Will he come back if I give him space? 17 big signs he will

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Does your man pull away from the relationship as he needs some time off?

You’re probably wondering, is there a chance he’ll come back if I give him space?

Thankfully, there are signs you can spot if he’s thinking of coming back after he pulled away from you and the relationship.

So stick around as I’ll let you know the signs if he’s going to be back and what you can do to increase the odds of it happening.

19 obvious signs he’s going to come back

Some men pull away and bring the relationship to an end, while some others return. Only your man knows what would be as everything depends on so many things.

But if you’re tired of worrying, read the signs below to find out for sure!

1) The reason he needs space has been resolved

Your man will come back to something that he knows is going to be completely different.

He wants to be in a relationship without the same reasons that caused him to need space in the first place.

For instance, you’ve been more trusting instead of being clingy. Or if he feels taken for granted, you’re now trying to appreciate him more.

And probably he has seen himself and worked on those issues that have nothing to do with you.

So if you have both resolved the reasons why your partner wants space, then take this as a huge sign that he wants to get back together with you.

2) He truly loves you

If your man told you that he loves you – but he needs space – there’s a good chance he’s eventually going to be back.

Probably he needs breathing room as he feels stressed or needs to work on himself. And if he says how much he cares for you, then believe him.

Whether you believe it or not, men have strong emotions too. And when they love with their hearts, they won’t slam the door just like that and leave you.

So if you’re giving your man space, respect that. But make it known that you’re still there for him.

3) He truly misses you

One reason why men come back after giving them space is that they realize how much they miss being with you.

During his time alone, he remembers you – the way you talk, smell, smile, and walk. He reminisces on the time you spent together and the little things you do for him.

If you’ve given him space, you can still make him miss you like crazy.

Here are some tips:

  • Try not to message and call him all the time
  • Never respond to his messages right away
  • Make it known that you’re having a good day
  • Look incredible and happy
  • Go on weekends with friends
  • Don’t chase him at all

4) He shares lots of your old memories

Does he share a photo of the first camping trip you had or a line from your favorite movie?

If you cruise on his social media feed, you notice that he keeps sharing those memories you had.

The sign is obvious –  he’s headed on the express train back to you.

Here’s the thing,

A real love advisor confirms it.

The signs above and below in this article will give you a good idea of whether he will come back after you give him space.

Even so, it’s worthwhile to speak to a gifted person. You can get guidance from them and they can take away your doubts and worries too.

Like, are you meant to be with them? Or is your relationship meant to end because your relationship is not making you both happy?

After a challenging time in my love life, I decided to speak to someone from Psychic Source. I was lost in my thoughts for so long, they gave me real answers and mind-blowing insights into my situation.

I was impressed by their kindness, compassion, and knowledge.

They even gave me a unique insight into where my life was going, including who I was meant to be with.

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In a love reading, a gifted advisor can tell you whether he’ll return to you – and most importantly empower you to make the right decisions when it comes to love.

5) He asks your friends and others about you

Does he try to find out what you’ve been doing or what you’re up to?

Maybe he asks your friends, messages your colleagues, and talks to your family members. Well, this is a clear sign that he’s not taking a break from your relationship.

He’s always thinking of you and his love doesn’t change.

He only needs some space alone, probably to work some things out.

It’s spot on that he wants to go back to how things were as you still hold a place in his heart.

6) You’ve used your no-contact time effectively

With this no-contact rule, you’ve given your man some breathing space and time apart from you.

When you’ve given him space, make it known that you understand him and that you can start speaking again when he feels better.

Following this No-Contact rule, the right way helps both you and your man to get some perspective and heal.

And it will be more effective when you both grow as a person and figure out how to fix the issues that lead to needing space.

What’s the best thing to do during this No-Contact period?

  • Stay low and take a passive stance
  • Enjoy doing things that will make you a better person
  • Engage in physical activity like yoga, cycling, or jogging
  • Spend time and go on dates with your loved ones
  • Reward yourself with some relaxation, like a spa or massage

7) He tries to keep in touch

Does he go out of his way to talk to you and be with you?

Maybe he sends your favorite snack while you’re at work. Or probably, he’s asking your opinion on the shirt he wants to buy.

Even if your man pulls away, he didn’t break off the relationship entirely. And this means that he left space to connect with you from time to time.

He simply took some time off for himself and space from the relationship.

So when he contacts you even if you give him space, then it’s a strong sign he’s coming back.

