What does it mean if a guy is blushing around you? These 5 things

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The truth is that there are lots of reasons why people blush.

It can happen when we’re too hot, when we’ve been rushing around, or when we’re feeling flustered. It can also be a sign of a wide range of emotions too, including anger, fear, passion, guilt, and shame.

Getting to the bottom of what it means when a man blushes around a woman involves digging deeper into the psychology of blushing itself.

Does blushing mean love?

Blushing is a pretty fascinating phenomenon. Least of all because it is so complex and is still largely surrounded by mystery.

Society tends to associate blushing with attraction and passion. So for sure, in some contexts blushing really can spell love, or at the very least desire.

But is blushing always a sign of love? No.

In his 19th-century book The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, famous naturalist Charles Darwin refers to blushing as “the most peculiar and most human of all expressions.”

It certainly does seem perplexing sometimes.

Researchers have since tried to better pinpoint the exact psycho-physiological mechanisms behind blushing.

One of which is psychological researcher Ray Crozier who notes blushing as an intriguing reaction in people:

“Blushing is a ubiquitous yet little-understood phenomenon that presents many puzzles. It is a visible change in our most conspicuous feature, yet it can occur when we least want to be noticed and, indeed, can draw attention to our behaviour. We redden when we make a faux pas but also when we are praised or thanked. A blush is involuntary and uncontrollable – an actor might simulate a smile, laughter or a frown, but not a blush. Awareness that you are blushing intensifies it, and being accused of blushing can induce you to blush. Why should our response to social situations take this particular form?”

On a physical level, the cheeks and forehead get an increased flow of blood to them, which causes them to flush. Ending up with that characteristic reddening that we associate with blushing.

But what is happening on a psychological level? Let’s take a closer look.

What does it mean if a guy is blushing around you? These 5 things

1) He is attracted to you

Why would a guy blush around a girl?

Let’s begin with one of the most obvious of explanations. And one that we have already touched upon.

A guy might blush around a girl if he has romantic feelings for her or finds her attractive.

But why?

The emotional response you have to being around the person you like causes your body to release adrenaline, which makes your veins dilate, bringing blood closer to the surface.

 And hey presto, before you know it your cheeks light up in a hot flush.

There could even be a biological advantage to going red-faced in front of your crush.

A study published in the American Psychological Association looked at how we react to people’s blushes. And it turns out, quite favorably.

After showing people some snaps of blushing faces and others who weren’t blushing, researchers asked them to judge certain qualities they thought these people might have.

For whatever reason, blushing faces were seen more positively.

So there might even be an advantage to blushing around the people who we like.

Is that case closed then? Does blushing mean attraction?

Not always. It can have other meanings too — although as you will see, even some of these reasons can still be triggered by attraction.

2) He is shy

You may have noticed that some people are more prone to blushing.

Maybe there was someone in your class whose face would always ignite whenever they were called upon by the teacher. Or someone whose cheeks instantly flushed as soon as the attention was on them.

Self-conscious people — aka shy people— are far more likely to suffer from an attack of blushing.

Assistant professor of psychology at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Corine Dijk, explains being shy can be a common characteristic of people who blush:

“The common thing in all these situations is that you are extremely self-conscious, [it] signals that you care about others’ opinions.”

Would a guy blush if he didn’t like you? Maybe. The reality is that a man could blush around a woman if he is the self-conscious type in general.

It may just be that he cares about what people think of him. Or it could be that he cares particularly about your opinion of him because he likes you.

3) He feels embarrassed

It’s not just shy guys that blush though. Even the most confident of men can get an attack of blushing.

Blushing can be a way of displaying guilt and shame.

Research has shown that even the simple act of blushing when we get ourselves into a sticky situation can get us off the hook.

When you’re embarrassed, blushing is part of the fight or flight response. And its obviousness to other people is actually intentional.

Your emotions are quite literally written all over your face. And in doing so this signals something to the other person:

That you feel sorry.

And this can have a useful purpose in avoiding an escalation of conflict.

Essentially after you’ve done something wrong, people are more likely to still like and trust you if you blush.

Here is psychological researcher Ray Crozier  again:

“An explanation that emphasises the blush’s visibility proposes that when we feel shame we communicate our emotion to others and in doing so we send an important signal to them. It tells them something about us. It shows that we are ashamed or embarrassed, that we recognise that something is out of place. It shows that we are sorry about this. It shows that we want to put things right. To blush at innuendo is to show awareness of its implications and to display modesty that conveys that you are not brazen or shameless.”

4) He feels under the spotlight

Another consequence of being particularly self-conscious can be social anxiety.

In fact, severe blushing is common in people who have social phobia and can even be a sign of an anxiety disorder.

If a man feels particularly nervous around somebody or about a certain situation, he may start to blush.

As Dr. Thomas Richards from the Social Anxiety Institute points out, this can especially happen when someone is caught off guard:

“An example of this might be when you feel you are made the center of attention and everyone is looking at you. Or, maybe someone has singled you out and put you on the spot by asking you a question in front of other people. Perhaps the supervisor at work comes up behind you, surprises you, and asks you a question for which you don’t have the answer.

“Many times there is an element of surprise involved… you weren’t expecting something to happen and when it does, you blush. The blushing then embarrasses you and you are afraid that others interpreted your blushing as being strange or weird.”

If this guy feels put on the spot by you for whatever reason, his response could be to blush.

5) He’s annoyed

In general terms, blushing is caused by emotional stress. Which is why there are so many varied potential triggers for it.

Just as adrenaline is released when someone feels passion, causing them to blush, the same process can happen when someone gets mad.

This same surge of adrenaline— but this time caused by anger, irritation, or frustration— makes someone’s cheeks go red.

It’s very likely that you would know about it if a guy was going red because he was angry. Because it would most likely have followed some sort of confrontation, disagreement, or harsh words.

There would also be other physical signs that he was annoyed. Things like a clenched jaw, intense eye contact, furrowed brows, closed-off body language, and maybe even a tense feeling energy in the air.

To conclude: What does it mean when someone blushes at you?

In a nutshell, blushing is a human reaction to heightened self-consciousness.

It can be difficult to separate the various triggers for why a man blushes at you because ultimately they all tend to converge.

For example, you may be more likely to feel embarrassed or even mortified around a woman who you feel attracted to.

Or your normal levels of social anxiety at being in an uncomfortable situation are likely to be heightened if you are with someone you hold in really high regard and are interested in romantically.

Blushing can indicate attraction, but not always. As we’ve seen, it can show other intense emotions like anger, shame, or anxiety.

Furthermore, it can simply say a lot about the type of person who is blushing, more so than any reason in particular —for example, that he is the shy or insecure type.

At the end of the day, figuring out the real reason why he blushes at you is going to depend on the context and other signs that might suggest whether he is attracted to you.

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