A classy man does these 7 things without realizing it

There is no rulebook for being a classy guy. 

But there are behaviors and traits that classy men share.

The twist is that the truly standup guy does all of these things without even being self-conscious or aware of it. 

1) He dresses well

No matter what his job is or how much money he has in the bank, a classy man dresses well. 

There’s no need to spend a lot of money to get some decent threads. 

Even if it means saving up to buy one or two outfits he really loves, the classy man always prefers quality over quantity

He’d rather have one pair of jeans that fits just right and look great on him than ten bulky, cheap and uncomfortable pairs.

He’d rather have one suave Panama hat that he loves to wear than 20 mismatched ball caps he never wears anyway.

The classy guy takes care of his personal grooming and hygiene and always strives to look and dress his best. 

2) He shows courtesy

The next thing that a classy man does without realizing it is showing courtesy

Classy guys don’t set out to go about helping people or being polite: they just are. 

The classy man opens doors, allows an elderly lady to go in front of him in line and helps a stranger at the bus station who needs help understanding directions. 

He does this because it’s in his nature and character to do so, not out of any desire for reward or recognition. 

The classy man doesn’t crave recognition or applause

He’s just courteous because it’s his code of conduct for how he treats those around him. 

3) He speaks clearly and with elocution

Next up in the classy man’s repertoire is the way he speaks:

A classy guy talks clearly and uses elocution, pronouncing his words with intention and putting emphasis where he wishes.

If he’s making a business pitch, he emphasizes the exact parts of his pitch that he knows are going to appeal to his audience. 

If he’s talking to his partner about his emotions, he speaks carefully and finds time to say exactly what he’s trying to and to speak clearly. 

If he’s interacting with people in any way, the classy guy is paying attention to what comes out of his mouth.

Because as much as actions do speak louder than words, a classy man knows that the words you use also have enormous power and make a big difference in the lives of others. 

4) He states his intentions and is honest in romance

Dating and romance are things that the classy man approaches with full honesty and sincerity

If he’s looking for something serious he says so. If he’s not, he says so. 

If he’s dating a woman and feeling it could get serious, he plays it cool but is willing to open up to her that he likes her. 

If he’s dating a woman and he feels it’s not going somewhere, a classy guy also has the courage and honesty to break things off early. 

He’s not interested in leading anyone on or being a heartbreak and disappointment in someone’s life by giving them false hope. 

If and when he does commit, the classy guy goes all in while also never sacrificing his self-respect and basic independence. 

5) He acts with honesty and loyalty in business 

In the economic domain, a classy man acts with honesty and loyalty as well. 

No matter what field he is in, from farming or construction to accounting or web design, he always gives his full effort and appreciates the work of those around him. 

Classy men do care about getting ahead and promotions, money and self-interest, and they’re honest enough to admit this. 

But unlike shameless strivers who will backstab or do anything to get ahead, the classy man will never break his own moral code just for some advancement at work. 

This integrity serves him well in the long run, helping him become a trusted employee, a popular boss and a valued colleague for all who cross his path. 

6) He gives people the benefit of the doubt whenever possible 

We all have faults, some more than others. 

But classy men are willing to look past some of the flaws and bad behavior of others and give them the benefit of the doubt. 

While a classy guy will never allow himself to be gaslighted or mistreated, he will try to see people’s potential instead of just their downsides. 

This tendency to try to see the best in others is truly a superpower, because the more that he does this, the more the classy guy attracts similar respect towards himself. 


By judging folks at their best instead of at their worst, the classy guy acts selectively in a very intelligent way, encouraging those around him to rise to their best instead of fulfilling low expectations. 

7) He looks for collaboration more than seeking superiority or solo wins

Life can definitely be a dog-eat-dog kind of situation. 

It can be cruel. 

But one of the markers of a classy man is that he looks more for collaboration than for competition and smashing his rivals. 

He does this as a matter of habit, because he’s learned from a young age that you end up getting a lot further ahead working with people than working against them. 

Plus, being viciously competitive can be kind of miserable and low-class, and he really doesn’t have time for that sort of bitter gamesmanship.

The classy code 

Classy men often raise classy sons and encourage their own friends and relatives to be more classy as well. 

They serve as beacons of sophistication in a world that all too often lacks it. 

But they don’t do this consciously or even to show off.

Classy men dress well, speak well and are honest, loyal and collaborative because it’s what their instincts point them towards

Perhaps they were raised well, perhaps not. 

But classy guys eventually inhabit these traits because doing so just feels right. 

And it is. 

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