Who are Jon and Missy Butcher? Everything you need to know about the Lifebook creators

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There’s a lot of buzz around the Lifebook course on Mindvalley – but I wanted to find out more about the couple behind this life-changing program.

Jon and Missy Butcher, through years of hard work and determination, have touched the lives of many.

So who are these entrepreneurs, and how did they get to where they are now?

Jon and Missy Butcher – an extraordinary tale

They’re the couple who seemingly have it all. Even a cursory look into the incredible lives they’ve created together tells us that this is a couple with serious goals.

But not only that – they’re a couple seriously in love.

The truth is, it’s hard to truly envy Jon and Missy since they’re dedicated to sharing their unique secrets with the rest of the world. They want everyone else to have the chance to experience a truly fulfilling life, just like they do.

Now, you may have come across interviews in their stunning St. Charles home in Missouri, or the unbelievable pictures of Jon showing off his physique at 50 (the man hasn’t aged a day!).

But who is this super couple at heart?

Let’s start with Jon.

Jon has plenty of titles to go by:

  • First and foremost – an entrepreneur
  • An artist with a passion
  • A Musician turned rockstar
  • A writer
  • Chairman of the board of the Precious Moments Family of Companies

Jon gives off the air of someone who has it all figured out. From the way he homeschooled his kids and grandkids, taking them around the world to receive an education outside of the four walls of a classroom, to how he reaches millions through his programs and courses.

It’s easy to see why people are drawn to him.

He radiates happiness, but he’s honest about his past difficulties. He clearly loves his wife, but he makes no illusions that they’ve had to work hard on their marriage.

That they still work hard at it.

And most importantly, he shares his secrets to achieving a dream life in their Mindvalley course, Lifebook. His passion for helping others is the fuel behind his dream and mission to help others because – without sounding crass – he doesn’t need to do it for the money.

But he couldn’t have achieved all this without his dedicated wife, Missy.

Missy is just as impressive. Confident and self-assured, she’s not afraid of taking on challenges, especially for a good cause. And despite her and her husband’s success, she’s incredibly down to earth. Missy describes herself as:

  • An entrepreneur
  • A wife, mother, and grandmother
  • An artist and a muse
  • CEO of Lifebook

Underneath both their impressive titles, it’s clear that what they value most are their marriage and family.

But that’s not all.

You see, Jon and Missy have worked hard to build the life they have. But now they’re on a mission to share their unique tips with the rest of the world.

And as impressive as they are as individuals, it’s what they’ve achieved together that is truly spectacular.

Let’s find out more…

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Jon and Missy’s mission

Jon and Missy’s mission in life is simple – they want to help others and create a better world through their work.

With 19 companies under their belt, they focus their businesses on causes that matter to them.

This ranges from helping inner-city youth, providing support for orphanages, investing and supporting heavily in the arts, and working with people suffering from drug addiction.

And it’s not a surprise that they’ve spread their net of support so far, as the couple’s motto is literally:

“DO GOOD: However you can, wherever you can, with whomever you can.”

So what type of businesses are the couple involved in?

  • Lifebook – An incredible course aimed at helping you design your perfect life, step by step using Jon and Missy’s meticulous guidance. More on Lifebook below
  • Purity Coffee – Launched in 2017, Purity Coffee focuses on sourcing the best coffee using sustainable methods whilst drawing on the health benefits of coffee
  • The Black Star Project – Using art to help combat the epidemic of addiction by helping people rebuild their lives through creative means
  • Precious Moments – Founded in 1978 by Jon’s father, the couple have continued his work of spreading love through porcelain figures and supporting various charities over the years

Lifebook and designing your dream life

One of the most notable courses Jon and Missy have created is Lifebook on Mindvalley.

This isn’t just your standard course where you write out your goals and listen to motivational podcasts.

Jon and Missy have created an interactive, engaging, and highly effective method of literally redesigning your life, piece by piece.

They focus on areas that they once had to work hard on (and still do) to achieve their incredible lifestyle, such as:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Intellectual Life
  • Emotional Life
  • Character
  • Spiritual Life
  • Love Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Social Life
  • Financial
  • Career
  • Quality of Life
  • Life Vision

And by the end of the course, participants will walk away with their very own book, a guide if you like, on how to maximize each section mentioned above in their lives.

