1. Don't be afraid to make mistakes

Making mistakes is an inevitable part of being human and they can occur in various areas of our lives, but strong people embrace them as opportunities for growth and learning rather than fearing them.

2. Accept you can be wrong

Strong people accept their mistakes and don't prioritize always being right, as they view these instances as opportunities for growth.

3. Don't give up when you lose

Strong people persevere in challenging situations, find positives, and don't give up, even if they experience setbacks, such as losing a job opportunity or financial investment.

4. You're able to admit when you're not OK

Strong people know that it takes courage to be truthful and honest about their struggles, which is a sign of strength, and they don't suppress or hide their experiences of struggling, as they accept it as a natural part of life.

5. You should keep striving to be the best version of yourself

Strong people embrace discomfort and personal growth, trusting the process and becoming the next best version of themselves.

6. You don't shy away from difficult conversation

Strong people are not afraid of having difficult conversations and are straightforward in dealing with situations, being honest about their feelings and addressing any issues head-on.

7. You realize that progress is more important than perfection

Perfectionism can be a sign of weakness and an excuse for not starting something; strong people know that progress is more important than waiting for perfection.

8. They don't let regrets control their reality

Strong people don't waste energy on thinking about regrets and how things could be different, but instead accept the past for what it was, see the lessons in their past experiences, and frame things in a way that is helpful.

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