1. Shouting in the hallway

Classy people are considerate of their colleagues and avoid raising their voice in the workplace, except in the case of emergencies that require immediate attention.

2. Getting involved in office gossip

Engaging in workplace gossip may seem like a bonding activity, but it is unprofessional, and classy people avoid getting involved in it, prioritizing professionalism over socializing.

3. Wearing very strong perfume

Classy people prioritize consideration towards others, which includes keeping their perfume light and inoffensive, rather than wearing expensive or overpowering fragrances to stand out.

4. Picking their nose

Classy people avoid gross and tacky behaviors in public, prioritizing others' comfort and avoiding making colleagues feel uncomfortable or disgusted by doing these activities in private.

5. Allowing their desk to get messy

Classy people keep their workspace clean, maintaining orderliness daily in less than 10 minutes and avoiding wasting time on gossip.

6. Talking loudly on the phone

Classy people follow phone etiquette, making an effort to speak quietly and even covering their mouth, and if they are still bothering others, they will excuse themselves to avoid causing disturbance.

7. Do heavy flirting in the office

Classy people avoid workplace romance and flirting, even in workplaces where it is not forbidden, and thus manage to avoid a lot of workplace drama.

8. Freaking out

Classy people regulate their emotions and refuse to catastrophize in the face of stress, taking a step back and calmly searching for solutions to avoid adding needless stress.

9. Stealing

Classy people never steal and instead ask for what they need and give credit where it is due, valuing their integrity and self-respect over any gain they could achieve from stealing.

10. Giving sarcastic remarks

Classy people avoid using sarcasm as it is the lowest form of intelligence and instead speak up honestly and politely, avoiding attacking others even when they are upset.

11. Arriving late for a meeting

Classy people arrive early to avoid keeping others waiting, and time management is a valuable life skill.

12. Talking when they should be listening

Classy people are socially aware, attentive listeners in both personal and professional settings.

13. Taking all the credit

Classy people avoid taking credit for work they didn't do and ensure that they give credit where it is due in the professional setting, even offering thanks and gifts to those who helped them.

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