10 habits of people who stay happy (even in tough times)

BY Justin Brown 

1. They Sincerely Smile All the Time

This might sound obvious, but it’s true that happy people smile all the time – in a sincere and warm way that other people can’t help but smile too.

2. They Have Good Humor

They find hilarity in almost anything – they appreciate most kinds of jokes and they’re not afraid to laugh out loud when something is funny.

3. They Always Express Their Gratitude

Happy people truly appreciate the things they have, so they’re satisfied with their life.

4. They Have Immense Courage

These individuals are incredibly bold and resilient, possessing the fortitude and perseverance to become a positive force in the world and to those around them.

5. They Try to Live in the Moment

Happy people have a remarkable ability to savor the present moment and find joy in even the most mundane situations.

6. They Avoid Complaining So Much

Happy people don’t waste their time complaining because it only adds to the negative energy around them.

7. They Tend to be Accepting Most of the Time

They have a good perspective on life because they would rather spend their energy on things they can change.

8. They’re Empathetic and Compassionate

Since they feel good about their lives and themselves, they have more love to give to others.

9. They Always See the Best in Others

Instead of finding the fault in others, they look for qualities worth admiring about someone.

10. They Don’t Forget to Take Care of Themselves

Taking care of others is second nature to happy people, but it’s important for them to pamper themselves too.

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