Truth is, he values you more than anything else and wants to keep you around.

8) You’re both out of damage control mode

Most of the time, people in a relationship find themselves in a state of panic and anxiety after moving out of a relationship or giving the other space.

You might be tempted to make him feel guilty asking for space, but it will only worsen things.

Even if you feel hurt that he asks for space, try not to take it personally.

What you’re going through is a matter of radical acceptance.

It’s best to understand and give him the time he needs. Hope that getting that space just might bring you closer together.

9) He starts making plans with you

After giving him the space he needs, your partner tries to reach out and timidly plan something with you again.

It could be as simple as asking you to accompany him in buying a gift for his parents or inviting you to check out the newest restaurant in town.

This only means that he’s interested in keeping in touch and doing things with you.

And if he’s making an effort to make plans with you, it only means that he didn’t let you go and he’s coming back.

What would a relationship coach say?

While this article explores the main signs your man will come back after giving him space, it can be helpful to speak to a relationship coach about your situation.

Relationships can be confusing and frustrating  – and sometimes you don’t know what to do next.

When I was in the same situation, I was skeptical about getting outside help, until I tried it out.

Relationship Hero is the best resource I’ve found! Their love coaches have seen it all – and know how to tackle difficult situations like making a man come back after giving him space.

I tried them in the past after going through a difficult time in my relationship. After being lost in my thoughts for so long, they’ve managed to break through the noise and give me real solutions.

My coach was genuinely helpful and took the time to really understand my unique situation.

Within minutes,  you can connect with a certified relationship coach and repair the issues you’re facing in your relationship.

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10) He thinks that you’re moving on

One of the benefits of giving him space is that you have time for yourself. You get to focus on yourself and enjoy doing what you want to do.

He probably sees you having fun with your friends on social media. Or he knows that you’re enjoying the “me” time that you have.

Even if the worst thing is, sitting alone at night and worrying if he’ll ever come back.

So the best you can do is to remain positive and see things from a different perspective.

When he realizes that you’re handling this situation rationally, he’ll come to his senses and work on coming back to you.

11) He keeps asking you questions

Even though you’ve given him space, you notice that he keeps peppering you with all sorts of questions in general.

It could be about love and even trivial matters.

He wants to know your thoughts and opinions. Probably he’s also interested in what you’re up to and your plans for the coming days.

He might even bring up questions about your family.

Take this as a sign that he’s still interested in what’s going on with your life. He wants to bring back the closeness and openness that you still had.

He’s coming back to be with you again.

12) He’s curious if you’re dating

Your man might also fear the loss of losing you. This is especially true if he had taken his space for quite a long time.

And when he asks you what’s going on in your love life or if you’re dating someone, he fears losing you.

Take this as a sign that he’s back in orbit – and probably wanting to be with you again.

Let me tell you this,

I mentioned earlier how the help of a gifted advisor can reveal the truth about giving him space and making him come back.

You could go through all the signs until you reach the conclusion you’re looking for, but you can gain more clarity about this by getting guidance from someone with extra intuition.

From my experience, I know how helpful it can be.

When I was going through the same situation as you were, they gave me the guidance I sorely needed.

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13) He remains to be your number one fan

Is he throwing like and commenting on all your social media posts?

In this case, he’s giving off signs through social media however he can. He’s trying to reach you and let you know that he values the space you need.

This is a sign that even if you’ve given him space, he’s still got a spark of interest and curiosity about you.

As long as he’s curious, chances are he’ll be back in time.

For if he won’t be back in your life, he’ll block you or he’ll also disappear from social media.

14) He’s not involved with anyone else

It’s painful when you think that he needs space because he’s romantically involved with someone else.

But when you see that he didn’t date or jump into another relationship, it’s clear that there’s no other person involved in his situation.

Or maybe he’s taking a break from seeing anyone.

So whatever reason why he asks for space and pulls away from you has something to do with himself – not you or anyone else.

And this is a good indicator that he didn’t pull away because he met someone else.

If he’s not dating anyone (as far as you know), it’s a sign indicating the possibility of his return.

15) You’re certain he’s “The One” for you

You’re scared and worried about giving him the space he needs, but it’s normal. On the other hand, you have come to trust the power of love.

You know in your heart that he’s the one the universe has destined for you.

And if your gut feeling is telling you that he’ll come back, listen and trust it.

