“Will he ever propose?” – 13 big signs he will!

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If you’ve been with your boyfriend for a while and you’re in love, you might be wondering if he’s going to pop the question.

There are some foolproof ways to tell if he’s close to hitting a knee.

Here they are.

“Will he ever propose?” – 13 big signs he will!

1) He makes some close family ties

One of the top signs he’s about to pop the question is that he gets a lot closer to your family.

Your boyfriend may have always been fairly close with your parents and siblings, but now you notice him going the extra mile.

He may even be meeting up with them for coffee dates or get togethers at their place.

What’s up with that?

Well, he’s either feeling the need for a little extra spice in his social life and your family fills that role, or he’s getting closer to your family because he’s planning to join it.

Marriage is a huge step, and any guy worth his salt is going to want to become as close and friendly as possible with your family before asking you to become part of his life forever.

As Isaac Huss says:

“Getting married to someone means you are marrying into their family.

“It’s funny though, as terrifying as it is, the guys I know love the tradition of asking for a woman’s hand. It’s a bit like slaying the dragon in order to win the heart of the princess.”

2) He’s checking out your jewelry

Speaking for myself, I’m a big fan of jewelry. I own various wrings, bracelets, necklaces, medallions and so on.

But I know that not every man shares my passion for crafted jewelry items.

But if your guy is suddenly all about checking out jewelry and does the extra double-take when you walk past the window of a jewelry store, there could be a proposal in your near future.

One disclaimer:

Yes, your boyfriend may just be checking out a tasteful bracelet or necklace when you walk by.

We’ve all seen that movie scene where a girl is expecting the big question but instead she gets a nice bracelet.

But never rule out the chance that he’s really about to go for it, because if your relationship has reached that stage it could definitely happen.

3) He becomes a jittery mess

If your boyfriend has become a jittery mess there could be multiple reasons for it.

Maybe he’s under intense stress at work or dealing with a tricky situation with a family member or friend.

The best way to determine if it’s related to a possible proposal is to observe whether he’s acting more jumpy around the time that you’ve been having discussions about your relationship or future.

If there’s an obvious correlation then it basically means he’s either feeling insecure and wanting out, or he’s feeling nervous about wanting to get even more serious.

Like Ashley Frank writes:

“Just imagine how he must feel during the weeks, days and hours before the big event. Nervous, panicked, sweaty…you get the idea.

“When he’s going to propose, your man might start to act just a little weird.”

4) He starts saving money more than usual

Money is a stressful subject, and many of us don’t like to think about it too much.

I know that I spent years stressed out of my mind about not having enough money and having some debt.

It can sap your energy and your time.

But even if your boyfriend is doing pretty well financially, watch for him to go the extra mile to save up.

This can be a sign that he’s storing away nuts for the life ahead of you.

The life you’ll (hopefully) be sharing together!

If you notice a really increased focus by him on saving up, it can definitely be a sign that he’s about to shift your relationship into the next gear.

Love is great, but financial security is often the bedrock of a relationship that lasts.

And if your boyfriend is a practical guy, he likely knows that and is willing to do what it takes to provide a stable foundation for your future.


Take note if your guy has suddenly become a lot more serious about finances and is scheduling meetings at the bank to get invested in mutual funds.

He could be one step away from hitting a knee.

5) He faces the hardest parts of life together with you

As I talked about earlier, men’s desire to commit is closely linked to an evolutionary drive which relationship psychologist James Bauer calls the hero instinct.

When a man is truly in it for the long haul, he’s not scared off by a little drama.

He loves you for who you are, and wants to do everything he can to help you out.

Your side of the equation is to show him that not only is his help, advice and solidarity appreciated, it’s actively needed.

6) He’s suddenly interested in couples who are marrying

Men and marriage aren’t always the most natural combination.

But if your guy is thinking of proposing then you may notice that he’s suddenly very keen on talking about, watching and discussing marriage.

Suddenly the Bachelor has become his favorite show.

You see him leafing through a bridal magazine at the dentist’s office.

He’s curious about how big weddings are, the general cost range and what sort of traditions various cultures and countries have for getting engaged.

You have to think about why this is.

Is he suddenly just taking up an interest in weddings for a hobby?

Or is he planning on proposing and trying to get the lay of the land first?

The second option is a lot more likely.

7) He makes you his absolute priority

One of the top signs that a proposal is getting near is that he makes you his absolute priority.

This is related to the hero instinct which I talked about earlier.

A man who wants to be there for you is not going to go half-way.

He’ll back you up whenever possible, provide for you, encourage your dreams and do his level best to ensure you’re happy and safe.

He’ll genuinely care about whether you’re doing well in life and what your hopes and dreams are in the future.

He won’t joke around about your feelings or try to mess with you.

He’ll make you his priority and treat you like you deserve.

He’ll be your knight in shining armor in every way, and fully own it when he falls short of the way he wants to treat you.

If you feel that he’s putting career, friends or other hobbies ahead of you, it’s not a good sign.

A man who is close to proposing is going to have you as his number one priority and treat you like a queen.

8) He’s talking strongly about the future

A man who is getting close to asking the biggest question of them all is going to be very focused on one thing: the future.

Specifically, he’s going to be thinking, planning and dreaming of a future with you by his side.

