12 signs you have an innate ability to inspire others

BY Pearl Nash 

1. You lead by example

You inspire people by showing them a good example rather than simply instructing them.

2. You are a compassionate communicator

You aim to create stronger connections and relationships when you speak to people. You put care and concern at the forefront.

3. You take a non-judgmental approach toward people’s differences

Rather than vilify or demonize people who are different, you seek to better understand them.

4. You do what is right, rather than what is easy

You are prepared to stick up for others when you see wrongdoing. You won’t compromise your own principles for the sake of an easy ride.

5. You have causes close to your heart that you think are worth fighting for

It doesn’t really matter what it is that you care most about, what matters is that you care.

6. You extend warmth and goodwill to everyone you meet

Small acts of kindness can feel so humble that you are probably unaware of most of the impact of your compassion on the world.

7. You’re enthusiastic

If you take an eager and animated approach to life, chances are you are inspiring those around you without even realizing it.

8. You see the best in people

When you choose to see the best in someone you show them your trust and offer them your respect.

9. You challenge people

You aren’t afraid to question. Even if that means making a few waves. But in doing so you are encouraging others to push their limits and think outside the box too.

10. You hold your hand up when you’re wrong and you take responsibility for yourself

Rather than trying to appear infallible, real role models strive toward bettering themselves.

11. You’re always happy to roll up your sleeves and get involved

You pitch in and share your skills, energy, and time with your family, friends, and the community at large.

12. You don’t shy away from obstacles

It’s lucky that you aren’t afraid of a little bit of hard work, because life often presents challenges.

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