BY Pearl Nash 

10 ways to identify and break free from toxic relationships

How do you know if your relationship is toxic? 15 signs to look out for

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1. There’s a lack of support

Relationships are about teamwork. You should feel like you have someone on your side, and by your side to do life with.

2. Some pretty nasty things get said

Your relationship could be toxic if you struggle to speak to one another with respect, kindness, and decency.

3. Jealousy takes over

Suspicion and mistrust can quickly rot a relationship.

4. Envy gets in the way of celebrating each other

For example, if they seem envious or even bitter when good things happen to you.

5. You feel on edge about what you say or do

You’re worried about raising your concerns because you don’t want the arguments.

6. The relationship is plagued with lies and dishonesty

It’s an underlying sign of toxicity in a relationship if you cannot be fundamentally honest with one another.

7. You neglect yourself

You may feel like you’ve started to lose sight of yourself. Perhaps so much so that sometimes you feel like a different person.

8. You’ve sacrificed other close relationships

Maybe your partner used to get moody when you went to see friends. Or they felt jealous at how close you were to a family member.

9. There are controlling behaviors

You can’t go anywhere without being constantly asked what you are doing or who you are with.

If grudges get held they can eat away at the goodwill in your relationship.

10. There’s a build-up of resentment, frustration, and bitterness

We all know how important respect is in building solid relationships, but we don’t always know how to identify its absence.

11. There feels like a lack of respect

12. There’s a lot of avoidance

We all take different approaches when handling things. And for some of us, that approach is hiding from difficulties.

It never feels like an easy ride. There is always a new challenge, new obstacle, or new problem heading your way.

13. Different day, different drama

You know you want this to be over with, but you feel stuck and don’t know how to break the pattern.

14. You’ve started to feel trapped

You cling to the past, the fun times, and the connection you once felt. You wonder if you can make a change in order to get back to that place.

15. You are clinging to the memory of better times

How do you end the cycle of a toxic relationship? 10 ways to break free

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1. Know that you only have to start from exactly where you are

Healing can only begin when you feel ready to face the truth.

2. Use journaling to really explore the full range of your emotions

You can explore your feelings more by writing them down.

3. Rebuild your confidence

In order to envisage a positive and happy life you need to rebuild your confidence.

The truth is that showing yourself love is a habit you can cultivate. So be your own source of strength and admiration.

4. Send yourself love notes

5. Use the power of affirmations to give yourself a lift

Whatever affirmations you chose, simply reach for the better feeling to know if you are on the right track.

6. Be vigilant for negative thoughts and answer them back

Be mindful of negative thoughts, because these so often turn into negative stories.

Letting go of all your own perceived imperfections. And learning to accept what has happened has already passed. You cannot change it now.

7. Learn to forgive yourself

Treat yourself in whatever way feels good.

8. Shower yourself with affection

9. Do some self-inquiry

The better understanding you have of yourself, and what love means to you, the easier it is to break free of these destructive patterns.

10. Give yourself time

Give yourself time to rest, and let the emotions come and go as they need to.

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