1. Keep hitting snooze until they oversleep

SSuccessful people prioritize sufficient sleep, aiming for eight hours each night, practicing discipline to wake up promptly and maintaining a self-trained internal clock, contributing to improved productivity and reduced reliance on alarm clocks.

2. Scroll social media for more than an hour

Successful people spend only about ten minutes checking their social media, emails, and messages in the morning to avoid getting caught up in distractions and prioritize productivity for the rest of the day.

3. Plot revenge

Successful individuals prioritize their time and energy, letting go of petty conflicts, forgiving what they can, ignoring what they can't, and taking necessary action when faced with abusive situations.

4. Eat junk for breakfast

Successful people choose nutrient-rich breakfasts over quick and empty options, understanding the impact of food on their mental state, which is why they also prioritize waking up early.

5. Rush self-care

Successful people prioritize self-care by waking up early, dedicating time to meals, exercise, and bonding, recognizing its significance for overall well-being and greater success, contrary to dismissing it as unimportant or solely focusing on hustle.

6. Get on a heated argument on Twitter

Successful people conserve their energy by avoiding online arguments and distractions, recognizing the insignificance of engaging with strangers and prioritizing meaningful endeavors instead.

7. Rush important decisions

Successful people delay major decisions until they have eaten, taken a walk, and consulted trusted individuals, recognizing the value of allowing their minds to fully awaken for better judgment.

8. Leave without cleaning their room

Successful people understand the influence of their surroundings on their mindset and decision-making, so they make an effort to tidy up their room, even if it's just a small task, to avoid clutter and gain a sense of productivity.

9. Start the day without a clear plan

Success stems from meticulous planning and time management, as successful people strategically outline their tasks, goals, and leisure activities to maintain a clear focus and balance throughout their day.

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