10 strange habits we all have but rarely admit to


1. Talking to ourselves

Despite the common perception that talking to oneself is strange, it is actually a normal behavior that many people engage in as a way to organize their thoughts, and even act as their own life coach when feeling low.

2. Wondering about our first love (and hoping they miss us)

Despite feeling like it might be weird to still wonder about a first love after years or even decades, it's actually a common experience as first loves hold a special place in our memories and emotions.

3. Remembering past conversations and cringing

Recalling embarrassing moments from the past and feeling cringey about it might make you feel weird, but it's actually a common experience as it shows that you have changed as a person and now recognize your past mistakes.

4. Pretending we know things we don’t

Even though it may seem weird or fake to pretend to know more than you actually do, many of us engage in this behavior, often without realizing it, and even when we know we're wrong, we sometimes double down to avoid admitting it.

5. Chatting with friends while on the toilet

Even though it may seem disturbing to talk with someone while they're using the toilet, it's actually a common occurrence due to the constant access to the internet and the desire to stay connected with friends.

6. Stalking people on social media

Despite the stigma attached to social media stalking, it is actually a common behavior that many people engage in, sometimes even using alternate accounts to bypass blocks and gather information on exes, crushes, or enemies.

7. Comparing ourselves to others

Comparing ourselves to others, whether better or worse off than us, is a common behavior that we engage in repeatedly as a way to seek reassurance and feel like we're heading somewhere in life.

8. Doing something just for the likes

Despite the tendency to judge those who do things for attention, the reality is that seeking attention and adoration is a common behavior that many of us engage in, often without even realizing it, and even if it's obvious to others.

9. Being a little extra in private

Engaging in imaginative role-playing behaviors like pretending to be a superstar or chef, or setting up a fancy table, is a common way for many of us to let loose in private and should not be considered weird or embarrassing.

10. Fantasizing about how our enemies will react when we get successful

They don’t set themselves up for the inevitable disappointment of hoping their partner will make everything better for them.

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