8 possible reasons a guy wants to spend time with you

So there’s a guy who’s been hanging out with you more often than what’s considered “normal.”

You aren’t quite sure if he’s hitting on you or just simply being friendly.

Maybe you find him charming, or maybe he’s creeping you out.

To help you figure out your guy, I will talk of 8 possible reasons why a guy will want to spend time with you.

1) You’re fun to be with.

Men are simple creatures. Sometimes, they just want to have fun. And most of the time they don’t bother to ask themselves why.

So if this is one of his reasons for hanging out with you, and you decide to ask him why he thinks you’re fun, expect him to shrug and say “I don’t know, you’re just fun to be with.”

You see, for men, it’s just like this: if he has a “good feeling” when he hangs out with you, then he’ll hang out with you even more. But if he has a “bad feeling” about you, then he’ll walk away. It could be as simple as that.

2) You make him feel good about himself.

We all want to feel adored and validated. But men crave it.

Maybe you often tell him how good he is with what he does or maybe your body language shows you’re into him and it makes him feel like the most handsome person on earth.

There are some people who are masters at making other people feel good about themselves and maybe you’re one of them.

Or maybe you just click without any effort and you’re expressive of how you like him. Of course, if you’re this awesome to be with, a guy would definitely want to spend more time with you.

3) He likes the way you think.

It’s easy to think of men as simple-minded creatures who go after women just for sex and looks. But that’s not all there is to it.

The thing is that men aren’t going to enjoy hanging around you if they don’t respect the way you think. Especially if there isn’t any sex involved.

You would definitely be able to relate with this. Imagine trying to hang around someone who says things that keep making you go “What are they even talking about? This is a waste of my time!”

There are a lot of pretty girls out there who draw men in by the dozen with their looks, but then leave the moment they open their mouths.

And you’re clearly NOT one of them.

4) He’s tired of hanging out with other guys.

As kids, going up into teenagery and early adulthood, it feels like there’s a general rule for men to hang out with other men, and women to hang out with other women.

He might get by with it for a while, but eventually he’ll get tired of always seeing and hearing the same old thing from his bros every day.

Perhaps he finds it refreshing to hear about things other than sports and games.

Everyone has a masculine and a feminine side. And maybe he’s trying to get in touch with and understand his feminine side around you.

5) He might be thinking of asking a favor.

I don’t want to burst your bubble, but there is a possibility that the guy who suddenly wants to hang out with you is trying to get something from you.

The chances are slim, but you have to look for signs, just so you won’t get your hopes high if you’re into him.

We’ve seen this a lot in the movies, and it happens a lot in real life, too.

Are you good at math and he’s struggling?

Do you have a feeling that he likes your best friend?

Or maybe you’re friends with his boss, and he’s been wanting to get promoted for a while now.

There could be things that he can get from you. And it’s good to ask yourself what those things could be every now and then.

This happened to me when I was in High School. Someone I had a crush on hung out with me a lot then later asked me to give their love letter to my best friend. OUCH.

But the point is, it’s not all cute and sweet when a guy wants to hang out with you. Sometimes, there are just people who use people to get what they want.

6) You’re a “yes” girl.

Maybe you’re always down for anything, always game.

Men like adventurous girls. Maybe he likes you because you’re not picky, you’re not too sensitive when he makes jokes, or maybe you like playing video games. In other words, he considers you a “cool girl.” A bro. One of the boys.

Is this a bad thing or a good thing?

For me, it’s neither.

It doesn’t automatically mean you’re in the friendzone. It could be just one more trait he loves about you.

And if he just truly sees you as a friend, it’s so easy to make him fall for you if you’re this kind of girl.

In other words, you should see this as a good trait and not something you should change to make him attracted to you romantically.

7) You both hate the same things.

Everyone knows the old saying that goes “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

While it might not be true all the time, it does speak to one undeniable fact. Hating the same thing is an amazing bonding exercise.

Maybe you both hate fast food, award shows, and material culture. Or maybe you both hate a certain celebrity or company for doing things you both dislike.

So of course he’d hang out with you. He can freely dunk on the things he hates because he knows you’d understand and even join in. He probably expects the same thing of you to a degree.

While hate is a good way to start a bond, it isn’t exactly the most steady and enduring foundation for a friendship.

So if this is the reason he likes hanging out with you, you better try to find other things to bond over if you’re already falling for him.

8) He sees something special in you.

Of all the reasons mentioned in this list, this is definitely the one I’m sure of. A hundred percent!

A guy would not hang out with a girl all the time if he doesn’t think she’s special. Or maybe you weren’t that special at first but now that you’ve spent a lot of time together, then you’ve become special to him.

Does this mean he’s in love with you? Perhaps. It’s very likely!

But there’s that small possibility that he just sees you as a friend, but a very special one.

Time will tell, but if you’re getting impatient, you can be proactive by dropping hints that you like him, too. Go ahead, flirt with him and see how he responds.


As you can see, there are many reasons a guy would want to spend time with a girl—the reason can be platonic, romantic, or simply practical.

Observe your guy some more or to make things easier for you, casually ask him why.

Or playfully comment something like, “Hey, I notice we’ve become inseparable lately.”

If you’ve been hanging out a lot, I’m sure he won’t get too bothered. In fact, he might have expected that you’d ask.

Don’t expect him to tell the truth though or to know the answer right away. Most guys don’t analyze these things too much.

But if he blushes or stutters or does something that clearly says he likes you, then you got your answer.

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