Why do I dream about the same person (again and again)?

Wondering why you repeatedly dream of the same person every night?

It could be someone you crossed paths with, dated, or never even met – but you keep seeing them in your dreams.

There has to be a specific reason why this person keeps appearing in your dreamscape. Truth is, there is.

Let’s uncover the hidden meaning of why you repeatedly dream of the same person.

Why do you keep dreaming about someone?

The reasons could be good or something that has never crossed your mind. It could be that this person is thinking about you or plotting something against you? Or maybe you miss this person?

Sometimes, these recurring dreams can mean a soul crossing towards you or connecting you to a soul mate, or perhaps from some unexplainable pull in the universe – like a sign that love is coming your way.

1) The person is constantly on your mind

This is one of the most common reasons why you have recurring dreams of someone.

It’s because this person is always present in your mind – whether you’re conscious of it or not.

You may be concerned about the other person and maybe dreaming about them because of the current state they are in.

When you sleep, your body rests but your mind stays active. Even if you may not be fully aware of it, this person represents something to you that you are not fully aware of.

And this could indicate that this person has a role in your life – that he or she keeps appearing in your dreamscape.

2) Someone misses you

There is no definitive answer to the question – “If you dream about someone, does it mean that person thinks about you?”

But one thing is certain: dreaming about someone indicates that they are somehow connected to you.

You see, dreams could be a manifestation of this feeling.

Whether it stems from a karmic relationship, a soulmate or twin flame connection, or simply a familiarity between people, our subconscious wants to tell us something important.

The truth is, you may be dreaming about the same person because that person’s missing you.

Why is that?

Well, dreams basically give us insights into our thoughts and feelings. These could transcend our conscious minds and be revealed in dream form.

If you keep dreaming about the same person, this could mean that the person is missing you deep inside – without consciously realizing it yet.

So, there’s a good chance that this person might think about you too!

3) You miss the person

It could be a friend, a family member, or anyone that holds a place in your heart.

There’s something you miss about the connection you have with this person. You may be feeling lost that you think of this person constantly.

For instance, if you keep dreaming of a loved one who passed away, it could be that you haven’t accepted the reality. Or you could still be wishing that his or her death didn’t happen.

Thus, your thoughts and feelings will find their way into your dreams.

This is what experts call The Continuity Hypothesis of Dreaming, a theory put forth by pioneer dream researcher and cognitive theorist Calvin S. Hall which suggests that “dreams are continuous with waking life; the world of dreaming and the world of waking are one.”

It means that our dreams reflect our thoughts, concerns, and experiences.

So even if situations arise that are not likely or possible in wake life,  our dreams weave them together as if they were occurring at the moment.

4) There are unresolved issues

Someone is likely to appear in your dream when there are pending matters between the two of you.

This unfinished business will make you think of it and the person now and then. Thus, your thoughts will make their way to your subconscious mind.

Dreaming about the person could be your subconscious’ way of telling you to settle the issues between the two of you.

For instance, you’ve been separated from your twin flame, it could be that your twin flame is thinking of you and connecting with you through your dreams.

Your dream is your mind’s way of telling you that you need to come to terms with something related to that person.

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His teachings gave me the tools I needed to approach these recurring dreams and the feelings they brought up in a new light.

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5) You spend a lot of time together

We create emotional bonds with people that give us safety and security and we become attached to them.

This could be our parents, siblings, close friends, and partners.

Because we think about them so much in our waking life, the chances of seeing them in our dreams are higher.

Dreaming about them may indicate that you’re trying to reconnect with that person. And those dreams could be the continuation of your time with that person.

Such recurring dreams reflect your reality.

And maybe, you long for their presence and wish to spend time with that person.

6) You want this person in your life

If you’re thinking about a person you want to be part of your life during your waking hours, they can creep into your dreamscape.

Maybe thinking of the person gives you vain hopes that you might end up together or that he or she feels the same way about you too.

Having this dream may mean you’re craving a happy and loving relationship. It could also signify that you may need to give more attention to your current relationship.

The more you like and think about this person, the more you will see this person in your dreams – and the more you will want to have that person in your life.

But it’s important to know that while we want this person to love us back, dreaming about him or her isn’t a sign. It’s just our subconscious wondering about what we want.