For if all the signs point towards him coming back to you, and you feel his strong presence even if you have that space, it’s a sign of hope.

Take time and be patient. Have faith that the odds of him coming back into your life is high.

16) You trust the process

I know how hard it is to resist that urge to try to cling to your man, but you have respected his need for space.

You’ve given him time to work through his emotions – and you’ve focused on recharging and reflecting.

But at the same time, you also didn’t become distant and make him feel like you don’t care.

Yes, it’s not easy.

Sometimes, it is through having patience and trusting that things will work that will be the way to bring you closer together.

Forcing him to open up or let you in will only make him withdraw even further.

The best thing to do is to accept where he is – and he’ll be back to you sooner than you imagine.

17) They see the relationship as a challenge again

Nothing worth having indeed comes without a fight.

Sometimes men act weird and we can’t explain why they behave that way too.

For instance, when they know that your world revolves around them (which shouldn’t be), they slowly fade away.

That’s the reason why you have to keep the challenge going once you have given him the space he needs.

When you take care of yourself, the more he’ll be attracted to you.

Focus on your happiness to keep a man on his toes. This way, you’ll win him over.

Keep doing something fun and interesting. You can also break free from your routine and try new hobbies.

For when he sees you as a challenge, he’ll come back running to you in no time.

Want him to come back? Here’s how to increase the odds

It’s possible to love him and let him have the space he needs. But make it clear that your heart remains open if they want to come back.

There are things you can do to make it happen.

1) Work on becoming the best version of yourself

You want to showcase yourself as someone living life to the fullest.

Do activities that you’ve been placed on the back burner, go on trips with your friends, or keep yourself busy with things that make you happy.

So when you see him or meet him, you won’t get depressed and clingy.

2) Make things easy for him

Even if it’s difficult and painful, allow him to come back – if that’s what he wants.

Show him that you’re giving him the space he needs, but prove that you’re not giving up on your relationship.

3) Don’t act desperate

While it’s natural to feel sad, rejected, or hurt – never let those emotions get the best of you.

Make it easy for your man to see that you’re a woman worthy of being with again.

4) Be there for him

Understand that he’s going through a difficult time so he should know that he can count on you.

Tell him that you care about his well-being. Sometimes, when he knows that you got his back, he’ll realize that it’s always you for him, all along.

5) Be irresistible!

With your space, you’ll have more time to work on yourself and make yourself attractive.

Look best and be confident all the time. Take this as a chance for your man to see what you’ve become and how far you can go.

6) Don’t date around yet

While you’re thinking of making him feel jealous by entertaining other men, don’t do it.

For when you entertain other men, you’re giving him more reasons to stay away. And having a rebound guy is unfair.

The truth is, if you want him back, don’t rush into another relationship with someone else.  It’s best if you give your man the time he needs to realize you are the one for him.

Final words

I understand that you’re hurting and confused by the situation. But all this is temporary and it will get better in time.

No matter how tough it is, be strong and have faith.

He’ll be back and you’ll have him for good.

Taking a breather isn’t a bad thing as time apart will help you focus on what’s important. The best thing to do is accept that space is part of a healthy relationship.

Here’s the thing,

If you give your partner space, and they come back, it’s because they want to be there with you.

But if they didn’t, they’re only doing you a favor by moving on – and it wasn’t a healthy relationship in the first place.

In case you’re struggling with this whole space thing, it might help to get advice from a trusted advisor.

The thing about questioning whether he will come back after giving him space is that it can start taking up all your time and energy.

And the more you try to find the answers on your own, the more confused you feel.

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier because they helped me when I was experiencing the same thing.

They helped me out when I needed it the most and that’s why I always recommend them to anyone facing a problem with having space in a relationship.

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Can a relationship coach help you too?

If you want specific advice on your situation, it can be very helpful to speak to a relationship coach.

I know this from personal experience…

A few months ago, I reached out to Relationship Hero when I was going through a tough patch in my relationship. After being lost in my thoughts for so long, they gave me a unique insight into the dynamics of my relationship and how to get it back on track.

If you haven’t heard of Relationship Hero before, it’s a site where highly trained relationship coaches help people through complicated and difficult love situations.

In just a few minutes you can connect with a certified relationship coach and get tailor-made advice for your situation.

I was blown away by how kind, empathetic, and genuinely helpful my coach was.

Click here to get $50 off your first session (exclusive offer for Hack Spirit readers).

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