15 things you don’t realize you’re doing because you’re naturally classy

BY Pearl Nash 

1. You’re always polite and well-mannered

You may not even be aware of how appreciated your courtesy toward others is.

2. You express gratitude for the things people do for you

When we really appreciate the things that others do for us, it even makes us more humble.

3. You are gracious in giving others the limelight

You enjoy watching people shine. It isn’t threatening or unnerving to you.

4. You’re rarely late because you respect people’s time

You hate to be late because it feels rude. So when you make an appointment, you strive to keep it.

5. You take pride in your appearance

You dress in a way that is tasteful to you and leaves you feeling empowered.

6. You give off comfortable body language

You may not realize you’re exuding class through your body language, because this way of carrying yourself comes so naturally to you.

7. You strive to better yourself

You are well-read, curious, and you want to learn. You see it as an important part of life to develop and progress.

8. You ask nicely rather than having a tantrum

When something doesn’t quite go to plan, you stay mindful of always remaining decent.

9. You never intentionally air your dirty laundry

You recognize that there is a time and a place for everything. And what’s more, an appropriate way of handling something.

10. You keep your private life private

You avoid excessive boasting or bragging. You don’t engage in more subtle attention-seeking behavior either.

11. You can handle your drink and you know when to stop

You prefer not to lose total control of your senses. So you know your limits and you stick to them.

12. You give up your seat on the bus

Showing class is far less about the bling lifestyle and far more about humble gestures of decency.

13. You accept compliments graciously

When you can take a compliment, you show that you know your own worth and value.

14. You stay away from drama

You take for granted how your mindset keeps you from getting caught up in pointless strife.

15. You have tact when you speak

It’s not that you shy away from letting your thoughts, feelings, and wishes be known. It’s more that you understand how we communicate with others is important.

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