“Will he talk to me again?” 12 signs he will (and how to fasten the process)

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You used to be joined at the hip, but then something happened—you broke up or you hurt each other deeply—and so you’re no longer talking to each other.

Now you miss him and wonder if he’ll ever talk to you again. Fortunately for you, there’s a good chance that he’s thinking the same thing about you, too.

Here in this article, I will tell you 12 signs that he’ll probably talk to you again soon.

1) He’s been talking to your friends

You might hear from your friends that he’s been talking about you. Maybe he’s been asking them about how you’ve been doing—if you’ve moved on, or if you’ve changed.

This is a very clear sign that he still cares about you and is just waiting for the right time to approach you.

Maybe he’s been keeping his distance because he needs the space to think and doesn’t want to face you just yet. Or maybe he’s waiting for you to get better before having you in his life again.

For example, maybe you tried to make him jealous by flirting with someone else, and that’s why he lost interest. He would like to know if you’ve changed before he goes near you again. He doesn’t want to risk getting hurt again.

The best way for him to know is by asking your friends, in a very indirect manner of course (the guy has pride) but if he has the courage, he might ask them more directly. In the example, he might ask if you’re going out with the guy you’ve been flirting with.

He would keep talking to your friends so you’re still in each other’s radar. He knows that your common friends will tell you about him…and this is exactly what he wants to do. He wants to be near you again.

What to do:

Try talking to your friends about him too.

Talk about how much you miss him, or how happy you were together, and one way or another your message will reach him.

This will tell him that you’re paying attention to him and encourage him to reach out to you.

2) He shows off

Showing off communicates interest. If you see him trying to show off when you’re looking, chances are that he wants you to make the first move and talk to him.

It can be as simple as him posting pics on Instagram or maybe he would act extra nice around the people who are important to you. Maybe he’d offer to give your sister a ride home or bring everyone in the office a cute gift.

He clearly wants your attention or maybe even your adoration. Trust me, most guys are lazy and won’t bother if they’re not interested in the person. If you start to notice your ex getting more generous or showy all of a sudden, he’s probably trying to get your attention.

It’s his way to gauge if you still have feelings left for him. It might be ironic, but he’s showing off precisely because he’s too shy to talk to you directly.

What to do:

If you want him to consider talking with you again, express your appreciation.

If you don’t want to talk either, just smile or express how impressed you are by using your body language.

3) He’s following you on social media

You might not be talking to each other anymore, but you still catch him paying attention to your social media.

He might have decided to follow your account on Twitter even though he’s always complaining about Twitter, or maybe he keeps on liking your posts on Facebook and Instagram.

There are two ways you can take this kind of behavior. On one hand, you can think of it as him being passive-aggressive so that you can’t get him out of your head. On the other hand, it could be simply that he’s just shy.

We can’t say which is the correct conclusion, but either way, he’s following you on social media because he still cares for you. A person who’s totally over you would not bother, and would even hide you.

What to do:

In this situation, there’s only one thing to do: re-spark his romantic interest in you.

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No matter what your situation is — or how badly you’ve messed up since the two of you broke up — he’ll give you a number of useful tips that you can apply immediately.

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4) He keeps showing up where you are

You would be walking your dog in the park, and he’d “accidentally” bump into you. You now have a favorite coffee shop and guess what? He knows about it too and goes there a lot.

These coincidences can be natural, occurring because of synchronicity between the two of you. However, it can also be deliberate. He might be stalking you, maybe to learn more about you or waiting for you to notice him.

Guys can be a little sneaky and would do anything to get your attention if they truly want you.

It might be flattering to have him go so far to keep tabs on you, but it can be a sign that he’s toxic and you’re better off looking for someone better.

So pay close attention to how you feel about it. If you feel unsafe, then you’ll want to avoid him. But if he’s been respecting your personal space, then he’s probably fine.

What to do:

If you’re sure he’s not dangerous, then the next time you bump into each other, go ahead and smile.

It could be the “sign” that he’s been waiting for all along.

5) He keeps looking in your general direction

You would feel someone’s stare on you, and when you turn to look you would see him looking in your general direction.

Of course, you know he has his eyes on you, and that he would be burning holes in your head if he could.

Watching you from a distance like this means that he is interested in reconnecting with you, but for one reason or another—it could be his pride or guilt or lack of courage—  he couldn’t really walk up to you.

Maybe he is trying to figure out how you’ve changed since you last spoke and wondering to himself if he still likes you. Or looking for clues that you still feel the same way about him.

He will have a blank stare in your direction but he’s really trying his best not to focus on you or else you’d find out.

What to do:

Well, look in his direction too.

Even drop hints that you indeed notice him checking you out.

Then, if you’re in the mood, wave at him or smile a little.

Maybe that is all it would take to break the ice and invite him to talk to you again.

6) He’s trying to change

You see him genuinely trying to change himself for the better.

Maybe you have told him that you don’t like how harshly he talks to your friends, and now you see him trying to befriend them. Or maybe you used to tell him about how much you hated it when he smoked, and now you see that he hasn’t smoked a single cigarette for months.

While you can’t claim all the credit for him trying to fix his worst habits if he’s working on the things you called him out on, then he’s probably doing it for your sake.

