15 ways your choice of music reveals your personality

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How does your favorite music reveal more about who you are as a person?

Taking a deeper look there are actually some very interesting insights we can find out from a person’s musical tastes. 

Here are the most interesting ways your choice of music reveals your personality.

1) How open-minded are you?

First of all, your musical taste reveals how open-minded you are. 

This is easy to tell:

Do you only like one or two very specific genres or are you quite open to almost anything?

Very open-minded people tend to like all kinds of music and love being introduced to experimental new styles, world music or any types of tunes that they may not have heard of before. 

There’s nothing wrong with being more selective and only liking a few types of music. 

The upside is it means you likely have stronger willpower and defined goals, values and ideals. 

There’s also nothing wrong with being more open-minded and liking most kinds of music. 

The upside is that you’re likely more curious and open to learning more as well as less judgmental. 

2) How intense are you? 

The next of the things that your musical taste says about your personality is it tells a lot about how intense you are. 

Do you like music that is more in-your-face and dramatic or music that is more chill?

Genres like heavy metal and classical can both be very dramatic and forceful, depending on what track or symphony we’re talking about. 

A genre like rap and hip hop tends to vary between intensity and a more relaxed vibe. 

A genre like jazz or rhythm and blues tends to the mellower side and is relaxed, indicating you’re more of a hands-off, “chill” person. 

At the same time it’s also worth considering that sometimes we listen to music to try to achieve a state rather than to reflect the state we already are, which is something I’ll also be taking into consideration in this article. 

3) How secure are you?

Thirdly, your choice of music can say a lot about how secure you are

This is not only in terms of the content and style of the music you’re listening to, but also in terms of whether you are comfortable and secure in liking music that others may dislike or find “weird” or bad. 

If you love heavy metal when your group of friends think it’s “too harsh” or “psycho,” or you love classical despite your friends and partner thinking it’s too “pastel” or boring, that shows a lot of security. 

It can be hard liking music that others around you dislike or make fun of. 

It can also be that you like all the same music as others more out of peer pressure than true enjoyment, which can indicate a certain amount of insecurity. 

Now let’s take a look at specific genres and what they say about your personality: 

4) Rock

Rock ‘n roll has a wide variety of subgenres. 

But in general this is all about fusing melody, a strong beat and tough, catchy vocals. 

Rock has crossover with many other genres, of course, and people like all different kinds.

Still, we can generalize that people who favor rock tend to be: 

  • Energetic
  • Direct
  • Emotional 
  • Extroverted

5) Rap

Rap also comes in many styles and could also include some genres such as hip hop. 

Rap is all about putting together clever wordplay and lyrics with high-energy, heavy beats that get people’s attention. 

More mellow rap gets into more reflective lyrics, chill beats and slow, relaxed melodic hooks. 

Those who like rap fit across every age and lifestyle, but we can make some generalizations about rap lovers that they tend to be: 

  • Action-oriented
  • High verbal intelligence
  • Strong willpower
  • Sometimes impulsive
  • Courageous

6) Country

Country music has gone through many evolutions. At its heart, country is nicknamed “three chords and the truth” and most non-listeners believe country is mainly about loss and sadness. 

In fact, country is a complex genre about the paradoxes of life and often talks about the highs and lows within the same song. 

Country is about a past that’s both longed for and painful at the same time, and about a future that’s both feared and anticipated at the same time. 

Country listeners tend to be more of the salt of the earth type, but come in all forms as well. We can generally say that country fans tend to be:

7) Folk

Folk music is often associated with greats like Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, but really includes many songs from the earliest recorded music and songs which were passed along. 

Folk music is, in a literal sense, the songs of the folk or the people. 

Whatever kind of folk you’re into, we can say that folk fans tend to be: 

8) Classical

Classical music in all its forms is considered “classy” and timeless for a reason. 

Classical can transport your mind and spirit to another plane of reality and truly transcend the present moment. 

Classical fans tend to be among the older generations, although new waves of fans are certainly coming up through the ranks. 

We can generally say that classic music lovers tend to be: 

  • Refined
  • Picky
  • Analytical 
  • Subtle
  • Great conversationalists
  • Sometimes shy

9) Electronic

Electronic music in all its form is gaining more and more popularity. 

Whether you like house, trance or some other form of EDM, electronic music attracts an eclectic crowd of party people and mellowed out voyagers. 

In general, electronic fans tend to be: 

10) Blues

Blues is one of the most well-loved forms of music out there and has some real legends like BB King and more. 

Blues fans live and breathe their blues, really getting into the vibe of a long hot summer day out on the porch in Greenville, Mississippi. 

In general, blues fans tend to be:

11) Jazz

Jazz music isn’t for everybody, but the big jazz fans I’ve met lived and breathed jazz. 

If you find that you also absolutely love jazz, it’s definitely got some bearing on who you are. 

Jazz fans tend to be: 

  • Unique
  • Mellow
  • Clever
  • Ironic
  • Sophisticated 
  • Smooth 

12) Reggae

Whenever somebody mentions reggae we all think of reggae’s ultimate king Bob Marley. 

But reggae has a long and storied history and includes so many more artists, with a thriving industry still today and many subgenres and types of reggae that have branched off from the oldest forms. 

In general we can say that reggae fans tend to be: 

  • Open-minded
  • Peace-seeking 
  • Expressive 

13) Funk

Funk music is full of fun beats, horns and wind instruments. 

It’s full of enjoyment, life and vivaciousness. 

Funk fans come in all shapes and sizes and young to old. 

But in general we can say that funk fans tend to be: 

14) Punk

Punk music is most often associated with adolescents and rebellion, although people of all ages may be punk fans. 

This music rose up out of rebellion and discontent, and often expresses catchy melodies along with disagreement and revolt against accepted status quo or complacency. 

We can say that punk fans tend to be: 

  • Individualistic
  • Principled
  • Rebellious
  • Emotionally intense
  • Earnest 

15) Heavy metal

Heavy metal has various types including black metal, Viking metal and death metal. 

People of all ages and walks of life like metal, but in general we can say that metal fans tend to be:

Music for everybody

There’s music out there for everybody. 

The definition of music can partly be a matter of interpretation as well. 

Is birdsong music? Industrial noise is a certain music genre, does that count? 

I remember working in an auto factory and finding the loud rhythmic booms of the presses were like a kind of heavy bass music. 

There’s music out there for everybody and our musical tastes change and adapt throughout life as well. 

Which of the above musical genres do you love the most? Which do you hate? Which have you never related to or are indifferent to?

This can tell you a lot about your personality and where you are in your life journey at this time. 

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