What makes a woman intimidating? These 15 traits

The difference between an intimidating, attractive woman and a forgettable, “nice” girl are like night and day.

Here are the traits that separate a powerful woman from the rest.

If you’re checking off these boxes, make no mistake about it: you’re a boss.

What makes a woman intimidating? These 15 traits

1) She sticks to her guns

If you want to know what makes a woman intimidating, this needs to be at the top of her list.

She sticks to her guns.

She knows what she wants from life and she goes after it.

In everything she does, she gives 110%.

A high value woman who intimidates and impresses others never bases her worth or her decisions on the thoughts and opinions of others.

She will respectfully hear out those around her, absolutely.

But she will never do something only because it is popular or because she is told to do so.

She will be true to herself and stick to her guns, no matter the amount of pressure put upon her.

2) She knows her value

What makes a woman intimidating? A woman who knows her own value and has no illusions about her faults.

While she recognizes the ways in which she still has a long way to go, a powerful woman doesn’t shy away from embracing her strengths.

She knows her beauty, her strength, her resilience, and the talents she brings to life.

She’s proud of her value as a friend, family member, and partner.

She knows her value in business and in her personal life, and she’s not afraid to stand up for it.

This does not mean she’s cocky or aggressive. It simply means that attempts to cut her down to size or belittle her have no effect.

She knows her worth and will not be talked down or insulted by anyone. She’s driving the bus, not the passengers.

3) She finds her purpose

Another of the key things to understand about what makes a woman intimidating is the power of purpose.

We all have a purpose, but many of us just haven’t found it yet.

An intimidating and powerful woman knows her purpose and follows it with her whole heart and all her energy.

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4) She has boundaries she won’t cross

Imagine if you watched a football match, but the rules could change depending on the emotions of the referee.

When a ref was feeling in a good mood he’d just allow penalties to slide and not worry about it.

When the ref was feeling angry he’d just arbitrarily deduct a point.

What would be your reaction as a fan of the sport?

Outrage, confusion, disappointment, and most of all: a lack of respect for the match. You would no longer care who won because the rules weren’t consistent.

That’s why a woman who sticks to the rules she makes and has boundaries she won’t cross is so attractive.

It’s because other women, men, and colleagues know that they can’t pull the wool over her eyes.

If she says she never stays with a guy who cheats and then proves it by dumping a guy who cheats, it’s clear she’s not just talk.

If she won’t tolerate a verbally abusive boss and then proves it by reporting her boss for harassment and getting him or her fired, the whole office watches in awe.

This woman is kicking ass and taking names. You just love to see it.

5) She’s selective in love

An intimidating woman is kind and respectful to all, but she doesn’t give her love and affection to all in a romantic way.

She reserves that for the rare few who get deeper into her heart.

While she will be willing to give attention and interest to anyone who sparks her interest, a high value woman will never date someone just to be nice, nor will she be pressured or manipulated into love.

A codependent or toxic relationship sends her packing in record time, and she has no interest in dating players, narcissists or those who try to play with the hearts and minds of others.

She knows her worth as I said earlier, and this carries over into relationships where she never crosses her own boundaries and expects reciprocity and affection from her partner.

6) She gets the guy she wants

None of us can get every person we want, and rejection is a fact of life.

But one of the hallmarks of an intimidating woman who inspires awe in others is that she gets the guy she wants.

If she likes a man she approaches him, connects with him, and does her best to make her interest clear.

More often than not, he reciprocates.

Other people see this and often wonder what it is an intimidating woman “has” that makes her so successful in love and in attracting potential mates.

The answer is simple: a rock-solid belief in herself and her value.

If you’re a guy like me who’s interested in attracting an intimidating and high value woman…

Or if you’re a woman who’s interested in becoming the sort of lady that others look up to and guys chase…

Then I recommend talking to a love coach.

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7) She plays for keeps

On a related relationship note, the intimidating woman plays for keeps.

If she likes a guy for real she lets him know and asks if he feels the same. She trusts him to the extent he trusts her and builds a connection.

If he breaks that trust or severs that connection she drops him like trash.

She never devalues herself or runs in circles to get a guy, and she walks away as soon as a man tries to play games with her or manipulate her physically or emotionally.

She plays for keeps.

If she’s just having fun with a guy she doesn’t make false promises and makes that clear from the start.

And if she’s into something more serious she’ll be clear about that upfront, knowing that her value speaks for itself.

If a man isn’t interested she’ll wish him the best and walk on.

She really will know that the words “his loss” are 100% true, and her disappointment at occasional rejections will be minimal for this reason.

There’s a big difference, after all, between saying that someone’s rejection or break up with you is their loss and truly knowing and believing fully that it actually is their loss.

8) She speaks clearly and powerfully

The power of speech is often underestimated, but it shouldn’t be!

One of the hallmarks of an intimidating and impressive woman is that she speaks with good diction and audible volume.

She does not mumble or hide her words, neither does she put on airs or try to sound more casual or more formal than she is.

She speaks directly and clearly. She speaks in an informed way.

She projects her voice and orients herself directly facing the person or people she is speaking to, making eye contact with them.