7) You love the person

When you love someone, you would think about this person and connect constantly. And even if you’re not together, this person is still on your mind.

If the person loves you back, your dream signifies your acceptance, self-confidence, and self-respect.

If you want this person to love you back, it could also be that your dream is telling you something about what you feel about the person that you may not consciously want to address.

Maybe it’s time that you address those feelings and let the person know about them.

And in some instances, it could be awakening an aspect of yourself that needs to be fulfilled.

8) There’s something you desire

This person has personality traits that you admire.

Dreaming about someone, again and again, may mean that this person is related to something you long for.

For instance, you keep dreaming about the time you’ve spent with your ex. Even if you’re no longer together, you still desire the happy moments you’ve shared.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you desire to be with this person or that you still have feelings left for your ex.

You could be searching for your life partner with the qualities of the person that you see in your dreams.

It could be that your subconscious is reminding you of the happiness and love you once felt – and you long to experience those feelings again.

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9) This person reminds you of someone

Suppose you met someone in a coffee shop that resembles your ex or a friend who passed away.

As you keep thinking about the similarities they have, you would probably dream about this person again and again.

It could also be that you’re dreaming about someone you’re no longer friends with.

While your dream doesn’t have anything to do with this person you recently came across, it’s those memories that will keep on flashing back.

10) You’re worried about the person

You’re constantly thinking about the welfare of someone that you keep seeing in your dreams.

There could be a situation that involves the person you deeply care about. Maybe this person is sick or having a hard time and you’re thinking of what you can do to help.

The concern you have for this person makes you dream about him or her frequently. Maybe something is wrong with that person and the dream urges you to pay attention to what’s going on in your or her life.

And that’s because our dreams are often reflections of our thoughts and feelings towards that someone we keep dreaming of.

11) You’re filled with guilt

Was there someone you’ve hurt or wronged in the past?

Or maybe you keep thinking of what you’ve done and deeply regret it. It could also be that you haven’t accepted your wrongdoings yet.

Your dreams are telling you to pay attention to what you’ve done and to the feelings of that person.

If this is the case, a heartfelt apology will fix everything.

Say sorry and admit what you’ve done. Whether the person accepts it or not, this will put your mind at ease.  Make sure that you also forgive yourself and find healing from all these. Don’t let guilt consume you.

Or if you’re feeling guilty about breaking someone’s heart, here’s a great article to help you cope up with the guilt.

12) It was a messy breakup

You thought that this person is your soulmate and “The One” you were destined to be with. But all of a sudden, the relationship ended abruptly.

Your ex told you that he or she needed a break. And in an instant, all your hopes, dreams, and happiness crashed into pieces.

If your ex didn’t give you any reason for leaving, you’re left thinking – “Was it something I did or didn’t do?” or “Is there something wrong with me to deserve all this?”

And these unresolved questions and feelings – or even unresolved anger are compelling you to have recurring dreams of that person.

Because of these, you’re finding it hard to let go and move on.

13) You’re trying to forget the person

Dreaming about an ex is usually a sign of unresolved closure or unprocessed feelings.

It could also be of our deep-rooted feelings or maybe you’re ready to move on from them.

In your waking hours, you’re doing everything not to think about this person. You’re keeping yourself busy so your thoughts won’t be bothered by your ex.

Your dreams are serving as a sense of closure to the relationship

Maybe you’re also trying to reconnect with your ex through your dreams.

Even if you act like you don’t need this person in your life anymore, deep within your heart, you know that you want him or her to come back.

Your subconscious knows exactly what you long for and it’s giving you hints through your repeated dreams.

14) That person is likely to take advantage of you

Do you often dream of someone trying to harm, attack, or chase you? These can be terrifying experiences.

Having these dreams are usually related to issues in your life you can’t control. These are reflections of fears or concerns that you may have in your life.

You could be struggling and the thought of not being able to do so keeps you worried and leaves you in fear.

Probably there’s something that happened in your life that makes you question how you see yourself. You could also be having an identity crisis in some form.

What you can do is to see these dreams as an aspect of yourself that needs attention or healing.

15) You’re seeing your soulmate

You’re filled with excitement and happiness when someone keeps appearing in your dreamscape. And when you snap back to reality, it feels like something has been snatched away from you.