For example, you might overhear him saying that he quit smoking when a friend offers him cigarettes, or say that he no longer drinks when they offer to take him to a bar.

What to do:

On one hand, if he makes changes for your sake, that’s a good thing.

On the other hand, if he associates making efforts with you, then this might not be good in the long run.

Focus instead on changing the way he feels. To do this, simply change the emotions he associates with you and make him picture a whole new relationship with you.

In his excellent short video, James Bauer gives you a step-by-step method for changing the way your ex feels about you. He reveals the texts you can send and things you can say that will trigger something deep inside him.

Because once you paint a new picture about what your life together could be like, his emotional walls won’t stand a chance.

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7) You keep seeing angel numbers

Whenever you keep thinking about him or when you’re holding things that are important to the two of you, you seem to notice repeating numbers everywhere.

Maybe you’d look at your clock and see 01:11, open a book to page 111, and see that your post had gotten 111 likes.

These are angel numbers, and they are a sign that the universe is trying to tell you something.

If you keep seeing these numbers when you’re missing him, especially 777 and 111, then the universe is probably trying to tell you to try talking to him, or to be ready because he’s going to try talking to you soon.

What to do:

Try to pay attention to which angel numbers you’ve been seeing, and when.

Try to read more about what these angel numbers mean to better understand the universe’s message to you.

Take any opportunities that come your way.

Instead of waiting for him to speak, maybe the universe wants you to be the first to approach him.

8) He throws you a “friendly” smile

When you do catch him looking at you, you would see him smile before looking away. But it’s not the smile he used to give you when you were still together. It’s something more friendly and casual.

You might get a little discouraged because he seems detached but it could actually be a sign that he’s still into you. He just wants to keep it friendly because he respects your boundaries and is trying to get clues if you still like him, even as a friend.

If you haven’t healed from past wounds from your relationship, a decent guy wouldn’t rush you to move on just because he still likes you.

A friendly smile is safe. It’s a way of telling you that he’s just there in case you’re ready to take him back either as a friend or as a lover.

What to do:

Life is short. If you want him back in your life, do smile back.

If you gave him an ice-cold stare, even if deep inside all you wanted to do was rush to his arms, you’d be wasting each other’s time.

You might even chase him away!

9) You keep dreaming of him

Sleep is when our minds are most open to receiving messages from the spiritual plane. If he keeps thinking of you a lot, then his thoughts will ripple through the universe and then reach you, which then will make you dream about him.

Your soul knows that he’s been thinking of you and is trying to share that knowledge with you.

The kinds of dreams you’ve been having of him will hint at what he’s been thinking of. If you’re dreaming of him talking to you a lot, then he’s probably thinking of looking for ways to talk to you again. On the other hand, if your dreams have been about him leaving you behind, he’s probably trying to get over you.

What to do:

Try to respond to his messages with thoughts of your own. Manifest that you’re together.

Visualize sending him a clear response that will hopefully inspire him to talk to you.

But don’t rely on your dreams 100%.

You have to communicate with them directly at some point if you want change to happen.

10) There’s synchronicity between you

There are few true coincidences in this world. When he keeps showing up just as you were thinking about him or when you see him post about his day on social media just as you were wondering if he’s okay, then you’re probably having synchronistic encounters with him.

These things happen because there is communication going on between the two of you on a spiritual level. This is especially the case if the two of you are soulmates or twin souls, simply because the spiritual bonds between soulmates and twin souls are unmatched.

If you’ve been seeing a lot of synchronicity between the two of you lately, it could be that the universe is about to bring you together again in a twin flame reunion.

What to do:

Be open and let go of control just a little. Instead, let the universe tell you what it wants you to do.

Trust that your reunion will happen very soon.

11) He gets nervous around you

You would be minding your business at the park when someone trips on their own feet not too far from where you are. And surprise—it’s him.

Or you might be going shopping with your friend when someone drops their wallet in front of you. And, again, it’s him.

You might assume these things are just coincidences, but they’re probably not. It could mean that he’s trying to catch your attention and break the ice by giving you something to talk about. It could also be because you keep on distracting him that he simply doesn’t pay attention to whatever’s going on around him.

You’re in his thoughts either way, and that’s exactly what you want.

What to do:

If he’s trying to catch your attention and you know you want him back anyway, then try talking to him.

Maybe use his accidents as a topic to get the conversation going.

12) You get goosebumps when he’s around

Sometimes it’s hard for us not to demonstrate our feelings, especially when someone is important to us.

You might notice that there’s tension in the air when he’s near you. It’s like electricity on your skin, and it keeps on giving you goosebumps. You might even find it hard to breathe like the air is heavy.

The reason for this feeling might be because you’re feeling his internal conflict every time that he’s near you. He’s debating whether it’s fine for him to talk to you or not, or if it’s the right time for him to do so.

What to do:

Smile at him and make it easy for him to be near you.

If he’s a timid person, it would help both of you a lot if you were to try to talk to him first.


It’s normal for you to miss someone you used to love. Maybe you want to be together with him again, or maybe you simply wish to be friends again.

Either way, you will want to pay attention to these subtle signs that say that he hasn’t written you out of his life yet.

But don’t think that your only option is to wait. Sometimes it would help for you to be a bit more proactive and be the first to make a move. If he’s truly still into you, you’d know on the first minute you start talking again.

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