10 things it means when a guy calls you cute

It always feels nice to be complimented. However, sometimes it makes us wonder: is there something behind someone’s nice words? Do they have an ulterior motive?

It’s especially complicated when someone of the opposite sex compliments you. You just can’t help but think that it’s possible that they’re trying to flirt with you.

Most especially if he compliments your looks and calls you cute! Here are the ten most likely meanings behind him calling you cute.

Without further ado, here are ten possible meanings for when a guy calls you cute!

Why would he tell you that you’re cute?

Sometimes, it actually doesn’t feel nice to be called cute.

It’s reasonable if you feel pandered to or maybe infantilized. After all, what do we usually think of when we hear the word cute? Toddlers and puppies, right?”

“I’m not a child, I’m a woman!” you might think to yourself. You want to be thought of as desirable and sexy.

There are many other words that you’d like to hear other than cute:

  • Beautiful
  • Gorgeous
  • Pretty
  • Stunning

You know, things that make you seem like the grown adult that you are. Don’t fret, however.

He’s most likely also attracted to how you look like. However, he’s also drawn to your personality and character which deepens how much he wants you.

1) He thinks your beauty is beyond skin-deep.

When he calls you cute, he’s not just saying that he finds you good-looking. Instead, he thinks you’re a beautiful woman inside and out.

He loves virtually everything about you, from your smile to your eyes, to how your brain works—you’re just an awesome, inspiring person in his eyes.

He finds your company fun and fulfilling. He feels like there is always something to gain or learn from when he’s with you.

He feels happy and uplifted whenever he talks to you and even your disagreements with him are very interesting to him.

Of course, he also finds you extremely physically attractive. He finds how you look naturally incredibly beautiful.

So no matter what you’re wearing, or if you’re wearing makeup or not, he finds you just as gorgeous all the same.

When a guy thinks you’re beautiful inside and out, then you know that you have his heart. It’s the ultimate level of desire and attraction.

He’s not just trying to get laid, he actually wants you as his girlfriend in a serious relationship!

2) He likes your character

When men compliment your physical appearance, they usually use words like “pretty” or “beautiful.” On the other hand, using “cute” is usually a more playful way of saying that.

So when he calls you cute, this means that he really likes being around you. He likes your character and personality, not just how you look like.

It’s far from just skin-level attraction to your outward appearance. He likely thinks many aspects about you are cute and attractive:

  • Your personality
  • Your way of speaking
  • Your dreams
  • Your humor
  • Your hobbies

There’s just something about you that makes him feel bubbly and happy—that’s why he uses the word cute.

As they say in French, “je ne sais quoi.” How he feels toward you is indescribable, if not a bit overwhelming.

Think of it as a compliment to your entire being, your very existence.

3) He wants to be your boyfriend

He might accidentally call you cute when he’s enamored with you while the two of you are interacting. He was a bit lost in thought about just how much he’s infatuated with you.

If this happens, then he was likely fantasizing about all the cute things you would do if you guys were a couple. It’s a clear sign that he’s interested in making you his girlfriend.

He’s stunned by your beauty, but he’s also incredibly fascinated by your personality. He wants to be your boyfriend, and this is a sign that he just might actually be boyfriend material: he likes everything about you.

Those daydreams and fantasies of you being together? Don’t be surprised if he tries to make them a reality.

4) He’s starting to flirt with you

Every girl knows how much men like flirting and teasing us. It’s their way of giving us hints that they’re interested in us.

However, when they’re still beginning to flirt with you, it can be a bit more subtle. That’s the reason he calls you “cute.”

It feels a bit more casual because words like “pretty” or “beautiful” are more direct and aggressive. He wants to keep things light and tries to play it cool in the beginning.

It’s just the first step before he flirts with you more and tells you more and more about the things he loves about you.

5) He thinks that you’re an impressive and independent woman

Being called cute can feel infantilizing, but he likely also thinks that you’re a great person all around. He sees and acknowledges that you’re independent, intelligent, and even a bit sassy.

He knows that you’re the real deal, essentially. That’s why he’s calling you cute because he also wants to see the more playful side of you.

He knows that you don’t need validation from other people, that you prefer honest and sincere communication instead. However, he still wants to be a bit cheeky with you.

There are probably things about your life that he finds fascinating, if not even intimidating. He sees you as a full, complex human being, even if he calls you cute.

6) He wants to be your hero

There’s some truth to the stereotype that men want to be the hero—most especially for the women he cares about. Simply put, he wants to protect you because he wants to see you safe and happy.

Men want to feel like the hero for the women they love not just because of that, however. They also want to impress you by proving to you that they are strong and dependable.

So don’t be surprised if:

  • He’s always trying to help you out
  • He tries to solve your problems even if you didn’t ask
  • He always tries to make you laugh or be happy
  • It feels like he’s always trying to do things that will make you compliment him.

Because he wants to be the man for you, he wants to be the most impressive man to you.

