11 red flags you’re dealing with a toxic person

BY Louise Jackson 

1. They say unkind and cruel things

Being verbally abusive is still a form of abuse. Because in many ways words truly can be violent.

2. They fly off the handle often, and over the littlest things

Getting so easily irritated and it spilling over into aggression suggests they struggle to control their temper.

3. You feel like you have to walk on eggshells around them

You’re worried about displeasing them or setting them off.

4. They are jealous, overprotective, or envious of you

This might lead to overprotective, accusatory, or even controlling behavior.

5. They play mind games to get power over you

Of course, another word for mind games is emotional manipulation. The aim of the game is to try to use your emotions against you.

6. They are coercive and controlling

For example, they might try to control your finances, who you can or cannot see, or what you wear.

7. They are excessively needy and clingy

They may make you feel responsible for their entire well-being. And that’s a big burden to carry.

8. They’re always attention seeking

Anyone who has got sucked into the endless drama of a toxic person will know how exhausting it can become.

9. Everything is your fault and they are just the poor victim

No matter what the conflict or disagreement is, they are always 100% convinced that it’s all your fault.

10. You feel like you are talking to a brick wall

Their protective ego which seeks to defend them is too fragile, and so it is incapable of receiving any feedback whatsoever, no matter how well intended it is.

11. You feel bad about yourself whenever you’re around them

Being around constant negativity is a real drain on your energy reserves.

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