Why am i dreaming about an old crush? 15 possible reasons

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It’s been more than a decade since you’ve seen your middle school crush. And you haven’t even thought about your college crush for years.

But recently, you found yourself having dreams about your old crush. Does it mean anything?

Like any dream, details matter – and it depends on the type of dream and your current life situation.

So let’s dive into dreamland and decode what your dreams could mean.

What does dreaming of an old crush mean?

Our dreams reveal a lot about what’s going on in our subconscious minds. It can even represent the things that bother us, our deepest desires, or even something that we’re trying to avoid.

1) It’s a wish fulfillment dream

In the past, you’ve probably spent much of your time thinking and daydreaming about your crush. So it makes sense that you’ll get to dream about this person as you’ve wanted to be with your crush.

That desire remains in your subconscious that you get to see your crush in your dreams.

And this is rooted in Sigmund Freud’s dream theory which is rooted in the idea that we all need a way to express our wishes and desires.

Freud’s wish fulfillment theory talks about wishes that can’t or won’t be fulfilled in our waking lives being carried out in dreams.

2) You have a passionate desire for something

When you dream of your old crush getting intimate with you, it could mean several different things.

The thing is, this is one of the most flattering dreams you can ever have. But did you remember who initiated the kiss, the hug, and the sex?

If you initiate the whole thing, it reveals that you lack love and intimacy in your life. If it’s your old crush who initiated it, it means that you want someone to make the first move.

Either way, this dream reflects your desire to be liked and wanted by someone you know.

3) Hidden emotions and desires

Perhaps, your mind is wandering to the good old times when you were younger and happier.

Most of the time, our dreams reveal a lot about our subconscious – and all we need to do is to link it with our current situation or mental state.

It could be something related to your current job, love life, or something else.

One more thing: dreaming of your old crush could also mean that you’re feeling a bit lonely and need to reconnect with someone.

I know because I had the same dream. For a moment, I felt like I was lifted back to my teenage years.

That’s when I realized that it’s because I still haven’t let go of the idea of finding ‘the one’—in other words, I was thinking of my soulmate.

4) You’re thinking of your soulmate

Having dreams about your old crush means that you’re in touch with your desires and feelings.

You believe that people can be perfectly matched for each other. And probably, this makes you look for signs if you’ve already met your soulmate.

But soulmate connection is different – and it’s not being infatuated with someone. It isn’t just an irresistible pull that can sweep you off your feet.

And this connection is not just based on strong attraction or feelings.

Your soulmate is someone who gives you unconditional love and acceptance – and can sense all the little pieces of you.

5) You miss how you felt about them

Do you long for the days when you had a crush on someone?

It’s not uncommon to look back on those emotions with nostalgia, particularly if your present circumstance is not perfect.

You probably don’t simply miss having a crush; you probably also miss the feelings they gave you.

Probably, your old crush gave you feelings of exclusivity, desire, or love that you don’t currently experience.

But it’s important to keep in mind that those feelings were only possible in the past – and it’s not wise to relive that back in the same way.

6) A desire for change in your current relationship

When you dream about an old crush, see this as a reminder to think about and act on your current situation.

Even if you seem happy with your current partner, you feel that there’s something that’s still missing.

Maybe you want to be with your partner more often. Or probably, you want your partner to be sweeter like your old crush.

Your dreams are shedding light on your unmet desires. And you simply have to communicate this with the person you’re seeing to bring spice into your relationship.

7) Loss of passion or self-esteem

Dreaming about your old crush may mean that you need to recharge your batteries.

You feel lonely and seeing your crush in your dream reminds you that you’re a social person who thrives around being with people.

Feeling valued and cherished by others gives you a sense of self-assurance, as it’s at the heart of your health and wellness.

8) Breakup with your old self

A former crush whom you haven’t seen for a long time represents various aspects of yourself and your life.

Your dream could be telling you to reconnect with your true self and identity. It’s your mind’s way of telling you that you might be suppressing a part of yourself.

It’s time to let go of who you were – the previous version of yourself – during that period of your life.

The moment you do this, you will embark on an epic quest to discover who you are and strengthen the relationship you have with yourself.

9) Manifestation of your idea about love

When you dream about an old crush, you are usually fantasizing about particular ideals you want from love.

Old lovers or former crush dreams can cause you to wake up wishing you had chosen a different path in life. You may also be worried that you still have feelings for your former crush.

With time, there is a sense of longing associated with these dreams. Sometimes, we tend to see things as what we want them to be rather than as they were.

Idealizing someone you had a crush on depicts what you want from your romantic life.

This signifies that you may be spending too much time looking at someone you want instead of trying to achieve what you want.

10) You see someone that reminds you of them

When you dream about someone you used to like, it indicates that your past experiences evoke what’s happening in your real life.

Probably, you meet someone that reminds you of your old crush. Or maybe, you encounter situations that remind you of the past.

Was there something that made your heart skip a beat?

It could also be that you keep seeing things that remind you of them everywhere.

In this case, pay attention to the factors that mimic your real life so you can understand what your subconscious wants to tell you.

11) You have a difficult time letting go of a lot of things

An old crush may keep resurfacing in your dreams if you struggle to let go of a lot of things in your life.

You could find it difficult to let go of previous connections, relationships, or other aspects of your life.

This is something you need to address on a broader scale because it can be caused by a variety of factors, such as anxiety or low self-esteem.

12) You fantasize about what could have been

This is probably the most saddest and common reason why people keep dreaming and thinking about an old crush.

You may have fantasized about what might have happened if things had gone differently between you two.

You may have wished to talk to this person and go on dates – but these things didn’t happen.

But keep in mind that those daydreams are just that: fantasies. It’s pointless to spend time and energy thinking about something that didn’t happen.