She says what she means and means what she says.

There is no shame or shyness there: she speaks her mind forthrightly and without reservation whenever she feels it is necessary.

9) She succeeds in what she puts her mind to

Another marker of an intimidating woman is that she succeeds in what she puts her mind to.

Whether it’s establishing a thriving business or raising kids that go on to change the world, she wows everyone with her strength and intelligence.

Some of the most powerful and intimidating women I know don’t have a business life and aren’t oriented to a career: they are mothers and wives.

A woman’s dedication to motherhood and being a loving spouse is, in my view, the most valuable thing she can ever do.

Nonetheless, there are many great things to achieve in business and the corporate world as well, and not all women want a life of marriage or motherhood.

The central point is that regardless of what she commits to, an intimidating woman hits home runs.

She raises healthy kids, she has amazing success at work, she starts new companies, she renovates her home to look amazing, and on and on.

There’s no limit to what a powerful woman can do!

10) She looks after herself

Another of the things that make a woman intimidating is self-care.

She looks after herself, and when I say that I mean in every way you can imagine.

Her hygiene is always on point, she gets her nails done regularly, manicures and pedicures are a regular routine and she wears skin creams and makeup that help her feel and look amazing.

She wears clothes that she feels great in and that compliment her figure, and she has a unique personal style that impresses and attracts others.

At the same time, an intimidating woman is never obsessed about what others think of her.

She dresses well and looks after herself because it makes her feel good, not because it will win approval or interest from colleagues, dates, or friends.

She doesn’t care about that. She cares about her own standards and her own well-being.

11) She knows what she wants from life

What do you want from life?

I have a pretty good idea of what I want from life and what I’m trying to achieve, thanks to finding this unique way to discover my purpose that I mentioned earlier.

The intimidating woman is confident, but she’s not reckless.

She knows what she wants and she does her best to get it.

Of course like anyone she has failures and setbacks but the difference is she learns from them.

She uses her failures as fuel instead of fire accelerant.

And that makes all the difference.

12) She’s loyal in love (but never slavish!)

A high value woman who knows her own worth never brooks cheating or disrespect in a relationship.

She’s willing to work through problems and do what it takes to make something work, but never if that involves walking back on her own principles or core values.

As such, she’s loyal in love and respects her partner to the utmost degree.

But this never translates into slavishness or letting him get away with too much.

She’s loyal in love and stands by her man, but she doesn’t take a lot of shit, in other words.

This fine balance leads to her attracting high quality partners for the simple reason that the low quality ones have already been completely weeded out by her.

First of all, a high value woman only dates men she is really into.

Second of all, she does not put up with a lot of sh-t on their end, and if they push too far she will walk.

However, treat her well and even the most intimidating woman will be a loving and wonderful partner.

13) She has excellent posture

How important is posture? Actually, it’s very important.

I myself have been working on my posture for around a year now and even have purchased a back brace that helps with slowly improving posture.

I know that in women I find attractive they often have a very strong and straight posture.

This telegraphs confidence and self-assurance.

That’s the thing about posture. It is something like a habit that reflects how we feel subconsciously within, or at least how we’ve learned to socially present ourselves in public.

This is why a straight and strong posture is so important to be an intimidating woman.

In business, personal and all other domains, the woman who walks confidently and holds her head high will always gain respect.

14) She’s friendly but not fake

Sadly, there is such a thing as being too nice and too open.

The hallmark of an intimidating woman is that she’s very kind and nice but she’s no pushover.

She has a genuine smile and lights up a room, but she’s not just there to smile and nod.

She befriends who she chooses to, is polite to the rest and treats troublemakers to her sharp wit and confronts them if necessary.

An intimidating woman is friendly to others but she’s never fake.

She doesn’t plaster on a smile just to be “safe” or be liked.

If she has some reason to distrust or dislike you it will be very clear from the first moment you lock eyes.

Unlike fake and weak women who smile fakely or feign interest in men or other people to avoid conflict, the intimidating woman never hides who she really is or how she feels.

15) She’s strategic about the future

In life there are two basic choices for how you approach the future:

You can wing it or you can plan.

One of the best things about an intimidating woman is that she’s strategic about the future.

She is able to put off immediate gratification in the pursuit of long-term goals.

Like many of the most exciting and successful entrepreneurs and individuals we see who have exceeded all expectations, she manages to put off a short-term payout in favor of a long-term ideal.

This can translate into investing in something long term and sticking with it…

Choosing a mate who she falls in love with slowly but surely…

Or otherwise pursuing goals in life which are more gradual and planned than sudden and unexpected.

She’s still open to surprises and spontaneous things which happen, but more or less the intimidating woman is not easily seduced by flashy and short-term benefits: she wants the real deal even if it takes a bit longer and requires a bit more patience.

You go, girl!

What makes a woman intimidating?

Most of all, it’s her own embrace of herself as a whole person, including her knowledge of finding her purpose and love for herself.

A woman who knows her worth, knows her mission and knows her values is formidable!

If that’s you, then you go, girl!

If that’s not you then no worries because a work in progress is still a work of art.

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