Will he ever come back? 12 ways to tell

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I know how sh*tty it feels to be dumped by someone you love.

You feel sad, angry, and confused. Your whole world seems to be falling apart and nothing seems worth doing anymore.

You’re wondering if he misses you or if he’s moved on and is out partying and meeting new girls.

Most importantly, you want to know: will he ever come back?

Listen, some relationships are meant to be and some aren’t.

I’m going to share a list of 12 obvious signs that he’s coming back, and hopefully, you’ll recognize some of the signs and feel comforted.

Let’s get started:

1) He’s still in love with you

If your ex told you he’s still in love with you when you broke up then you hold the ace card.

Maybe the breakup was over distance, diverging life plans, a strong disagreement over values, or cheating. But if he said he loves you then you know that there’s a really good chance he’s eventually going to be back.

Believe it or not, men aren’t all logic or sex, and they do have strong emotions. If he loves you then he’s not going to slam the door and forget all about you.

If he’s in love with you, he’ll think about you all the time, and he’ll be heartbroken to be away from you.

Wait for him to realize the mistake he’s made and come back. No matter what obstacles you faced in your relationship, he’ll realize that they can be overcome because true love is not easy to find.

2) He tries to make contact

He’s texting you, asking how you’ve been and what you’re up to.

You’re not sure whether you should answer because he broke your heart. I get it.

But listen, he wouldn’t be trying to make contact with you again if he didn’t miss you.

Hear him out, just don’t get your hopes up before you’ve spoken to him. And another thing, don’t act too eager to talk to him. Be cool.  

If he asks you out, tell him that you’re going to have to see because you’ve been pretty busy lately.

Don’t make it too easy for him. He needs to earn back your trust and love. Make him work hard to win you back.

Remember that if he truly loves you and he’s truly worth your time you’re not going to be disposable or replaceable to him, and you have the right to take your own time and hold your own emotional space until you’re ready to let him back in your life.

3) He peppers you with questions

Even though you have limited or no contact, you may notice that your ex is suddenly peppering you with all sorts of questions, not only about your love life but about everything and anything.

He wants to know what you’re up to, your plans for the future, and your opinion on current events.

He’s asking about your family and pets.

He’s curious about your job and the progress you’re making.

It’s clear that he wants to build back that rapport and openness you had when you were together, which is a pretty good sign that he wants to get back together.


4) Making plans

So, he’s texting you. He’s asking all those questions. Maybe he says he regrets how things ended. Maybe he asks you out for drink.

He’ll say that “it’s not a date, just two friends catching up”, but come on, you weren’t born yesterday.

I’d say that if he’s making an effort to get together with you it means he hasn’t fully let you go and chances are, he wants you back.

5) Old habits die hard

If he’s talking to you and using old terms of endearment (“babe”, “hun”, and so on) then it’s a good sign he’s gearing up to get back in your good graces.

It could just be a habit, sure, but it could also be love.

If he’s calling you by all the affectionate nicknames he used when you were together and you’re feeling that romantic buzz once again, there’s a pretty good chance he’s feeling it too.

6) He wants to know about your love life

If he’s been asking your friends about your love life, stalking your social media, or texting to ask you about what’s going on in the romance department then you’re on his radar.

He probably wants to get back together. Why else would he care if you were dating someone else?

It’s obvious that this guy has something on his mind.

Maybe he’s wondering, “will she ever come back?”

Pro tip:

If he’s asking about your love life, then why not make him a little jealous about it? Jealousy is powerful – here’s how to harness it.

Send him this “jealousy” text.

— “I’ve been having so much fun dating again, I hope you’re putting yourself out there too!!” 

Basically, you’re telling him that you aren’t sitting at home moping because you broke up. Instead, you’re enjoying dating other guys. You’re saying, “You didn’t want me but other guys do!”

Naturally, knowing he can’t have you will make him want you even more.

Pretty effective, huh?

Knowing that other guys want you and that he may have lost you forever will make getting you back his number one priority.

It all comes down to psychology. But you don’t need a degree in psychology, just watch this free video by best-selling author Brad Browning. 

He’s done his research and he’ll help you get your ex back in no time.

Trust me, if you really want your ex boyfriend back, this video will be incredibly helpful.

7) He admits he misses you

This one is pretty obvious: when he admits he misses you, he leaves himself open to being rejected by you. He’s taking a risk by telling you how he feels, even though he could get hurt.

He’s finally opening himself up to you and being honest. He’s telling you that the time you spent apart has been hard for him.

Well, this is great, it means that he wants to come back!

But hold on. Don’t be too easy of a sell, though. Remember, he left you and broke your heart.

Obviously, you’re free to do whatever you want, but I suggest taking things slowly. Don’t automatically respond with, “I miss you, too!”

8) He’s your new number one fan

Is he throwing “likes” your way like crazy and clearly following every minute of your life online as much as possible?

Careful that this doesn’t cross the line into stalking.

If your ex is all over your online profiles (assuming you haven’t blocked him) then it’s a good sign he’ll be coming back one of these days.

These are clearly not the actions of a guy who’s moved on, this is a guy who wants to get back into your life.

9) He asks your friends about you

If he’s canvassing your friends for info about how you’re doing or what’s new with you then it’s a clear sign you’re still high on his list and he’s thinking of you.

He’s probably feeling pretty sad and out in the cold, too.

He feels cut off from you and wants to get the inside scoop.

Maybe he doesn’t know how you’ll react if he tries to get in touch, so he keeps tabs on you through your friends.

One thing is clear: he wants to go back to how things were.