Crushes are typically short-lived attractions – and you simply have to accept that.

13) There’s something about this person

There’s no denying that your crush is an amazing person for you. Something about them evokes a deep psychological connection that continues to pique your romantic interest.

It could be that you adore their sense of humor, the twinkle in their eyes, their unique scent, or the way they carry their clothes.

It’s that strange romantic alchemy that occurs occasionally in response to subconscious cues and makes someone appear incredibly special.

No wonder, your old crush is making an appearance in your dreamland.

14) A reflection of your current situation

When your crush is making an appearance in your dream, it’s an indicator of the positive and negative aspects of your life.

Remember that feeling when you meet your crush? You feel giddy, your heart tends to skip a bit, and it keeps your mood high, right?

Positively, your old crush brings feelings of happiness and warmth.

This could mean that opportunities will be knocking on your door, you’re experiencing good luck, or you’re enjoying whatever is going on in your life.

But on the other hand, the thought of not being the ‘bae’ of your crush can be heart-wrenching. And this leaves you feeling empty.

In this case, dreaming of your old crush is a reflection of your fears. There could also be something that’s preventing you from going after what you want.

15) A revelation of your shadow self

This ‘shadow aspect’ is something that we don’t realize we have. Or we choose to ignore this as it doesn’t fit in with our conceptions of ourselves.

It could be aspects of yourself that you have repressed or unacceptable things like your emotional sensitivity, doubts, guilt, or laziness.

Seeing an old crush in your dream indicates your transcendence into a realm of higher consciousness.

And this could mean that you’re experiencing a transformation or having the space to understand and process your experiences.

The dream could be a way for you to learn to embrace your shadow self so you can live a more balanced life.

It reminds you to look at things from a different angle and get a clearer view of your situation.

Know what your dreams mean

Dreaming about your old crush may bring surprising real-world takeaways. But all these depend on the situation.

Perhaps these dream situations will give you more clarity.

1) Dreaming of your crush ignoring you

This type of dream is a manifestation of your real-life worries and anxieties.

There are likely certain issues in your life that you need to pay attention to.

Maybe you fear being rejected by someone, or you think that you’re not good enough. And your insecurities are hindering you from moving and taking things forward.

2) Dreaming of your old crush with someone else

This dream is representative of your feelings towards other people.

Our dreams signify our feelings during the day and before we go to bed. Seeing your old crush with another person may mean that your insecurities are bugging you.

If you’re dating someone, it’s also possible that you’re also anxious about taking your relationship to the next level.

Probably, you feel that you don’t deserve their love or you’re not enough.

You can also take this as a warning that someone might be rejecting or betraying you in some way.

3) Dreaming of getting back together with your crush

If you’ve been friends, go on dates, or been in a relationship before, it could be that you miss a lot about this person.

Maybe you’re thinking of keeping in touch or rekindling the relationship that you once had.

4) Dreaming of arguing with your old crush

If you and your crush were fighting in the dream, it could represent an internal conflict you have.

You may be frustrated over something or experiencing tension towards someone. Or probably, you’ve been jealous of the attention that your crush has been getting before.

5) Dreaming of kissing your crush

Having dreams of kissing someone may signify your desire to have a relationship with someone in your waking life.

If your crush initiated it, there could be someone who wants to ask you out for a date.

If you made the first move, it speaks about your confidence and your fear of rejection. This could also mean you yearn for affection, passion, love, or intimacy.

6) Your crush hugging you in the dream

Hugging gives us feelings of comfort and security.

So when you dream of your old crush hugging you, that’s your desire coming to the forefront of your mind.

It may mean that you seek security and warmth in your current relationship. So it’s best to talk to your partner about this.

7) Dreaming that your crush likes you back

It’s a positive sign when you dream about your old crush reciprocating your feelings.

This means that your crush, the person you’re dating, or someone else shares the same feelings about you as you do for them.

Your dream is telling you to take this chance and not be afraid to open your heart to love.

8) Dreaming about your crush confessing their love

You’re having a happy dream when your crush appears in your dream and tells you that they love you.

This indicates your desire for someone to confess their feelings for you. This also shows your emotional stability and that you’re comfortable dealing with your emotions.

Take this as a good sign as it might give you that push you need to let someone know how you truly feel.

9) Dream of your crush know how you feel

When you dream that your old crush finds out that you have a crush on him, this could mean two things.

First, you’re afraid of showing your true feelings for someone. Secondly, it means that change is about to happen in your life.

So it’s best to be prepared for what this uncovered truth could be.

10) Dreaming of old crush dying

We never want to dream about death. That’s a nightmare that we want to wake up from as soon as possible.

But it’s not really about the person. It’s about the feelings you once had for your old crush or someone else.

That’s your subconscious mind telling you that the flames are not burning as strong as before.

And it’s also telling you to move on something that you can’t seem to let go of.

Closing thoughts – dreaming of your crush

Our dreams hold powerful and significant meaning in our lives.

Most of the time, these dreams are related to some experience we have had – whether we notice them or not. While some of our dreams are random, each piece is also part of a larger picture.

When you pay attention to your dreams and look into the meanings and significance that they hold, you’ll see how powerful they could be.

The thing is, dreaming about your old crush is a good thing as it’s indicative of your heart’s desires.

These dreams are also the way for our minds to process everything that’s happening in our life.

These dreams help us make sense of our emotions and help clear our minds of suppressed thoughts and fears.

Nevertheless, when you keep dreaming of your old crush, just let bygones be bygones. Even if there’s this secret bond that you nurtured in your heart, just move on.

Know that there’s someone out there waiting for you with an open heart and arms.

And no matter what, it’s best to live life to the fullest and focus on reality instead of your dreams.


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