When you start having vivid romantic dreams, it could be a sign that you’re seeing your soulmate in your dreams.

In your dreams, you might get a sense of how they look – their heart and soul.

Soulmate dreams happen when someone is coming into your life – and that is before you have met your soulmate.

Oftentimes, dreams are messages from your subconscious and it’s linked to spiritual connection. According to PsychicBlaze, “Soulmate dreams can be a sign that you’re about to meet them in your waking life.”

16) You had a recent or traumatic past

When you have a recurring dream about this person, you may have experienced a difficult time dealing with something – like the death of a loved one.

You’re deeply hurt by what has happened. You may keep thinking about it during your waking hours but can’t find solace.

It’s like pain keeps following you even in your dreams.

Seeing this person alive in your dreams is what you are still dreaming about. No wonder he or she becomes part of your dream scene. But you’ll feel more disturbed when you wake up and realize that this person isn’t here anymore.

It’s only until you accept, heal, and move that you can find peace.

17) That person is warning you

Ever had an unpleasant dream where you felt fear and in danger? Do these dreams make you feel nervous, stressed, and anxious?

Then chances are, your dreams are manifestations of the influence of evil around you and are warning you about something.

According to the Dream Dictionary, warning dreams tend to be extremely vivid and detailed as if you are actually there.”

If for instance, an acquaintance makes you feel uneasy in your waking life, the person in your dream may be trying to warn you of getting involved with this new acquaintance.

Those dreams that deal with fear and danger are warnings to be cautious in your daily life.

Pay attention to these warning dreams as these will also help you overcome current difficulties and uncover the truth in a problem that is haunting you.

18) That person is you

You see a person in the distance only to find out that you are actually staring at yourself.

While it feels weird, that someone you keep seeing in your dreams is yourself. Meeting yourself in your dreams is a pretty surreal experience.

You could be seeing your reflection, yourself as a child or an elderly, or talking to yourself in your dream.

According to Astrology Answers, this happens because “your subconscious is working to show you how you appear to the world around you.”

If you don’t like what you see, take it as a sign to make the changes necessary to present yourself in a better light.

If you dream of having a conversation with yourself, there could be issues you need to face and deal with in waking life.

These dreams are wake-up calls to figure out what your inner self is trying to tell you. It could be that you need to do some self-reflection and work on yourself.

19) It’s a manifestation

Dreams, according to Sigmund Freud’s dream theory, portray unconscious desires, thoughts, wish fulfillment, and motivations – as people are motivated by repressed and unconscious longings.

If you have recurring dreams about the same person, it could be a manifestation of your desires and wishes.

The reason is that our subconscious minds speak to us on a soul level and try to share with us something.

His theory emphasized the importance of the unconscious mind and how dreams had a hidden meaning and brought significance to our lives.

So if you’re able to understand the meaning of your dreams, you’ll also get to uncover who you were and your purpose in life.

What does it mean to have recurring dreams about the same person?

It’s about you.

When you dream about someone, it’s usually a reflection of your thoughts and feelings about them in your waking life.

Your dreams give you a glimpse of your inner world. It’s about your passion, happiness, desire, and so on.

It could be trying to set you on the right path.

Remember that dreams aren’t premonitions and don’t foretell our future. Rather, they are reflections of our subconscious. It’s in your dreams where you can see certain feelings or emotions that you couldn’t connect with when conscious.

See those dreams as a way to peek into our souls and to get in touch with our hidden emotions.

According to clinical psychologist, Dr. John Mayer, ” recurring dreams of the same person are symbolic of a feeling, emotion, or something else – which should not be taken literally.”

Here’s a great article to help you understand what it means when you dream about someone.

What do various dream scenarios mean for me?

Dreaming about someone repeatedly can take many shapes and forms.

Those dreams may have different interpretations and significance depending on the scenarios you see yourself in. Sometimes, this can be a beautiful experience or a terrible nightmare.

But first, you have to figure out if you are familiar with this person in your dream or not.

  • Do you know this person?
  • What’s your relationship with him or her?
  • How do you feel towards this person?

Now let’s take a quick look at what these various scenarios could mean.

