7 ways strong women show their love differently to others

A strong woman is confident, resilient, and stimulating to be around.

She navigates life with self-assurance and grace, inspiring others to do the same.  

While each individual is unique, fierce women have a few things in common, including how they behave in relationships.

Here are 7 ways strong women show their love differently to others.

If you find yourself in their company, hold on tight.

1) They are honest and direct

Strong women understand that effective communication is the bedrock of any healthy relationship.

They embrace clarity, expressing their thoughts and feelings directly.

By doing so, they create an environment where partners navigate challenges together and don’t have to wonder about what’s going on in the other’s mind.

If they like you, you’ll know about it.

If they stop liking you, you’ll know about it too.

Strong women aren’t interested in playing childish games or pretending to be someone they’re not to accommodate your feelings.

When I was younger, I badly wanted people to like me.

There were times when I went on dates and made myself smaller to come across as easy-going.

I minimized my accomplishments and avoided talking about my passions because I didn’t want to intimidate guys.  

I kept the spotlight on them. I giggled at their bad jokes. I listened to them rant in detail about topics I didn’t care about. I then waited by the phone, hoping they would text.

The older I get, however, the less I care about appealing to men who obviously aren’t a good fit.

If I’m into you, I’ll make the first move. If I catch feelings, I’ll share them. If things aren’t working out, I’ll tell you.

So would any strong woman I know.

2) They let you make mistakes

A strong woman doesn’t coddle you.

She offers advice, but she doesn’t push you around or pressure you into adopting her point of view.

If you want to do something she deems as dumb, she lets you go ahead with it.

Strong women recognize that making mistakes is an inherent part of personal growth.

Rather than viewing errors as a threat to the relationship, they see them as opportunities for both individuals to learn and evolve.

Plus, they believe in expressing your individuality.

They don’t want someone who defers to them at every turn. They want to be challenged.

Which brings me to my next point.

3) They fight with you

Conflict is a normal part of any relationship.

No matter how much you and your partner have in common, there will still be things you disagree on.

As long it’s handled in a mature and healthy way, conflict is an opportunity for partners to learn more about each other and find common ground.

Strong women know this, so they don’t hide from a fight. They want a partner willing to accept another point of view when it becomes clear they are in the wrong.

They also want a boo who points to their blind spots and argues their case when they are the ones who get it right.

They’re big on open communication, and fighting is a part of that.

4) They fight for you

When facing obstacles, strong women fight for their loved ones with unwavering commitment.

Instead of withdrawing in the face of adversity, they confront challenges head-on:

  • They support you when you’re going through a tough time
  • They create a safe space for you to express your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment
  • They compromise when the situation calls for it, prioritizing the health of a relationship they care about
  • They actively seek ways to reconnect if things get frosty
  • They are a source of strength for their partner

In short, if a strong woman is invested in your relationship, she does her best to keep you in her life.

5) They give you space

Just as a strong woman doesn’t coddle you, she’s also not interested in closely following your every move.

She might get jealous occasionally, but she isn’t controlling or possessive.

If someone else can steal you from her, she knows that you weren’t meant for her in the first place.

You’ll never catch her going through your things, reading your DMs, or dictating who you can and can’t hang out with.

Strong women are secure enough to know what they bring to the table. They don’t need to keep an eye on you 24/7. They have better things to do.

6) They set boundaries

Another way in which strong women show their love differently to others?

They set boundaries from the get-go. They know what they want and what they’re unwilling to tolerate.

Unlike a rigid defense mechanism, setting boundaries is an empowering act that creates a framework for healthy relationships. It is an expression of self-respect and a declaration of the standards they expect in the dynamics of love.

A strong woman won’t tolerate disrespect. She’ll want you to meet her needs and not push her limits.

In turn, she’ll encourage you to share your own boundaries, laying the groundwork for a balanced partnership. Both of you deserve nothing less.

7) They show their vulnerability

Finally, strong women are vulnerable in the presence of those they cherish.

They open up about their insecurities, their fears, their past mistakes. Just because they’re fierce and resilient doesn’t mean they’re infallible.

A strong woman understands that vulnerability isn’t a sign of weakness but a bridge to deeper connections.

Once you’ve gained her trust, she’ll unveil the layers beneath the surface. She’ll be open about her shortcomings and honest about what really makes her tick.

This vulnerability becomes a catalyst for intimacy, fostering a profound understanding between partners that transcends the superficial.

Strong women are authentic, and they want you to love them wholeheartedly, warts and all.

Hopefully, you’re up to the challenge.

Final thoughts

A strong woman’s love burns hot. It’s enduring and transformative.

She doesn’t take anything less than what she deserves, she holds you accountable for your behavior, and she wants a partner who can match her energy.

She also has compassion and supports you through thick and thin.

All in all, she’s definitely a keeper.

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