This can include saving more financially, talking about real estate, discussing having kids and more.

You’ll definitely get the feeling that he’s thinking about you as more than just someone he’s on the fence about.

There will be the clear knowledge that he sees you as his life partner and doesn’t factor into a future where you aren’t together.

He sees you as a pair and wants to be with you.

And he’s planning both the practical and romantic parts of that future.

Which means that a proposal and engagement could be much closer on the horizon than you imagine.

9) He goes extra quiet when the subject of marriage comes up

On the flip side of a guy who suddenly gets really interested in jewelry, marriage and wedding customs, is the guy who seems to become ultra shy about them.

Sometimes our reaction when something hits close to home is to get defensive or clam up, and this is how it is.

He acts like he’s never heard the word marriage or even knows what hand an engagement ring goes on.

He either laughs it off or goes kind of still and brushes the subject aside.

Granted, this can be the reaction of a man who’s scared to death of commitment and doesn’t ever plan to propose.

But it can also be the reaction of a guy who’s getting really close to popping the question but is terrified of getting it wrong and doesn’t want to reveal his hand too soon.

He’s dropping various hints

Men aren’t always the most subtle creatures, and asking a woman to marry you is a big deal!

For this reason, he may leak various hints unintentionally or even intentionally over the weeks and months prior to asking for your hand.

This can include jokes about getting married…

Talk about rings…

And humor around the subject of guys who are afraid to commit…

“Well, gosh, we all know about guys like that,” he may joke, rolling his eyes.

This can really be a way to tell you that he gets it and he knows he’s stalled long enough.

Is he really ready to take the plunge or just playing?

I guess you will find out in the very near future!

10) A special date for you is coming up

Is your anniversary approaching, your birthday or a special holiday that means a lot to you?

Alternately, it could be the date of a large concert or annual event that you just love.

If he’s going to propose and he knows you well, then chances are he will choose a day that means a lot to you.

So keep your eyes on upcoming dates that mean a lot to you or are significant for your relationship.

If he’s going to pick a date to pop the big question, it’s likely to be one of these dates.

And if it’s a random date, it will likely still be at a time of year when the weather is beautiful or there is some kind of festival or special occasion going on that he can fold the proposal into.

11) He’s touchy when you get near his phone or messages

This sign is a tricky one, because it’s well-known that men who are cheating or sexting are very protective of their phones.

But it’s not always the case that a phone-sensitive man is playing around on you.

Sometimes he’s actually trying to hide the big surprise from you that he’s planning to ask you to marry him.

This can leave quite a digital trail:

Ring shopping online, chatting to friends and family, all sorts of GIFs if he’s the GIF type, you name it.

He knows that if you pick up his phone you’re bound to get an inkling of what he’s up to and the whole surprise could be ruined.

Like Julia Malacoff puts it:

“To be fair, this could be a warning sign of something sinister, but if he’s usually an open book and lately he’s been careful to not leave you alone with his phone, he may not want you to see that he’s planning something big that involves your friends and family—like a marriage proposal.”

12) Your friends start dropping hints

Another one of the signs that he’s about to propose can come from your own friends.

If they start joking with you a lot about getting engaged or when your guy is going to make his move, consider that it could be because he’s been chatting to them about it.

Maybe this is their way of testing the waters for your reaction and warming you up a bit.

Stranger things have happened!

Those who know us best often have their finger on the pulse of what’s going on in our lives, and the same goes for your parents as well.

If you’ve been with your guy for quite awhile, it could just be random ribbing.

But if you suddenly notice it pick up all at once and the jokes come hard and fast, it could be a signal.

So pay attention if your friends seem to keep bringing up the subject of your boyfriend proposing. It might not just be random joking!

13) He’s got a very special upcoming occasion planned with you

Is there a restaurant or location you love a lot?

Maybe a harborside cruise that leaves in the evenings for a cruise around the bay…

Or a pumpkin patch walk near Halloween that’s part of a local fall festival…

These are all tailor-made for asking someone to marry you.

You might think it’s only in romantic comedy movies, but it’s in real life, too.

Plus, men know that women put a lot of importance on romantic occasions like this and they want to make the day – and the photos – as special as possible.

For that reason, if he doesn’t line up his proposal with a date that’s special to the both of you, he’ll likely still do his best to make sure it’s part of some kind of beautiful local scenery…

Even if it’s just a wonderful night out at a local winery, or a trip to the theater for a production of your favorite musical.

When is the big day coming?

If he’s showing many of the signs above, then you can be confident that the big day is coming soon.

Guys all move at different speeds, but a man in love knows that commitment is an important factor for women.

And if he really loves you, then he’s going to want to claim his prize.


If you want to be sure he’ll propose soon, there’s one more thing you can do: make sure you make him feel truly needed and wanted.

James Bauer, a relationship expert warns you about this – if you don’t make him feel like a hero, he might not fully commit to you.

According to his fascinating concept called the Hero Instinct, what you need to do to make him truly yours is to appeal directly to his primal instincts.

And since this free video reveals exactly how to trigger your man’s hero instinct, you could make this change as early as today.

With the help of James Bauer’s incredible concept, you can make him see you as the only woman for him. He won’t hesitate to propose to you anymore.

Here’s a link to his excellent free video again.

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