10 things confident people never do in relationships

BY Louise Jackson 

1. Drop their friends, hobbies, and outside interests

For a while, your beau might take priority. But confident people never make the mistake of building their world around just one person.

2. Rely on their partner for their validation

It is natural. And it’s even more natural that we look for it in our closest connections. But the overwhelming majority of your self-esteem has to come from within.

3. Act needy and desperate

Confident people give off an aura of high value and status. Their inner strength and self-esteem are incredibly attractive.

4. Question what they bring to the table

Confident people in relationships don’t get weighed down with feelings of inferiority. And not because they’re perfect specimens.

5. Abandon their own needs and wants

Confident people know that a healthy relationship occasionally requires sacrifice. But that should go both ways.

6. Let themselves be emotionally manipulated

Confident people are less likely to fall foul of manipulation. Because they can fall back on their strong foundations of self-respect and self-esteem.

7. Ignore relationship red flags

They respect themselves, their partner, and even their relationship too much to simply bury issues.

8. Show excessive jealousy

Their confidence allows them to create more trusting connections, that aren’t plagued with suspicion.

9. Settle out of fear

Their confidence gives them the resilience and determination to seek what they truly deserve rather than settle for anything less.

10. Expect their partner to fix or save them

They don’t set themselves up for the inevitable disappointment of hoping their partner will make everything better for them.

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