it as an opportunity to communicate with you once again. Whether it’s asking when or where they could drop it, or if you could get it from their place, there’s no denying that that’ll make you talk to each other.

Who knows? They may even think that you’ll patch things up eventually, which is why they didn’t return your things in the first place.

6) You’re seeing more of them again

I’m a believer in avoiding your ex after a breakup. Seeing them, after all, will just rehash the hurt and pain.

So if you’re seeing your ex more and more now – given that you’re not workmates, neighbors, and all – in a place they wouldn’t have gone in the first place – then it is a sign that they’re open to contacting you soon.

Yes, it’s possible – even if they didn’t speak to you – although you know they saw you.

I’d like to think that they’re trying to be where you are in preparation for contacting you again. They want to be sure of what they feel right now.  In fact, they think that seeing you is the best way to confirm their decision of calling you again.

7) They haven’t dated anyone yet

We’re all familiar with the golden rule of dating after a breakup: and that is to wait for 3 months. But if your ex hasn’t dated anyone yet – after these 3 months or prior – then there’s a good chance that they’re still thinking of contacting you.

For one, they may still be reeling in from the breakup. And while there are a lot of fish in the sea, you’re still the only fish they wish to catch.

The only problem is if they still haven’t made a move for so long. For this, I suggest making a move yourself.

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8) They still hang out with your friends

Throughout the relationship I had with my ex, some of my friends became my friends. The same goes for him.

But of course, when we broke up, he didn’t hang out much with my friends anymore. I did hang out with one of his friends because apart from being a good pal, she was the only way I could hear news about him.

For me, hanging out with his friend is one way to let him know that I’m still open to contacting him – and figuring things out.

And while it didn’t work out for us, I’d go out on a limb and say this: if your ex is still hanging out with your pals, there’s a good chance that they’re open to communicating with you again.

9) Your ex is still in touch with your family

Similar to hanging out with your friends, your ex may contact you soon if they’re still spending time with your family.

For me, this is actually quite a strong and telling sign. Your family is dear to you. In fact, your ex may be communicating with them to ask for advice regarding your situation.

And, in a way, your family may be subtly nudging you to fix your issues with them. That is, of course, unless your kin is strongly against your ex.

That’s another story.

10) His friends and family still spend time with you

In terms of allegiance, it’s normal for your ex’s family and friends to side with them after the breakup. Even if they’re at fault, they may feel that you’ve caused them to act that way in the first place.

And, should this be the case, you can’t expect your ex’s family and friends to still hang out with you.

But if they still go out with you – and act like nothing’s changed, then your ex may have had nothing but good things to say after the breakup.

In fact, your ex may have expressed their desire to contact you once things ‘mellow down.’

Knowing this, his family and friends won’t change their ways towards you. Don’t be surprised if they act nicer than ever. They may just be trying to play cupid between you two!

11) They still do favors for you

Let’s face it: our exes have done a lot of favors for us. And it’s not only because they loved us. Most of the time, it’s because these things aren’t our forte.

Maybe your ex was in charge of fixing your laptop, being that they’re working as an IT professional.

And if they’re still doing this favor for you after all this time, it’s clear that they’re keeping their line of communication open.

They may even call you to volunteer their services, even if your laptop doesn’t need any fixing at all.

IMHO, this may be your ex’s way of getting back together with you!

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