10 ways to show you’re a classy person without saying a word

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Being classy doesn’t require anything fancy. 

There’s no need to brag or drop a list of your accomplishments and refined tastes. 

In fact you can prove you’re classy without saying a word.

1) Dress well

First up in terms of the ways to show you’re a classy person without saying a word is to dress well. 

What this means may vary by your age, culture, style and price range. 

But the basic guideline here is to be able to look in a mirror and honestly think: damn that is a well-dressed individual! 

You want to be wearing clothing that fits, tasteful shoes, boots or sandals, comfortable fabrics and classy jackets and dresses. 

Throwing on the first thing that’s draped over a chair in the morning can save time in getting your day started, but it doesn’t always make the best impression.

If you want to come across classy you certainly need to dress the part. 

2) Wear classy accessories

The accessories you wear say a lot about you in addition to your clothing and outerwear.

This includes everything from a wristwatch to earrings, jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, briefcases, purses, carry bags and backpacks. 

Accessories are really whatever you want them to be: you may be the type to wear a hat, or you may not. 

Focus on quality over quantity when it comes to accessories and do your best to match them with what you’re wearing and convey the kind of impression you’re looking to convey. 

Being classy goes far deeper than just outer appearance, but the impression you make with what you wear and how you accessorize does make a big difference. 

3) Groom yourself

Practicing a high standard of grooming and hygiene is the next of the methods for showing that you’re classy without speaking. 

No matter how young or old you are, or how handsome or beautiful, looking after your appearance is a big power move. 

This means combing and brushing hair that is well washed and conditioned. 

It means shaving or trimming facial hair in a tasteful and professional way. 

It means having clean teeth and going for a teeth whitening procedure at least several times per month. 

Look after your skin, your appearance and your body! You’ll be much classier.

4) Stand upright

Posture is a huge indicator of social value as well. 

From the animal kingdom all the way to human beings, the way you carry yourself and walk says an enormous amount on the non-verbal level. 

Many advice articles focus on body language and things like confident gestures and demeanor, but your posture itself is absolutely crucial. 

When you tuck your neck in and walk slumped over, you appear low value and low confidence. 

Standing upright with your shoulders back shows that you are classy and know your own value. 

No amount of money or social status can make up for a poor posture. 

5) Show courtesy

The next of the ways to show you’re a classy person without saying a word is by showing courtesy

This can be something as basic as opening a door or by pulling out the chair for someone or opening the car door before they get in. 

Courtesy can also be financial in picking up the bill when you take somebody out on a date, or in covering the price of a parking fee when going shopping with your friend. 

Showing courtesy goes much further than many people imagine and is a great way to show class without having to say anything. 

6) Remain pleasant

The next of the ways to show you’re a classy person without saying a word is by remaining pleasant even when things get a bit tense or if you don’t like someone. 

Being overly polite to folks is a bad move and comes off insincere. 

But acting pleasant regardless of outer circumstances shows a certain measure of class. 

It stands out even more because this is often lacking from other folks. 

When you show that your feathers are unruffled even under pressure, it shows other people that you’re a classy and high-value individual. 

7) Stay calm under pressure 

When pressure hits, people have a tendency to fly off the handle. 

They start chattering, making nervous jokes or talking about nothing at all just to cut the tension.

You show you’re a classy person when you respond to pressure by going about your job and your life without panicking. 

We all get scared at some points, but classy people stand out for not letting outside circumstances be their master. 

When you show that you’re in the captain’s seat it increases respect for you and folks also turn to you for leadership and inspiration in tough times. 

This relates to the next point… 

8) Be on task 

While many people get easily distracted or wander off on a tangent while they should be working, one of the best ways to show you’re a classy person without saying a word is to stay on task. 

This is a matter of focusing your attention and being able to do what you set your mind to

It’s hard to have this level of self-discipline, and many people don’t, especially now in the digital age. 

Showing that you do have the ability to focus on one task, conversation, person or job at a time makes you stand out. 

It’s mature and it’s classy. 

9) Avoid drama

Part of staying quiet in a classy way is also about avoiding drama. 

All kinds of drama are way too easy to get into. 

But when you hold yourself back from getting involved in other people’s issues including gossip, you set yourself apart. 

You show that you’re part of a higher league that doesn’t waste time on rumors and idle chatter. 

When you avoid the drama of others as well as the drama that’s coming your way, you set yourself apart in an important way and prove that you’re classier than most. 

All without saying a word. 

10) Use silence to your advantage 

Pregnant pauses can be an excellent use of silence. 

When you use silence to your advantage, it can hold a lot of power and impact. 

Instead of immediately arguing with somebody you strongly disagree with who is offending you, for example, saying nothing at all can be a power move that doesn’t even dignify them with a response.

Tactical silence can also be a good way to negotiate and barter, waiting until a better offer is made. 

In some cases it can also be the most dignified response to a fight or a difficult situation like a breakup. 

There are times to run your mouth and other times when silence truly is the classy and more powerful option. 

Classy and cool

There you have it: the top ways to show you’re a classy person without saying a word.

Practice two or three of the items above and your level of classiness will noticeably grow. 

There’s no need to talk a lot in order to raise your profile, in fact it’s often more powerful to let non-verbal actions and choices speak for themselves. 

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