“Why am I dreaming about cheating on my girlfriend?” (10 possible reasons)

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It isn’t uncommon for people to dream about cheating on their significant other.

It can definitely wake you up in cold sweats and fill you with guilt when you dream about cheating on your girlfriend.

However, it might not necessarily be a cause for panic.

It can feel extremely real and still be due to something completely unrelated to your present relationship.

With that being said, here are some of the common reasons why you may be having dreams about cheating on your girlfriend:

1. Symbolic Representation of Deeper Feelings

It can be unsettling to have dreams about being unfaithful to your partner, but there are always so many layers hidden underneath the surface level of our dreams.

You might be holding back a strong emotion or feeling inside of you that you’re not ready to face yet.

This could be mourning a death, getting fired from a job, or a red flag in your current relationship.

These repressed feelings can manifest themselves symbolically in the form of dreams where you’re cheating on your girlfriend.

It’s usually just an opportunity to learn something new about yourself or to identify a problem area in your life.

2. Doesn’t Imply That You Want to or Will Cheat

Most people drown themselves in guilt and self-doubt when they dream about cheating on their girlfriend.

This may not be warranted at times because just like any other dream, there could be a myriad of possible meanings for them.

Just because you dreamt of being unfaithful doesn’t in any capacity imply that you will or actually want to cheat on the love of your life.

In fact, according to psychology, dreams about cheating shouldn’t always be taken at face value.

They could be a representation of a past betrayal or a loss of self-respect.

The person you may have dreamt cheating with could be a representation of a part of your life that you have neglected or disowned.

Every nuance and bit of contextual information about your dream could give you valuable insight as to what the dream is actually trying to convey.

3. A Sign of Unfulfilled Desires

Dreams about sex and cheating are often metaphorical, but they can also be literal.

They can be an indication that your desires and fantasies aren’t met in your existing relationship.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you wish to cheat but simply means that you’re not content sexually with your current partner.

In relationships with sexual issues or sexual dysfunction, sex nightmares about cheating on your partner are quite common.

On the surface, the two of you may appear to have a happy and healthy sex life, but one or both of you may have secret sexual desires that aren’t considered normal in your relationship.

Sex dreams serve as an outlet for these sexual fantasies.

These kinds of dreams can even be deemed healthy depending on the nature of the relationship because they allow those impulsive desires to be explored in a way that doesn’t involve actual infidelity.

4. A gifted advisor confirms it

The signs above and below in this article will give you a good idea of why you’re dreaming about cheating on your girlfriend.

But even so, it can be very worthwhile to consult with a gifted person and get advice from them. In addition, they can answer all sorts of relationship questions (such as this one.)

Like, why do I keep on dreaming about cheating on my girlfriend? What does the universe want me to know?

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A gifted advisor can tell you why you’re dreaming about cheating in a love reading. But, most importantly, they can help empower you when it comes to making decisions about love.

5. Stress or Frustration in Your Current Life

Dreams of cheating could be a direct result of your subconscious processing difficulties or issues that could be completely unrelated to sex or even your relationship.

Dreams are rarely literal; if you’re having problems handling key issues in your life, such as your fear of making changes or work-related pressure, you might be dreaming about cheating on your partner.

It’s simply your subconscious’s way of signaling that things aren’t quite right in your life.

The dream could be a way for you to express your dissatisfaction with an aspect of your life that is causing you a great deal of stress or frustration.

Take your dream as a sign that you need to do some emotional self-reflection on yourself and your life.

6. A Manifestation of Repressed Guilt

While there are a plethora of interpretations for every dream, repressed guilt can definitely be one of the reasons why you’re having dreams about being unfaithful.

This feeling of guilt can stem from any part of your daily life.

For instance, you may be feeling guilty over something you may have done or said. It could also be because you feel guilty for not being able to spare quality time for your partner.

Another possibility is that guilt isn’t born out of external causes but rather something internal.

This could be you not being true to yourself, betraying your own beliefs, procrastinating self-growth, or guilt over not achieving your full potential.

Regardless of what the source of repressed guilt is, having dreams of infidelity might be a sign to dig deeper into your soul and find the aspects of your life in which you have let down your partner or yourself.

7. A Sign of Sexual or Emotional Dissatisfaction

The correlation between your emotional state of mind and your dreams is undeniable.

If you’re dreaming about cheating on your girlfriend, chances are that you’re experiencing sexual or emotional dissatisfaction.

Sex is often representative of the emotional and psychological connection between two individuals, and if you’re not able to connect with your partner on that level, you may dream about cheating.

It’s also possible that you may feel guilty for feeling these emotions and suppress them within you.

These suppressed emotions will find a way to surface through your subconscious in the form of these dreams.

Put it in perspective like this: Your dream is a mirror that is choosing to use abstract metaphors to represent real emotions inside of you.

8. You Had an Ugly Argument With Your Girlfriend

An intense dream about cheating on your girlfriend could also be a symptom of undealt problems in the relationship.

It could be as simple as feeling stuck in the relationship, financial woes, an ugly series of arguments with her, or trust issues caused by prior transgressions.

Dreams about cheating have less to do with the act itself and more to do with the fact that you may be feeling disconnected from your partner.

Having an open and honest discussion with your partner to get past the challenges the both of you’re facing together could be a great way to get rid of these dreams.

9. You Haven’t Been Able to Spend Much Time With Her

You may have obligations at work that restrict you from seeing your spouse, and you may be spending a lot of time at work that you would have spent with them otherwise.

This guilt about not spending enough time with your lover may appear as if you’re ‘cheating’.

It’s equally possible that your partner hasn’t been able to spend as much quality time with you due to similar commitments.

When we spend time away from our partner, we tend to feel lonely and long for that connection.

These dreams could be your brain’s coping mechanism by pointing out those feelings of guilt and desire.

10. The Relationship Could Have Gone Stale to You

A routine lifestyle or relationship that’s devoid of adventure can cause the excitement to dissipate from the relationship.

This can lead to your partner appearing as boring and then you start to take them for granted.

As a result of this ennui, your subconscious might weave a tale of adventure involving you cheating on your relationship.

A simple solution to this is to do something new or wild with your partner to rekindle the spark between the two of you.

It could also be a sign to evaluate your relationship and tackle any difficulties that are causing it to suffer.

11. You May Have Caught Subconscious Feelings for Someone Else

Is it a particular person with whom you’ve had sex with?

Spending a great deal of time with a person from your work can help you get to know them really well.

You may even have developed feelings for them unbeknownst to yourself.

On top of this, if you have been spending less time with your partner, it may lead to these kinds of dreams.

These feelings are usually because everything about the person is new and tends to fade away.

But if they don’t fade away, then it may be time to have a hard look at the relationship and decide where to go from here.

Talk to a gifted advisor

If you can’t stop dreaming about cheating on your girlfriend, you can always turn to a gifted advisor.

I mentioned them earlier – and how they can help reveal the truth about your dreams.

See, it could be exhausting to analyze the reasons. If you want things to be much easier, then you should ask a gifted person to help you with everything you need to know about the situation.

I know from experience how helpful it can be. They gave me the guidance I really needed when I was going through the same phase.

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