1. Be who you are

Society shames women for their dreams, interests, and hobbies, but a confident woman elevates her life by proudly being herself without feeling ashamed.

2. Be unapologetic

To elevate your life as a confident woman, you should stop being apologetic and taking up space in a male-dominated world by being the outspoken, opinionated woman you are without feeling sorry.

3. Take up space

Taking up space unapologetically is one of the best ways a confident woman can elevate her life and contribute to closing the global gender gap, estimated to close in 132 years.

4. Know your worth

Knowing your worth empowers women in all areas of life, discourages mistreatment, and inspires other women to do the same.

5. Put yourself first

Prioritizing self-care and personal fulfillment, despite societal pressure for women to prioritize the needs of others, can lead to a more elevated life.

6. Don't get sucked into the girl boss culture

Girlboss culture perpetuates gender stereotypes by infantilizing successful women and reducing them to a joke, which is why a confident woman should actively fight against it.

7. Be respectful but don't tolerate disrespect

Confident women are often taught to be respectful and obedient, yet frequently experience disrespect in various forms, and refusing to tolerate this can help elevate their lives.

8. Accept compliments, but don't depend on outside validation

Society prefers insecure women because they are easily brought down, while confident women don't depend on others' opinions to validate themselves and can be successful on their own.

9. Own your successes, but don't be afraid to fail

A confident woman's life is elevated when she owns up to her successes and embraces failure as a necessary part of success, as women deserve to brag about their achievements just as much as men.

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