10) He’s not dating anyone new

It’s been a whole since you broke up, yet your ex isn’t dating anyone new. Why is that?

I mean, he broke up with you. So why isn’t he looking for someone better?

Well, I’m no mind reader but could it be possible that he broke up with you in the heat of the moment?

If you had an argument and said some horrible things, maybe he snapped and said, “It’s over.!

Once he cooled down he realized what he had done, but it was too late.

He’s not dating anyone else because he doesn’t want anyone else, he wants you. He wants to come back.

11) He posts a lot about you or old memories

If you’re the one cruising his social media and notice him posting a lot about you or old memories it can also be a sign that he’s headed on the express train back to you.

This isn’t always obvious. It can be oblique references to you or inside jokes. Maybe sly references to a wild night you had camping or that time he first met you and the conversation you had.

You’ll pick up on what he’s putting down, whether it’s a song you both loved or a line of poetry he used to quote.

He’s reaching out to you via social media.

Trust, me, this guy wants you back.

12) He’s putting on a show of being over you

This one may seem a bit counterintuitive but think about it.

If he’s really over you and never going to come back, then why is he making a big show online and in front of his friends about being so over you?

Why is he bragging about hooking up with new girls?

Posting photos left and right of him partying it up?

This isn’t the behavior of someone who’s over a relationship. It’s the behavior of someone trying to fill a void they now feel with useless fun and games.

He’ll be back. Just make sure he’s grown up a little before you consider actually taking him back.

And pay attention to the signs that he’ll come back after pulling away.

How can you make sure he comes back?

Let’s face it:

If you want your ex boyfriend back, then you have to do something about it. You can’t just wait for him to come running back to you and hope for the best.

Here are the 3 things to do after a break up:

1) Work out why you broke up in the first place

Was it something he did? Was it something you did?

What could you have done to make the relationship work?

If you get back together, how will you make this work?

2) Become a better version of yourself so you don’t end up in a broken relationship again

You need to take a good, hard look at yourself.

Is there something about you that drove your ex away? Is this something that you can work on?

For example, were you jealous every time he went out? Did you go through his phone and email? Did you constantly accuse him of cheating?

If your suspicions were unfounded then you were acting irrationally, it’s no wonder he left.

If you want a second chance, you need to deal with your issues.

3) Formulate a plan of attack to get him back

Ok, now you need a plan.

And if you want some help with “the plan”, then you need to watch relationship expert Brad Browning’s excellent free video right now.

Brad Browning has one goal: to help you win your ex back.

Brad is a certified relationship counselor with decades of experience helping to repair broken relationships. With his tips, you’ll be able to come up with a foolproof plan to get him back.

Click here to watch his simple and genuine video.

And while you wait for him…

1) Know your own worth

Not to get too corny, but if you don’t believe in and love yourself, who will?

And even if there are people who believe in you and who love you, how will you know it when you’re so full of self-doubt and negativity?

It’s vital that you know your own worth and not chase this guy who’s let you down. He may expect you to do anything to get him back and fall head over heels, but you need to maintain self-respect.

If you find this difficult, I have just the tip for you. 

Work on yourself and cultivate your self-love. You can start with this fantastic Love and Intimacy masterclass by Rudá Iandê, a world-class shaman and love expert. 

You see, love and intimacy go beyond your romantic partnerships. It truly starts within yourself. 

If you don’t love or respect yourself, it will be reflected in your relationship with your partner. They can only treat you as well as you treat yourself, otherwise an imbalance will reveal itself in the long term.

This was the biggest lesson I learned from Rudá Iandê’s free masterclass.                

When I learned this, I finally didn’t care if my partner wanted to leave me – but he also changed his attitude and no longer wanted to leave in the first place!

I realized that strong self-confidence on both sides is the key to a balanced, harmonious relationship where both parties want to be with each other equally.

So if he said he wants to leave, then so be it. By doing the masterclass, you will not mind, because you’ll know deep in your bones that you’re worth it. 

So go check out the course, and you’ll be on your way to an unshakeable self-confidence. 

Be confident of your own worth and feel assured that in time, he’ll realize that he made a mistake, that he still loves you and he’ll be begging for you to take him back.

2) Rediscover yourself

To truly know your own worth and value yourself, you’ve got to know who you really are. Be in touch with your emotions. Learn about yourself and what makes you tick.

By rediscovering yourself, you can find a type of strength and power within you that you never knew existed.

So, while you wait to see if he comes back, why not take that time to journey within and create an epic relationship with yourself?

That way, regardless of the outcome, you’ll have a great grounding and sense of self, one that can flourish whether you’re single or in a relationship.

3) Let him go – for now

This means employing the “no contact” rule or at least keeping your contact very limited. It might seem harsh – and even contradictory – but the only way you’re going to get him back is by accepting that there is a very real chance he never will come back.

Accept this by embracing no contact. It can take a long time to heal, and you may worry that your ex will bounce back after your relationship and quickly find someone new.

But you can’t let this fear and this inner sense of risk change your dedication to moving on from him – for now.

4) Be patient

A common mistake that women make when their man has left them is to become impatient and start worrying that he’s moved on and will never come back.

Even if he dates some glamorous girls with lots of followers on Instagram, eventually he’s going to think back to what you two had and – if it was truly something special and real – he’s going to remember you fondly and think about coming back.

But that won’t happen if you keep reminding him about the breakup, discussing it, or pushing to get him back. Wait for the time to be right and him to really state his clear intention to get back together and don’t take anything less or let him jerk you around or play mind games.

He’ll come back when the time is right.

Your ex will also definitely notice that you’re not reliant on him coming back and that independence and confidence will be highly attractive to him.


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