1. Procrastination

Procrastination is such a bad habit. It becomes addictive and it really sneaks up on you, making everything so much more stressful than it has to be.

2. Overthinking

ItMaintaining good mental health requires a balance between under and overthinking, and to overcome overthinking, one should make well-considered decisions, avoid dwelling on past regrets, and engage in physical activities.

3. Victimology

Victimology is a harmful habit of seeing oneself as a victim to manipulate others, but it can be overcome by helping those less fortunate and realizing that struggles are not unique.

4. Overindulgence

To avoid the negative impact of overindulgence such as overeating, alcoholism, and drug addiction, limit yourself to one indulgence per week, and face the consequences if you exceed that limit.

5. Respect-seeking

The habit of respect-seeking, which can result in people-pleasing and a lack of decisiveness, can be overcome by focusing on one's own desires and not seeking approval from others.

6. Telling lies

Telling lies can easily become a bad habit that takes a toll on one's life, and to overcome this habit, one should avoid lying and donate to a charity every time they lie for anything other than a fully moral reason.

7. Impulsiveness

Break the habit of impulsiveness by following a schedule and avoiding risky behavior, since some spontaneity can be good but too much can be detrimental.

8. Yessing

Breaking the habit of "yessing," or saying yes to everything, can lead to a more fulfilling life by practicing saying no and declining offers that don't align with your wants or needs.

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