So what is it about Lifebook that’s so effective?

Well, for a start, Jon and Missy go into detail. They don’t leave any rock unturned, and they act as guides throughout the entire process.

But it’s also the way they’ve structured the course.

For each section, you’ll be asked to think about:

  • What are your empowering beliefs about this category? By understanding and re-evaluating your beliefs, you can make changes from the core, and leave behind limiting beliefs and self-doubt
  • What is your ideal vision? Instead of focusing on what you think you should achieve in life, learn to focus on what it is you actually want. What will bring you real fulfillment and make your life better all around?
  • Why do you want this? To achieve your dream life, you’ve got to understand why you want it. This acts as motivation when the tough gets going.
  • How will you achieve this? What will be your strategy in achieving your dream life? How are you going to put your plan into action?

As templates are given, you’re able to customize your responses to suit the life you want to live. And because this is a Mindvalley course, you’ll also have access to tons of useful Q&A sessions as well as the Tribe community to turn to for support.

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Lifebook – a quick overview

I wanted to highlight how Jon and Missy have designed their Lifebook course. It’s different from other self-development and personal growth programs I’ve come across.

I personally enjoyed the thoroughness and detail in which they encourage you to analyze and plan for your future, as it is a reflection of how they’ve built their own lives.

So, here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect in the course:

  • You’ll complete 2 courses per week, with the entire program lasting 6 weeks in total.
  • The initial cost is $500, but this is more of an “accountability deposit”. If you complete the entire program, you’ll receive your money back.
  • The course is approximately 18 hours in total, however, that’s not including all the Q&A sessions that are available
  • You’ll have access to Jon’s very own Lifebook, which can help lay out the groundwork and give you ideas/starting points

You’ll also receive lifetime access to Lifebook. This will come in handy because as life changes, inevitably, so will you and your circumstances. Being able to revisit Jon and Missy’s guidance at different times in your life will help keep you on track.

So who do Jon and Missy hope to help with their Lifebook course?

From the wide range of causes the couple support, it’s clear they try to avoid putting a cap on who can benefit from their courses.

For Lifebook in particular though, you may be wondering if this is the type of program that would suit you. The truth is, it’s effective for you if you:

  • Are at a point in your life where you’re ready to make a change – whether it’s achieving goals or redesigning your lifestyle
  • Want to invest in your future – this course isn’t an overnight fix, Jon and Missy aim to help you change your mindset as much as your lifestyle. This takes time and commitment to achieve
  • You want to be in the driving seat of your life – Jon and Missy are there to guide you, but they’re not going to tell you how your life should be. That puts you in control of achieving your dreams

The truth is age, profession, location, none of that matters. As long as you have the drive and desire to live a better life, the Lifebook course can help you get there.

Now, with that in mind, there are some factors to take into account:

  • The course isn’t short, and even after you’ve completed the six required weeks, you’ll still work on your personal development using your Lifebook plan.
  • You will need to reflect and be honest with yourself about your goals and current lifestyle. If you don’t, the course might end up being a waste of time for you.
  • The course costs $500, however you will get this back upon completion (so it’s really just about having the money to start with).

But as with any program or development course around, it’s how much you want it and how much you’re willing to put into it that’ll reap life-changing results.

Lifebook isn’t a quick fix to change your life overnight. Jon and Missy make no promise of that, either. In fact, it’s clear from the start that if you want to truly change your life around, you’ll need to put in the hard work.

Final thoughts…

Jon and Missy have designed Lifebook, just as they’ve poured their hearts into their various other projects, to help people change their lives.

That’s why there are 12 categories to choose from, so even if you aren’t sure what changes you need to make, you’ll get plenty of information and guidance in a range of different areas.

This is enriched by how personal and reflective the exercises are in Lifebook, so it ends up being a course tailored to your wishes and lifestyle.

And finally, Jon and Missy don’t just preach the importance of getting rich to achieve the perfect life. They encourage a well-rounded approach to design your life from all angles. Most importantly, with your desires and dreams at the heart of every change you make.

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