What is a sage? Here are 7 distinct characteristics that sets them apart

what is a sage

A WISE FOOL – is there really such a man or woman?

Behold, there is! They are called sage souls.

The definition by Merriam-Webster only got half of the truth.

Yes, sage souls are wise but quit thinking they’re brooding! They do not sit in one corner and let the time pass by.

Now, guess what? Sage souls love to be the center of attention. They view the world as a stage and themselves as actors.

Imagine Miley Cyrus. In fact, she’s a perfect example of a sage. Sages are not quiet, demure types but the best performers the world has ever seen.

The archetypal Sage isn’t someone who spends their days stroking their beard and thinking about the meaning of life.


What is a sage? Here are 7 characteristics of a sage:

“I like to do all the talking myself. It saves time, and prevents arguments.” — Oscar Wilde

1. The world is a stage…

A sage is not the classical bearded thinker or philosopher you are thinking of.

They embody the essence of expressive communication. Sages are natural entertainers and attention-seekers.

You can also find sages who are speakers, actors, raconteurs, storytellers, court jesters, and class clowns. They don’t back down when it comes to public speaking and performance.

As such, they are very much at home in front of an audience where they take the center stage, relishing the attention.

2. They are concerned with how they look to others…

Do you know people who always look their best? It’s likely that they are sage souls.

One main characteristic of a sage soul is that they rarely go out in public without fixing up and dressing up. They also look good in pictures and on camera.

If there is a physical appearance that is common to many Sages, it is that they are pleasing to the eye, attractive, distinctive, and eye-catchers.

3. They love the glitz and glamor

Because of their concern for self-image, chances are they are one of the most distinguished, beautiful, and handsome people.

Additionally, they love the glitter and glamour scene. Put them at a party and they surely will be the life of it.

4. They have the gift of gab

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” – Mark Twain

Sages are considered the wordsmiths of the world. Apart from being great performers, they are also great communicators and masters of verbal expression.

Their quick wit and verbal skill are unsurpassed. Sages have “the gift of the gab” which comes naturally.

If you know someone who tends to be melodramatic and exaggerated to produce a dramatic or humorous effect, then that’s a Sage right there.

5. They are fun

Sages have a constant urge to share their wit and wisdom. You will never be bored with a sage because of guaranteed witty banter or wise talks.

When sages are young, they still lack wisdom so their wit is accompanied by clownish acting. They may appear silly or foolish but there’s so much more to the Sage than just the proverbial bag of wind.

When Sage’s knowledge and life experience grows, their “act” will also become more cultured and polished. But they have a natural affinity for humor so they can be outstanding comedians.

6. They are natural teachers

Sages have the natural inclination to teach. But they are not the boring teachers you are used to.

Their brand of teaching are usually not formal – they teach using satire, humor, or playful banter. That way, they catch your attention which makes it hard for you not to listen.

They are wise and perceptive, sharing the information they assimilated to the world.

7. They are extroverts

“Before I refuse to take your questions, I have an opening statement.” — Ronald Reagan

Sages are the stereotypical extroverts of the world. They are not shy and retiring especially if the Sage soul is young. Instead, they are outwardly focused, energetic, outspoken, exuberant, and larger-than-life.

As the soul gets mature, Sages become more thoughtful and increasingly philosophical.

The evolution of a sage soul

According to reincarnation, the soul’s journey is a process of evolving. So, the body and personality that you have now are merely the vehicles you have chosen for this latest step in your journey.

There are five major stages of evolution through reincarnation. Within each of the stages, there are seven increments to be completed. The 5 major stages are:

  • I. Infant Soul
  • II. Baby Soul
  • III. Young Soul
  • IV. Mature Soul
  • VI. Old Soul

As such, Sage souls also go through these stages. Here is what a Sage soul in every stage looks like:

Infant Sage – They are impulsive and selfish. Because they are still being exposed to the world, they act on impulse or habit with little or no thought for consequences.

Baby Sage – Baby Sages tend to specialize in the dramatic expression of rules, dogma, law, and order. The question is, which side of the law do they lean to? That is up to them.

Examples of Baby Sages are Al Capone (the American gangster), Nikita Khrushchev (Soviet leader), and the televangelist Jimmy Swaggart.

Young  Sage – Young sages are characterized by being extrovert attention-seekers. Because they love the glitz and glamor, they are drawn to seek fame and fortune.

Miley Cyrus, Jim Carrey, Mariah Carey, Eminem, and Nicki Minaj are examples of Young Sages.

Mature Sage – Mature ones retain their gift of gab but they are now more thoughtful and sophisticated.

They still have the flair for drama, exemplified by William Shakespeare himself. His love for dramatic elements is shown through his plays, which are oftentimes considered a kind of play within a play.

Old Sage – These Sages have already developed the mastery of expressive communication. They are already very comfortable in their own skin.

A perfect example is Osho, who created a kind of fanatical group and has written a lot of his teachings.

How to become successful if you are a Sage soul

Modern research confirms what ancient societies have known all along – those who are the wisest are those who have had rich experiences and have learned from them.

Sage souls are lucky because they soak up knowledge like sponges. If you are a Sage, consider these aspects of learning from experience to help you become successful in today’s world:

1. Solicit feedback regularly

Ask people what they think of you because you may not be achieving the impact you are expecting. Take it as constructive criticism and adjust your approach.

Don’t forget to appreciate the feedback that you receive. Do not be defensive and seek to understand rather than to be understood, instead.

2. Reflect

All successful people know how to reflect on their recent performance and behavior. So, take time every day to reflect on the day’s work and interactions.

The key to reflection is being objective in your self-assessment. Be self-critical but also acknowledge success whenever warranted.

3. Know your strengths and weaknesses

As you collect feedback and reflect on it, know where you are lacking and where you are strong.

The reason why you need to know is for you to improve your weaknesses and leverage your strengths.

In conclusion

Sages are different from philosophers. While the latter wants to understand life to become happy, the Sage already embodies and expresses happiness.

That is why a Sage enjoys and notices both surprising connections and amusing contrasts, and then takes pleasure in relaying these insights to others.

According to the 7 Personality Types, Sage souls already know about life that they already move on to the next level – enjoying life.

Now, what they do is share what they learned and make life a little bit brighter. Isn’t that what we all need?

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