7) He has a lot of fun with you

If he calls you cute, then this means he is friendly and comfortable enough with you to do that. He enjoys being playful and silly with you.

This means that you’re really easy to be around with and that he always enjoys it when you hang out. Your company is very comforting for him.

Whether it’s in person or just through texting, every interaction with you is fun and meaningful for him. You’re just a sweet person in his eyes that he can’t get enough of.

He wants you to know how special you are to him and this is why he addresses you affectionately!

8) He wants to be affectionate with you

He’s being affectionate with his words because he wants to experience things similar to the cute things we enjoy in a relationship. He wants this affection to develop into something more.

He’s probably fantasizing about doing romantic things with you, like:

  • Cuddling together
  • Making you breakfast in bed
  • Massaging you
  • Kissing you under the rain

You make him feel giddy and bubbly and that’s why he calls you cute. He’s probably dying to hug and cuddle with you.

When he calls you cute, then he definitely has all these sweet things in mind! That’s the source of his compliments.

9) He thinks you’re naturally beautiful

When he says you’re cute, he means that you look good no matter what. Regardless of what they’re wearing or how their hair is that day, your beauty defies any and all fashion trends.

Whatever you look like, he can’t help but stare at you because he thinks you’re downright gorgeous. “Cute” is an understatement of just how amazing he thinks you look like naturally.

It’s not just about your looks either. The way you move, the way you talk, the way your laugh sounds, the way you touch your hair—all of these things captivate his heart.

If you’re a cute girl in his eyes, then that means you’re authentic and beautiful no matter what. Whether you’re wearing office wear, a midnight gown, a basic top with jeans, or even just pajamas, you’re the apple of his eye!

10) There is more he wants to say

As we said before, when guys call you cute, it’s probably the beginning of their efforts to flirt with you. There are other things he adores about you, and he wants to express these things, but he’s probably still too nervous.

If he calls you cute, it’s casual and there’s no pressure, but it’s still a way of telling you that he’s attracted to you. It’s a safe and reliable starting point to bigger efforts in romancing you.

Despite this, remember that it’s always nerve-wracking to go for someone you like, so this is probably the bravest thing he’s said so far. It speaks of just how much he likes you!

Negative reasons why he might be calling you cute

Despite these, you can’t always safely draw these conclusions when he calls you cute. Unfortunately, there are also negative reasons why a man might tell you that you’re cute.

Here are the three biggest negative reasons why.

He’s using you to boost his ego

This particularly applies if he’s the dark, brooding, and edgy type of guy and you’re a gentle, caring woman—like a mom, essentially. Be careful if this is the case.

He might be calling you cute to make you feel inclined to stick with him because you remedy the insecurities he feels. He feels better about himself because he is close with girls, especially ones he finds attractive but is not seriously interested in.

Be wary because they tend to be insincere and manipulative.

He’s using you for his advantage

He might be calling you cute because he has an ulterior motive and not because he actually thinks you’re cute. He’s probably trying to get on your good side and get you to trust him because he wants something out of you.

This is textbook narcissistic behavior. Narcissists always try to get the most benefit for themselves, especially by using other people in scummy ways.

Ask yourself: are you a kind person? Kinder than other people, even?

If so, then he probably thinks you’re gullible and is trying to take advantage of you. One good

He’s trying to get into your pants

He can also cute if he’s aware that you have some insecurities or self-esteem issues. Be very careful if this is the case.

It’s not unreasonable of you to keep your guard up if he’s constantly telling you that you’re cute. It’s possible that he wants you to fall in love with him.

He wants to get you to fall in love with him. And no, it’s not because he’s sincerely interested in a relationship with you.

He just wants an easy way to have sex with you, especially if he’s a narcissist.

How should you reply when a guy calls you cute?

When you are called cute by someone, it’s important to reply humanely. For example, you can simply say “thank you” or even with a cheeky “I know.”

These are all balanced and neutral ways to respond to the compliment. You’re still being polite and thanking them, but you’re not exposing yourself emotionally and mentally too much.

However, if you’re dealing with a guy you’re sure you’re not interested in or who you know is manipulative or insecure—the ones who have the negative reasons we listed above, then this is what you should do. Tell him “I know” but in a serious and firm way.

Then, continue what you were doing and move on from it completely. This will kill the attraction or his attempts at using you if this is what you think you should do.

Bottom line

A compliment, when sincere, is supposed to make the receiver feel good about themselves. It can be misused, however, whether intentionally or not, to make someone feel uncomfortable or to try to manipulate them.

There’s no surefire way to determine if someone is being genuine or fake (or sarcastic). This is why it’s important to consider the context of the relationship you have with that man.

In doing so, you can narrow down the possible reasons why he might be calling you cute. From there, you can determine how to react.

While him complimenting you this way might be a bad thing in some scenarios, it’s usually a good thing. And it’s a good thing because not only does he find you physically attractive, but he’s completely captivated by your entire being!

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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