11 simple ways to be a better person (starting today)

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Every person comes with their own sets of flaws and weaknesses; it’s just part of life.

While we shouldn’t alter who we really are on the inside, we should never shy away from making active attempts to improve ourselves so that we can realize our greatest potential.

So how do you make yourself a better person?

You must be in touch with your weaker emotions and fully accept responsibility.

Here are 11 tips that can be used to help better yourself.

1) Get in Touch With Your Own Emotions

These days, many of us tend to hide away from our emotions and treat them as a liability.

But it’s actually important to understand the importance of one’s own emotional state and embrace them to get in touch with your inner identity.

Bottling up emotions within yourself can have detrimental effects on your happiness, mental health, and relationships.

If you want to be a better person, you should be able to experience the depth of your emotions and express them in healthy ways without letting those emotions control you.

Embracing your emotional spectrum will help tell your mind and body that you’re in a safe environment; this is the first step to helping you carry yourself with confidence while feeling whole inside.

2) Discover Your Own Identity

Understanding your own identity and feeling comfortable within your own skin are integral steps to bettering yourself as a person.

It takes time and vulnerability to learn to accept who you are.

We can only improve our connections with loved ones when we give ourselves permission to experience the uncomfortable feelings that underlie our emotions.

Practicing self-love is a great way to start the process of enhancing yourself on a physical, emotional, and mental level.

Avoid being deceived by society’s ideal of the “perfect person” and instead learn to embrace your unique set of skills that have helped you get this far in life.

The way you perceive yourself is a good litmus test of your confidence and embarking on a quest to discover yourself is the greatest source of confidence for anyone.

Confidence will help you become approachable and respected.

3) Focus On Improving Your Communication Skills

A sign of a great man is his ability to communicate his thoughts effectively, politely, and eloquently. Good communication skills are a necessity for all types of relationships.

A good communicator is someone who can express themselves with clarity while also actively listening to the people around him.

Focusing on improving these skills can help you become a better person who is able to connect with people on a deeper level while minimizing misunderstandings.

Learning to read body language and read between the lines without taking things at face value is an important skill to develop as an effective communicator.

Try to always listen with intent when being spoken to and assess the context of the conversation with your innate curiosity without judging the speaker.

4) Hold Yourself Accountable and Taking Responsibility

A better person is someone who seeks out opportunities to take up responsibility.

This can be achieved by working towards being a person who shoulders responsibility with ease and building a reputation of being reliable in an hour of need.

Being a good person is taking responsibility for our deeds, words, and conduct.

This also means holding yourself accountable and apologizing when you are in the wrong.

People accept responsibilities and duties at work or as parents as a measure of self-improvement.

This is not to say that mistakes and failures don’t happen; they do, despite our best efforts to prevent them.

It’s much more empowering to frame these failures as opportunities to learn rather than letting them get to your head.

5) Set Your Own Goals and Ambitions

There are few things that are more attractive than a confident person who is ambitious.

The saying “make yourself something” has more validity in the journey of self-improvement than you may think.

A better person strives to improve themselves by consistently working to achieve their goals and ambitions.

You must strive to be someone who has a work ethic that commands respect and admiration.

If you feel uncertain about the path toward your future, try kicking things off by setting clear goals for your career and profession.

Never be afraid to reinvent yourself if the situation demands it.

It’s also important to define your own idea of success without crumbling under pressure.

People who can remain calm under pressure are respected, esteemed, and looked up to by others around them.

6) Strive to Be a Man of His Word

Being a person of their word is perhaps the most important aspect of becoming a better person.

A person who is honest and stands by their word is held in high regard by their peers.

Honesty will not only earn you their respect but will also help you gain their trust – a crucial component for building healthier relationships.

It’s important to fulfill your promise regardless of personal cost.

People have very little tolerance for people who make false claims, cheat, and break their promises.

Never make commitments you can’t keep; if you find yourself unable to keep a promise, be honest and come clean about it immediately.

7) Harness the Power of Negative Emotions by Putting Them to Better Use

Human beings have an entire spectrum of emotions. All these emotions, such as love, hatred, anger, jealousy, and fear are a natural part of life.

However, harboring too many negative emotions can eat you inside like a fungal infection.

Burying these emotions will only create more problems for yourself.

The best way to deal with them is to dissolve the negativity by shifting the focus away from your own insecurities and instead channel that energy into something productive.

Working on a project or picking up a new hobby are a few examples of healthy outlets for your negative emotions.

8) Respect Others Around You and Expect Them to Give You Respect

Successful people respect the people around them while also commanding the respect of their peers.

There’s nothing wrong in expecting respect when you dish out the same on a consistent basis.

To become a better person, you need to value the people around you and establish the ground rules for how you wish to be treated.

If you feel undervalued or disrespected, then you owe it to yourself to let them know how you feel without being disrespectful in return.

This can range from asking for a raise when you have added a great deal of value to your organization or demanding the respect you deserve from friends you have always stood by.

9) Love Other People Without Judging Them

A great person is one who loves other people freely without judging them or having ulterior motives.

You are bound to encounter circumstances in which the path might be clear to you but may not be for your peers.

Instead of stating that their actions are meaningless, immature, or ineffective, try to empathize with them by putting yourself in their shoes.

Having an open mind will help improve people’s perception of you.

Their perception of the scenario, understanding of the world, and personal experiences can be vastly different from your own.

Even if you know better, it’s advisable to offer a helping hand without belittling them for their beliefs.

10) Speak With Intention and Purpose

A sign of a great person is their ability to speak with intention and purpose.

Being a person of few words yet leaving a positive impact on the people around you is a great quality to possess.

You can inculcate those values by consciously thinking about the conversation while you are still in the conversation.

Expressing your positive intent and explaining your motivations while staying true to your core values is a great way to improve yourself.

A few kind words of sincerity can lift the mood of the entire room in a professional environment and can also lay the foundations of a healthy relationship.

11) Take Your Lifestyle Seriously

In order to become a better person, you need to start taking your lifestyle seriously.

It’s important to consciously strive to uphold your image in society.

This involves having a good character, and charming personality, maintaining a good reputation and consistently performing to the standards you set for yourself.

Your honor, dignity, integrity, and grit all have a role to play in helping you become the best version of yourself.

An important step on that path is to make better lifestyle choices on a daily basis.

Don’t waste the 24 hours that are at your disposal, and concentrate on investing your time in activities that contribute to your future.

Stay conscious about your diet, and don’t pick up habits that are detrimental to your health, both physical and emotional.

Start hitting the gym, reading a book, or upskilling yourself to ensure that you are always on track to attain your personal milestones.

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