1) Dreaming of babies

Generally, seeing babies in your dreams symbolizes your inner child. It could also be a manifestation of rebirth and fresh beginnings, or an inner conflict.

From a spiritual point, it signifies accomplishment, recognition, and acknowledgment. And your dreams are reminding you to let your inner child roam free and get out of your comfort zone.

2) Dreaming of your mother

Seeing your mom repeatedly in your dreams could be related to the relationship you have with her. And it’s a good sign.

You could be worried about her health, age, and well-being.

If she’s no longer with you in this world, you could be missing her. Your dreams could be the only way you can spend time with her again.

3) Dreaming of a friend

There are several reasons why you dream of your friend repeatedly.

  • You desire to be like your friend in some ways
  • You find your friend’s personality too much
  • You want to get back together (if it’s a long-lost friend)
  • You think of this person as more than a friend
  • You forgot something that concerns your friend

4) Dreaming of childhood friends

Having recurring dreams of old friends could show that you’re too overwhelmed, stressed, or overworked in your waking life.

You long for the time when you’re free from too much pressure and responsibilities. It could also be your desire to be more spontaneous and carefree.

5) Dreaming of your children

If you’re a parent already, having recurring dreams about your children is a reflection of the love you have for them. You could also be constantly worried about their safety and well-being.

If they’re in their teenage years, your dreams could be a testament to how you wish your kids won’t get rebellious and argue with you.

6) Dreaming of your boss

Having recurring dreams about persons of authority could be directly or indirectly associated with your career goals. This also signifies your focus on your professional life or desire for personal power.

While it can mean that something good is coming your way, there could also be obstacles you’ll be facing too.

You might be also too absorbed in your career that you’re neglecting your health and your loved ones already. Your dream could be telling you to consider work-life balance.

7) Dreaming of colleagues

When coworkers become part of your dreamscape every night signifies something about your professional life. Either you have a good relationship with them or can’t stand being around others.

Your dreams foretell your ambitions, struggles, and competitive nature.

Your higher self could be telling you to re-evaluate your professional life. It could encourage you to achieve your aspirations too.

8) Dreaming of your ex

Repetitive dreams of your former flame are a manifestation of your relationship.

It could be your subconscious mind reliving the past as this may mean you’re still not over him or her. Maybe you’re longing to get back together with the person again.

It could also be that you’re having problems with your current partner and something is unsettling about your relationship with this person.

If it’s your twin soul, pay attention if your twin flame is communicating with you in your dreams.

9) Dreaming of a stranger

While there are no strangers in dreams (as most experts claim), it’s a metaphor for the unknown parts of ourselves.

Think of these unknown people as who you are – the unknown parts of our personalities. It could represent your perceptions, self-destructive tendencies that pull you from your goals – and all that you have denied or never knew about yourself.

Jesamine Mello, Jungian dream analyst and expert, shares, “Strangers in our dreams are images for the unknown –  the strange – parts of our personalities”

10) Dreaming of a dead person

Most of the time, having recurrent dreams of a dead person may creep you out. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll face death anytime soon.

This dream reflects your inability to accept reality and your subconscious could be trying to get close to that person once again through dreams. It means that you miss the person and time you spent together – especially if he or she passed away recently.

But you dream of a dead person being alive, it signifies that you yearn to be united with him or her again.

What to do when you have recurring dreams about someone?

The next time you ask “Why do I keep dreaming about the same person?” see it from different perspectives.  When you put everything together, the answer will soon become clear to you.

Intuitive dream reader, Chyrese Soubasis shares that, “the dreamer is the only person who can give all the answers concerning his or her dreams.”

As most of the time, you will find that the answer is within you.

Also according to Traci Stein, Ph.D., MPH, health psychologist,  “if you do have recurring dreams about one person, though, you should journal what you remember about the dreams.”

Your dreams will awaken, guide, and shape you.  It can be good or bad nostalgia – and it will disappear when you focus on what’s ahead of you.

There’s still so much left uncertain on why we keep dreaming about the same person.  No matter what, we can view these dreams in the light that resonates best with us.

Tip: Create your reality.

The thing is, whether or not you’ll allow your dreams to influence the decisions you make in life.

Just focus on the positive things your dreams are bringing into your life.

And for now, have a pleasant sleep, filled with beautiful dreams.

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