10 weird sigma male habits you need to be aware of

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Independent, self-aware, and quietly confident — there are many wonderful traits of sigma males.

But they can easily be misunderstood by others.

Known as lone wolves, some behaviors can perplex onlookers.

Here are 10 weird sigma male habits that you need to know about.

Sigma males in a nutshell

With their strong yet distinctive characters, sigma males are certainly intriguing.

They are self-reliant and tend to go their own way.

Spending plenty of time alone, they can be seen as introverted and reserved —particularly compared to their alpha male counterparts.

Yet the sigma male prefers to live by his own rules.

This rebellious and somewhat mysterious nature actually accounts for much of their success.

This freedom-loving adventurer can quickly become a trendsetter and leader, whether he likes it or not.

Others are drawn to his silent strength and free thinking.

But he isn’t without his quirks, that’s for sure!

So let’s take a look.

10 weird sigma male habits

1) He happily owns up to his flaws and failings

You’ll often find that a sigma man holds his hands up and admits when he is being stubborn.

He’ll let you know when he messed up or made a mistake in some way.

This is weird, yet incredibly admirable.

Weird only because the vast majority of the world goes around trying to hide this side of themselves.

They worry it is a display of weakness. They are busy trying to hide their flaws from the outside world.

A sigma man does not.

He doesn’t need to pretend he is perfect.

He has an inner confidence that doesn’t feel threatened by his own failings.

He has the deep self-understanding to be able to take a look at himself in the cold light of day.

And it doesn’t scare him.

In fact, he sees it as an opportunity to grow and better himself.

2) Don’t expect compliments or gifts

Here’s the thing:

The sigma male doesn’t follow certain expected rules if he doesn’t see the point in them.

He uses his own self-governed logic to decide what makes sense to him.

And two things that make little sense to him are:

  • Flattery
  • Bribery

Of course, that’s not exactly what compliments and gifts are. But to a sigma man, they can feel that way at times.

He’s not totally against compliments, but he prefers to both give and receive them sparingly and sincerely.

He is a man that values substance over style. So when compliments are given, they are never shallow.

For example, he will talk about your character rather than looks. 

Similarly, very thoughtful gifts can feel appropriate to a sigma man. But he won’t just buy you stuff for the sake of it.

3) He can quickly camouflage himself

We’ve already established, sigma men have strong characters.

But here’s something strange:

You don’t always notice a sigma male at first.

That’s because despite their individuality they are totally capable of blending into the crowd.

Probably because they don’t draw attention to themselves or have a “look at me” attitude.

They prefer to work quietly behind the scenes. Then they make an impact when they are ready.

He will happily observe and work out the lay of the land from the shadows.

This is why sigmas are so good at reading people like a book.

It’s hard to get anything past a sigma male.

You may have heard that sigma males can be socially awkward. But the truth is they are also incredibly adaptable and capable of getting along with people.

This gives them excellent camouflage.

4) He does things differently

Spend enough time around a sigma male, you’re bound to pick up on his quirks.

He tends to like things done his way and he doesn’t want anyone to meddle in that.

He doesn’t really care if others go about it totally differently.

That’s because sigmas are creative thinkers. They can think outside the box.

Incidentally, this is also what enables them to see patterns and make observations that others don’t notice.

They don’t feel the need to follow the crowd.

Unlike alphas that are incredibly competitive, sigma males only feel in competition with themselves.

 To those looking in from the outside in, the way he chooses to structure and order his life may not make much sense.

But so long as it works for him, he knows there is order in the apparent chaos.

5) He can be easily irritated

You would be forgiven for thinking a sigma male lacks patience at times.

For starters, he can seem argumentative because he loves to debate and discuss ideas.

It’s arguably one of the downsides of fierce independence.

A sigma man is perfectly self-sufficient and has strong preferences to do things his own way.

So he can find group settings a little grating.

For example, let’s say a group of people cannot decide which restaurant to go eat at.

A sigma man isn’t bothered enough to stick around for the seemingly endless debate.

Quite frankly, he’d be happy to go and eat alone anyway.

Perhaps the next weird habit on our list isn’t quite so surprising then…

6) He’ll leave without saying goodbye

We all know those guys who will just disappear from a party without letting anyone know they’re going.

Well, there’s a good chance he is a sigma male.

Sigmas do what they want when they want.

If he gets bored, irritated, or has simply had enough, he will quickly exit the situation with stealth.

It might be some time before you even realize he’s gone.

He’s certainly not trying to be rude.

He just isn’t the needy type. So when he’s done, he is happy to go without making a fuss.

Don’t be offended, he’s most likely just recharging his battery.

7) He spends a lot of time alone

To a sigma male, or in fact any introvert, this habit isn’t weird in the slightest.

But let’s face it, we still live in a very extroverted world.

And not everyone understands the deep need for alone time that many people have.

Some people find it difficult to hang out with themselves.

But for a sigma male, his own company is his favorite company.

This is time he can spend pursuing his own interests, thoughts, and ideas.

What puts the sigma male seemingly on the outside of society is his contentment with self-isolation.

It’s important to realize this isn’t because he doesn’t value relationships. As we’ll soon see, he does.

But from the outside, it can make him seem mysterious or a even little distant.

8) He takes time to open up

The reason sigma males can come across as closed off is because of this next habit.

And that’s being slow to open up to people.

He is a private man and people need to respect his privacy.

But he actually isn’t a closed-off recluse.

In fact, he has deep and meaningful relationships.

He simply goes for quality over quantity.

You’re never going to find a sigma male dating just for the sake of it.

He is too happy being alone to make do with sub-par relationships.

And a sigma male realizes that respect, trust, and connection need to be earned and built slowly.

That is why he is very loyal, but you must take time to earn your status in his life.

9) He can be robotically restrained

So a sigma man certainly doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve.

But another side to that is that he is really good at keeping hold of his emotions.

In testing and tense situations, you’re not likely to see him fly off the handle.

Luckily his self-awareness gives him enough understanding of his feelings to keep them in check.

Even when faced with others’ extreme anger or aggression a sigma man keeps his cool.

So much so that to some his steely exterior can seem almost frosty or robotic.

 But a sigma man is anything but.

He is very in touch with his emotions, but he knows when it’s appropriate to reveal them or not.

10) If he isn’t smiling or laughing, it doesn’t mean he isn’t having a good time

It’s probably obvious by now that it can be very tricky to read a sigma male.

You don’t know what’s going on in their head because they keep their cards close to their chest.

Sigma males are very internal. They also don’t feel the need to follow other social cues that people use.

But that can be quite confusing.

They’re not prepared to perform for others’ sake.

So you might often see a sigma man sitting in the corner straight-faced.

But don’t assume he isn’t having fun.

He doesn’t feel the need to give off certain signals simply to show he is enjoying himself.

If he tells you he is, then you can take him at his word. He’s not going to lie to you simply to people please.

To conclude: The weird and wonderful world of sigma males

Just like all personalities, what makes a sigma male tick has many sides to it.

Those slightly peculiar or “weird” habits are part of what makes them who they are.

Without their quirky side, the sigma male would not have the strength of character that so many have come to know, love, and admire.

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